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Master the skills of Cybersecurity by getting prepared for the most in-demand certifications in the field with our 28 weeks comprehensive online bootcamp.

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Why Attend Online Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Our bootcamp is suitable for anyone interested in starting a new career or making a career switch to Cybersecurity. According to Gartner, 61% of organizations find it hard to fight Cybersecurity talent gap, which makes this a great opportunity to settle for a career in Cybersecurity. You’ll get:

Certificate of Completion

All graduates will get an official certificate of completion from Hofstra Continuing Education

Self Paced Learning

Study at your own convenience, at your own pace, without compromising learning and proper understanding of concepts and applications

Post-Graduate Support Program

Graduates can choose from a Job Assistance or IT consultation training once they successfully complete their bootcamp. Learn More

Expert Mentor Sessions

Get mentoring from our experts for appropriate guidance in learning concepts and skills in Cybersecurity
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Projects Aligned with Current Demand

Practical coding projects will help you learn the most current skills demanded by the industry to get hired

Multiple Payment Options

We have made payments last of your worries. Multiple payment options make it easier for students to start the bootcamp program Learn More

Program Curriculum

As you complete the 28 weeks training with our bootcamp, you’ll be able to understand software systems, operating systems, data communication, networks and information security, while also being able to apply cybersecurity skillset into each of these functions of IT. Here’s what your bootcamp journey will be like:

Study Plan (in Weeks) Course Name
1 - 2 Hardware and Operating System Fundamentals (CompTIA A+)
3 - 4 Networking Fundamentals (CompTIA Net+)
5 - 7 Security Fundamentals (CompTIA Sec+)
8 - 9 Project A (Security)
10 - 11 Introduction to Python Programming
12 Project B (Python)
13 - 16 Ethical Hacking Certification Prep
17 -19 Project C (EH)
20 -22 Choose ONE of two electives Option A: Course 6: CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
Option B: Course 6: CompTIA PenTest+
23 -24 Choose ONE of two electives Option A: Capstone Project (CySA+)
Option B: Capstone Project (PenTest+)
25 - 28 Project Labs

NOTE: Windows Operating System would be required to use some of the tools included in the Program.

Prepare for the Top Industry Certifications

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Security+


CompTIA Network+

Ethical Hacking

CompTIA Pentest+

Industry Expert Coach

Draw Gransmiller

Cybersecurity Instructor

Mr. Gansmiller has several years of experience in developing and writing network and security policy for the U.S. Department of Energy. His work has given him extensive insight into NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) policy requirements as well as all aspects of the U.S. Department of Defense STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guide).

His classes are engaging seminars for students, rather than the typical "death by PowerPoint" method where the trainer reads a set of PowerPoint slides, resulting in a drowning interest.


Available Learning Options for Beginners all the Way to Practicing Professionals

Program Features MOST POPULAR





- Duration 28 weeks 28 weeks Self-paced Self-paced
- Mentor-led sessions 2 hrs session, 2x per week 1 hr session, once a week 5 on-demand classes, 30 mins each -
- Certification exam preps
- Capstone projects - -
- Career support 12-months access 12-months access 1 session of 30 mins -
- Virtual labs - -
- Annual course access
Tuition Plan:



Pay $400 enrollment fee and $2000 monthly

Pay $250 enrollment fee and $250 - $300 monthly, for 36 months.
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Interest will be 6.9-13.9%

$5,500 $3,200


Pay $500 enrollment fee and $500 monthly

Pay $250 enrollment fee and $250 - $300 monthly, for 26 months.
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Interest will be 6.9-13.9%



Pay $200 enrollment fee and $500 monthly


$750 $600




Still not sure which is the right program for you?

Fill out a quick career objective assessment that will help our admissions team to make the right career recommendations and programs that aligns with your requirements.


FAQs about Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program

How bootcamp program works?

It’s a 7-months long bootcamp. You can talk to one of our admission advisors for enrollment. In the bootcamp you’ll learn from a number of Self-paced courses, attend live mentor sessions via Zoom and get hands-on with the real-life projects.

What is the Scholarship criterion?

You can earn as much as 30% off on the tuition fee as a scholarship. There is no minimum eligibility requirement and each application will be treated and reviewed independently by our admissions committee. Scholarship is not a part of Hofstra Continuing Education system.

Does the program offer career career?

Graduates can choose from a Job Assistance or IT consultation training once they successfully complete their bootcamp.

What potential job titles and earnings can we expect after graduating from this bootcamp?

You can start working as a:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Consultant
  • Penetration Tester

With salaries between $61,922 to $89,457 according to PayScale.

Who should attend this bootcamp?

The bootcamp is for everyone interested in starting a career in Cybersecurity. It could be a computer graduate looking to acquire skills and certification, or an experienced professional planning to start a new career.



Talk to our experts if you’re confused in choosing the right career or field for you. We do not just provide trainings, but also guide the candidates to opt for the fields most suitable to their passion and style of work.


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