A Microsoft certification is coveted amongst professionals as it is considered to be a valuable asset to have on your resume. Any individual who completes a professional certification program by Microsoft learns about implementation of Microsoft applications and practical business environments. These certifications help a great deal in preparing an individual for their career ahead.

An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is someone who has passed exams on Microsoft Windows NT based desktop systems, back office products, and networking solutions. The MCSE program is the most popular amongst the set of training programs that are known as Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Certification specializations include server infrastructure, private cloud, enterprise devices, and apps, SharePoint, data platform and business intelligence, communication, and messaging.

Benefits of MCSE

MCSE has many benefits which make it one of the best certifications in the IT industry. Some of its major advantages are listed below:

Better Job Prospects: With a renowned pedigree in the IT industry, MCSE is your ticket to a better job. In case you already have a job, this course can help you advance your career with better prospects. Employers have increasingly started using MCSE as a major criterion for identifying and selecting an employee. It provides an excellent way to gauge individuals with relevant skills and expertise for an IT position.

Helps in Keeping Skills Up to Date: With ever-changing IT industry and regular updates to software systems, it becomes difficult to keep abreast of the changing requirements in the IT world. In case you're seeking certification for the first time or trying to update an expired certification, earning the MCSE designation will acquaint you well with the Microsoft technologies like servers and operating systems.     

Helps in Creating Network with Others in Microsoft Community: A Microsoft certification brings you closer to professionals and potential employers through listings in the MCP membership directory. After completing the certification, you receive invitations to training sessions, and special events that help in developing your skill sets and also increase your network.

Earns College Credit: The passing score that you achieve after completing Microsoft certification can be used to earn college credits. This can be done through the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service. Completing introductory exams can be quite useful when applying for a college course.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification

An MCSE certification in cloud computing is necessary for a career in system administration and other similar job profiles. Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification can be the stepping stone for a successful career. This certification validates that you have the skills necessary for running a modern data center. You are seen as someone with expertise in cloud technologies, virtualization, identity management, systems management, storage, and networking.

MCSE certification is preceded by MCSA certification. The MCSA certification serves as a milestone in pursuit of MCSE certification. After earning MCSA certification, you only have to pass 1 more exam for earning full MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. You can also prepare yourself by taking MCSE server infrastructure practice test.

Below is a breakdown of the path to MCSE certification and your career ahead:

1. Achieve an MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016, Cloud Platform, Linux on Azure, or Windows Server 2012.

2. Pass 1 required exam. Be sure to explore the exam prep resources.

3. Earn your MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.

4. Explore other certifications to broaden and advance skills.

5. Find a job and proceed forward in your desired career path.


The MCSE certification qualifies you for the below-mentioned job profiles:

  • System administrator
  • Microsoft Network Engineer
  • Network Support Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Administrator

The above mentioned job profiles are highly desired by aspirants. Besides being lucrative, these profiles are prestigious and satisfying. However, a career in any one of these job profiles requires you to have formal training. The MCSE certification training is a good way to get started.