What Difference Do IT Certifications Make to Your Salary Prospects?

What Difference Do IT Certifications Make to Your Salary Prospects?

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Would you like to make more money at the job you already have?

Well, before you negotiate a pay raise, why not give your bosses something substantial to base that decision over? Getting certified in your field is often the only push that IT professionals need to start earning considerably more through their current jobs!

Industry experts agree that three is a significant pay gap between those who are certified VS those who aren’t. For example, according to a PayScale report, some professions can see an increase of up to 75% just by getting certified by an organization in their niche. The list boasts a range of occupations – everything from actuaries to automotive jobs – with pretty much all of them seeing a minimal increase of 25% on pay, after acquiring a professional certification. Of course, this stands true for IT pros as well.

Why Should I Get Certified?

Information technology is a dynamic field; with new, emerging technologies bringing new sets of certifications pertaining to them. There are many reasons why you should seek these certifications. Yes, getting certified in the latest IT-related skills will get you paid more, but more importantly, these certifications will contribute towards your personal development, credibility, and marketability.

Professional Interactions

Over the course of your certification, you will get to interact with fellow IT professionals, and grow your network. Who knows, your next project, endorsement or even a better professional opportunity could come from someone you met during a technical workshop. IT certifications can help you meet other professionals with interests and specialties like yours as well.

Getting certified will also give you access to valuable, time-saving resources that won’t be available to you otherwise. This can include online forums, learning resources, and training materials from certification providers.

IT Certifications Can Help Boost Your Value

If you want to justify your desire for a pay raise to your employers, demonstrate a marked growth in your skill set. Earning an IT certification is the best way to do just that.

An appropriate IT certification can demonstrate your professional worth as an employee, and increase your value to your employer, opening the path to a better salary. A global survey was conducted to discover the scope of top IT certifications valuable in US job market. All the certifications had to carry out exams and have 100 survey responses to be statistically viable.

Essential insights on some of the top paying IT certifications include the following info:

    • The average salary for IT professionals pursuing these certifications is $108,100:

Virtualization and cloud computing pay an annual salary of $112,000 on average. Security certifications can fetch up to $109,900. Network certifications, on the other hand, pay $99,300 on average. Certifications in Amazon Web Services, as well as enterprise IT and security, pay quite a lot more than the average IT certifications.

      • Demand For Server Infrastructure Skills is Higher Than Ever:

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification are excellent for tech professionals. Certified individuals can earn up to $100,000 per year. The certification covers important points that are useful for cloud administrators, cloud architects, information security analysts and support specialists.

        • All AWS Certifications will Pay Above Average Salary of $125,900:

There is a significant shortage of Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect Associates, and this is hiking up salaries and recruitments. IT teams are looking for tech professionals who are qualified as AWS Certified Developers. The certification can pay an average of $114,000. You get to create new and exciting apps in-house and practice DevOps in a more impactful manner.

The Most Valuable Certifications are the Advanced Ones

So, for example, if you are starting your career in IT, it might be a good idea to begin your professional education with base-level CompTIA certifications. If networking is more your thing, consider Cisco’s certification program because it is an industry-standard in networking tech. Linux system admins can look at Red Hat certification programs.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort required by these programs, you can create a more lucrative career for yourself. Remember, once you start the education, you can still move in different directions, work-wise. So, rest assured that you won’t have to be stuck in the same field or along the same training path, forever. Your IT certifications are stepping stones that can help you reach a better career.

As these certifications grow more complex, they require practice and commitment to earn. This makes then exponentially more well-regarded than the low-level ones. This holds even more true for certifications that have to be renewed every year and kept up-to-date. However, the low-level certificates are useful as well (to an extent). At best, they can be a differentiator, and a stepping stone towards bigger, better things.

The Bottom Line

Just like all other career-building efforts, choose your certifications wisely. Many of these cost money, so we suggest you speak with your manager to figure out if the company may be willing to pay for training and certification. If they value skilled employees, as many organizations do, they can help you with the expenses or at least concoct out a payment plan that doesn’t burden you unnecessarily.

If you are pursuing professional education as a means to a career change, keep the costs in mind. Explore if your current workplace offers training options before you make a drastic career move. Be realistic. Don’t walk away from a job, thinking you’ll be free of a boring 9 to 5 and enter the exciting world of IT and technology after spending some money and getting an A+. It’s never that easy.

Ultimately, getting a few IT certifications is proof that you are capable of learning, growing and retaining knowledge while also performing well in test conditions. It shows that you are committed to building a career.

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