Upskill your Data and Network Security Teams with Cisco Certification

Upskill your Data and Network Security Teams with Cisco Certification

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Some of the most major security breach cases we witnessed in the recent years - like WannaCry Ransomware attack – have put cybersecurity as the most crucial agenda for every organization operating today. In one day, this single attack had an impact in more than 150 countries and corrupted more than 230,000 computers. Yet, many companies are still facing cybersecurity as a critical IT gap to date.

A Global Cybersecurity Survey carried out in 2016 revealed that 45 percent of IT executives admit that finding the right candidates for data and network security is challenging. Most of these executives also complained that the new graduates often lack the required skills needed for improved cybersecurity in an organization. In short, the gap occurs when the human resource isn't capable of keeping up with the security measures and policies that could help an organization prevent and respond to cyber threats. Since hiring the right talent is both time-consuming and challenging, organizations are now considering upskilling and training their current IT teams to cover the shortage.

Why Consider Cisco Certification for Network Threats

Experts suggest Cisco training and certification can help upskill the workforce with the required cybersecurity skills organizations need to fill the gap. This particular training validates associate-level skills and knowledge that could help secure networks and data.

A trained professional demonstrate the skills needed for developing a secure infrastructure of networks within an organization to efficiently recognize threats and vulnerabilities to the system and mitigate them. The Cisco security curriculum highlights the core technologies for security, troubleshooting, installation, and monitoring of network devices to maintain availability, confidentiality, and integrity of devices and data, and competency in an overall security structure.

Keeping in mind how cybersecurity is often the hot topic in the news these days, planning to equip your existing team - which is already aware of the organization's vision, operations, and system - is a great way to protect your digital position. The training enables them to frame out maximum safety in the context of the World Wide Web. They gain better knowledge about different types of malware, including trojans and viruses, and even understand concepts such as cryptography, network security, risk management, and theft identification in a more professional light.

Cybersecurity Skills Cisco Training Helps With

To improve your data and network security, here are the top skills that Cisco Training can help your IT team with.

Upskill Thought Process

Training helps the team to think like security architects. While you can ask anyone from the IT team if it's about setting up a router or VPN. But when it comes to data and network security, you need to look out for proper skills. With the right training, the individuals are able to see the big picture from a security viewpoint. Training helps them polish their risk management and organizational planning skills to be able to draft a framework that helps mitigate security breaches. Without Cisco in place, an organization's IT team is only patching up holes.

Internet of Things

Training enables individuals to have a better understanding of IoT. The security threat that comes from that part of the game is not a threat anymore - it's a reality. Every technology you have within your organization include devices, copiers, printers, climate control systems, smartwatches, etc, are now all communicating with the web.

These devices connected with the internet becomes the medium of access for cybercriminals and hackers to infiltrate your system and compromise the network. IT professionals, who do not possess the required knowledge and skills to identify and prevent such threats, are finding it a complex challenge to deal with. Thus, it's crucial to cover that area of cybersecurity skills with training.

Improve Knowledge

This one especially highlights the IPv6 security system and its unique set of risks that most IT professionals are not aware of. Under this new system, every relevant device including computers and smartphones are given their own respective IP addresses that anyone can access without a proper security system. Failure to keep up is like opening the front door to hackers to access your network.

Without the proper knowledge of IPv6 security, your IT team can put the entire organization's security at risk. While Cisco training may not completely cover the subject, it introduces the system to help individual gain knowledge about it and learn how to cover the major gaps.

Social Engineering

While organizations have diverted their full focus on network security, most security breaches they witness are at the user level or at the hands of an employee. It's crucial to address social engineering threats and train the employees to prevent them. Letting the security key out or taking a secret phone call with sensitive details at the wrong place can lead to more severe consequences than one can think of. Without proper education, employees can be ignorant, especially if they have an IT team working behind them.

In addition to Cisco training for IT professionals, an organization must also ponder over providing basic online security awareness to the rest of the employees to avoid risks. Phishing emails or social engineering should be on top of the list.

Communication Is the Key

Last but not the least, a key feature that could upskill your data and network security teams is communication. Whether it is in writing or speaking, the new, equipped team of IT workers should make the most out of it. The ability to communicate technical issues to non-technical departments of the organization is crucial. The issues need to be communicated effectively both externally and internally. Cisco training ensures your IT professionals are able to deal with the communication aspect as a part of their application process.

It's prudent to assume that your hackers are becoming smarter and more sophisticated with time. That's the only way you will prepare your team and keep educating and training them to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The key is to stay one step ahead in the game and to continuously address the gaps that could occur as a result of technological changes and disruption. 

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