Start Your SQL Career with These 5 Skills

SQL stands for structured query language and it is a domain specific language used for managing data stored in RDBMS. Its use is prevalent in a large number of enterprises because of the various benefits it offers. It works at a relatively high speed, comes with well-defined standards and it can be used without having to write large amount of code.

Getting into database management requires you to be well-versed in languages like SQL.

Skills Required for Career in SQL

SQL is vast and has quite a lot of concepts and theories. Before starting your SQL career you should master all the important concepts and get better at creating queries. Apart from studying hard, you should also focus on figuring out a path that will take you to the desired goals. Below are 5 different skills you should acquire before starting a career in SQL:

1. Learn a Language like C++ or Java before SQL

 A career in SQL requires you to be good at PL/SQL which is Procedural Language over SQL. It is hard to learn the language if you do not have a good grasp of another programming language. Having knowledge of a language like C++ or Java will fast track your career in SQL. When you will move forward in your career you will realize that languages like Java are often used with PL/SQL. With your knowledge of a language like Java, you will be able perform the tasks quickly and efficiently.

2. Learn to Build a Resume

Many worthy aspirants are unable to get into the software industry because their resume is not up to the mark. It is crucial that you develop the skill of creating a nice resume which catches the attention of employers. Follow the pointers below and incorporate the key points in your resume:

  • Resumes should be written to communicate your brand, skills, accomplishments and interests.
  • Provide an immediate indication of your qualifications, demonstrate your potential as the perfect fit for the employer, and show you’re a candidate worth strongly considering.
  • Enhance your resume and communicate your brand to capture the attention of potential employers.

3. Learn the Basics Well to Crack an Interview

Master the basics before getting into the advanced stuff. The interview questions generally test an interviewee’s in depth knowledge of the fundamentals to check if he knows all the important concepts by heart.  

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4. Create New Stuff and Get More Confident

After learning the SQL language, try creating databases for people who need one. Put your knowledge to the test by creating programs for an NGO or your friendly neighborhood shopkeepers. By opening your mind to real world needs, you will be able to acclimatize yourself to the professional challenges ahead. Not only will your real life projects help you in your initial interviews, they will also make you confident in facing challenges that lie ahead in your career path. Creating new stuff will take your career to new heights by making you more creative and resourceful.

5. Learn How to Secure Your Code

A lot of developers are unaware that their code could be vulnerable and they can lose their data at any time due to a hacking attempt or failure of storage. This is a scary proposition for both you and your clients. Learn the skill of securing the data and uploading them on SQL server to stay one step ahead of the hackers and natural disasters. With your skills you will be able to add value to any software company that you will join and climb the stairs of success quicker than your peers.

Challenges Faced by a Beginner in SQL

The software industry keeps on changing with every single update or patch release. With new standards replacing the older ones, your learning can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. For a career in SQL you should learn from the best. Institutes that are aware of all the industry standards and hot updates will arm you with the right tools that will help you in securing a job in your favorite industry.

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