Employees are a company’s greatest asset. However, they are also considered its greatest security risk. Your company may have the best firewall, top-notch anti-virus software, and various other cyber-security programs on your business network, but still, hackers somehow find ways to get into your data. Wondering how that’s possible? According to a study conducted in 2016, 41% of SMBs faced data breaches, not because of hackers and cybercriminals, but actually due to mistakes made by employees, contractors, and third parties.

The lack of cyber security education has made many companies vulnerable to cyber threats despite spending thousands of dollars on security programs. The only way to improve your company’s defense is by providing your employees with cyber security training. Many businesses will think that this process will increase their expenses, but it’s actually quite less than spending on expensive firewalls and software.

If your company still lacks having a sustainable cyber security culture, here’s how you can change that.

Invest in Cyber Security Training for all Employees

90% of cyber security professionals have stated that their organizations are vulnerable to insider threats. This means that the first thing business owners should focus on eliminating are threats that live within the organization. And you need to train your workers for that to happen.

The best way to enroll your employees in cyber security training classes. There are many institutes and IT training providers that offer security training at reasonable prices. They make sure all their students learn everything there is about cyber security.

However, one thing that business owners should keep in mind is that this process should be ongoing or continuous. With rising threats in the digital world, many things change. For your employees to always remain up-to-date with such changes, they need to receive periodic cyber security training.

Conduct Live Fire Training Sessions

When you are done with providing your employees with enough training for them to understand how to deal with cyber threats, you can start testing them. Live fire training sessions are basically false attacks that your IT department can plan to see how well your teams are prepared. You have invested a lot in their education, with this method you’ll get a better picture of how well they have learned.

If they fail to act accordingly, you’ll realize that more training is required. However, if you see even a little bit of success, you can look for other courses to improve them.

Adopt a Habit of Adding Cyber Awareness in the Training Routine of New Recruits

Don’t make the same mistake you have made over the past few years. As soon as a new employee walks through your company doors, provide them with cyber training. They should be aware of all the cyber threats and best practices from day one so that in the years to come, they can gain more experience and be prepared from the beginning.

Don’t hesitate in evaluating, both, your employees and your security systems, every once in a while. This process will help you figure out how vulnerable your organization is to data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Appoint Cyber Security Culture Advocates

You can appoint cyber security experts in various departments to motivate their team members. These advocates can teach and keep an overview of how the department is performing in maintaining security protocols that have been taught.

Additionally, these experts can give regular sessions to enhance cyber awareness and teach the department about new technologies.

Stress on the Importance of Security at Work and Home

If you only emphasize on maintaining security at work, many employees may become demotivated. However, if you demonstrate in front of them how important it is to focus on safety at both work and home, they will actually understand the threat. The data they are responsible for at work basically belongs to the business owner and the company. However, by telling them about various cyber threats that can harm their personal data at home, the importance of cyber security will increase in their minds.

Reward Employees

In order to properly manage employees and convince them to work according to your requirements, you need to look for ways to motivate them. Providing them with rewards is one great way. Many employees get motivated through monetary awards, while others are eager to achieve all the basic necessities of life. On the other hand, some even feel motivated with a simple pat on the back.

Your job, as an employer, is to analyze your workers and figure out how you can motivate them. To start off, reward employees who find malicious emails. This tactic can encourage others also to be more alert and always be on the lookout.

Wrap Up

In 2017, 54% of US-based companies witnessed one or more successful attacks that compromised their data or IT infrastructure. This year, the percentage is expected to increase. If you don’t want to end up being one of these companies, you should start providing your employees with proper cyber security training,

You should also develop a better environment within your organization to encourage awareness about the importance of maintaining all security protocols, and keep confidential data safe from getting compromised. Start off by following our useful tips and improve your company’s front line defense to avoid all cyber threats. If you want to upskill your employees in information security, feel free to check out the cyber security training we have on offer.