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Why should you opt for Cloud Specialist bootcamp? 

Our Cloud Specialist bootcamp starts from the very fundamentals of IT and gradually moves to core Cloud Computing concepts. It covers usage of the world’s top two cloud platforms, that is AWS and Azure. We are committed to equipping our students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required to be a Cloud Specialist.

Acquire Wide-ranging skills

Our program covers not only Cloud Computing but also in-demand areas such as Linux, Networking, and Hardware.

Mentoring Sessions

Students will receive mentoring from industry experts, as they progress in the bootcamp. The mentors will guide students and ensure that measurable progress in skills and knowledge is being made.

Industry Certification trainings

Our certification bootcamp will prepare you for 4 in demand IT industry certifications.

Official University Certification

Upon successful competition of the certification bootcamp you shall earn a Certificate, from NEIU, as a testament of your skills as a Cloud Specialist.

What Will You Get?

We have designed the curriculum to start from the basics of IT. You shall eventually progress to learning the fundamentals of Networking and Cloud Computing. At the end of this bootcamp you will successfully be able to use Azure and AWS hands on. Our curriculum will also prepare you for 4 in-demand IT certifications.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Hardware & Software. Prepare for CompTIA A+ Certification.
  • Module 2: Network Theory and Implementations. Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification.
  • Module 3: Cloud Computing Fundamentals. Prepare for CompTIA Cloud+ Certifications.
  • Module 4: Learn Micros Azure Services. Prepare for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification.
  • Module 5: Linux for Beginners. Learn how to install Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  • Module 6: Fundamentals of AWS. Learn security, identity & compliance services.

The Cloud Computing Industry will grow to USD 308 Billion by 2022

Cloud Computing is forecasted to grow by 35% to reach USD 308 Billion by 2022. Even currently there are over 4,000 roles open for Cloud Professionals in AWS alone! The positions are going to continue to grow exponentially as the industry experiences double digit growth.

Potential Job Roles

  • Cloud Developer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Key Accounts Manager
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Support Specialist
  • Cloud Specialist 
  • Associate Cloud Developer
  • Associate Azure Developer
  • Cloud Sales Executive

Salary ranges: USD 65,000 to USD 110,000 /-


Coach Profile

Joseph Holbrook

Joseph Holbrook is a technical consultant, trainer, and course developer. Joseph has been in the computer field since 1993, when he was exposed to several HP-UX systems on board a US Navy flagship. He has since migrated from the UNIX world to storage area networking, enterprise virtualization, and cloud architecture. He has worked for numerous companies, including Brocade, HP, EMC, Northrup Grumman, and ViON. Currently, he works as a subject matter expert specializing in enterprise storage, cloud architecture, and IT security. He is also the chief technology officer at CloudBursting Consulting.

Choose Your Learning Track

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- Duration 16 weeks 16 weeks Self-paced Self-paced
- Mentor-led sessions 2 hrs session, 2x per week Class 1: Weekdays starting 5pm(CST)
Class 2: Saturday starting 8am(CST)
1 hr session, once a week Monday to Fridays starting 5pm(CST)
Saturday starting from 8am(CST)
5 on-demand classes, 30 mins each -
- Certification exam preps
- Capstone projects - -
- Course projects & tools
- Annual course access

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What to apply for a Scholarship?

  • Our scholarship program is not bound by a minimum eligibility criterion
  • Each application is reviewed independently of other applications, purely on its merits 
  • All applications shall be reviewed by our admissions committee
  • Offered scholarships are not part of the university system

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