Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Learn essential coding and user interface design skills to become a certified full-stack web developer. 28-week long online, non-credit bootcamp program designed to help you level up your career.

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QuickStart, an online IT certification courses and training provider, works in conjunction with CSU Pueblo Extended Studies to offer non-credit, certificate bearing programs. This collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of hands-on, career-relevant learning experiences. Enroll and learn from a team of highly recognized experts.

Self Paced Learning

Set your own schedule to learn the most in-demand tech skills including Cybersecurity, Data Science, Data Analytics, and Web Development.

Industry-Relevant Projects

Learn skills that matter in the real world with practical projects. Demonstrate your learning by building out prototypes of different web-based solutions.

Expert Mentor Sessions

Talk to a leading IT expert twice a week for advice and mentorship. Develop a firm understanding of core IT concepts and the practical skills.

Post-Graduate Support Program

Graduates can choose from a Job Assistance or IT consultation training once they successfully complete their bootcamp.

Official Certification

Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion from Colorado State University Extend Studies.

*These are non-credit bootcamp programs, therefore the training hours cannot be credited in any of the degree programs offered by CSUP.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from installment or one-time (highly discounted) plans. Scholarships are also available.

Course Outline

The courses are divided into four modules plus one practical hands-on project.


Learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Project 1: Basic Business or Personal Website


Learn advance topics of CSS/HTML, jQuery and Bootstrap framework.

Project 2: Website with Search Engine


Learn how to use Angular, React JS, Redux and MySQL in website development.

Project 3: Web App for Task Management


Learn data analysis and visualization method using Python programming.

Project 4: Build Your Portfolio


Learn Node Js and demonstrate your learning by building out prototypes of different web-based solutions.

Final Capstone Project

Bonus Course 1: Data Analysis with Python

Bonus Course 2: Data Visualization with Python

What Skills You will Learn?

Programming Concepts






Bootstrap & Wordpress






Career Prospects for Web Application Development Experts

From startups to large enterprises, every firm has a high demand for web application developers. The following list contains some potential roles you can aim for once you have successfully completed this training.

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Backend End Developer
  • Wordpress Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • UX Engineer

According to PayScale, the average starting salaries for above job titles are ranging from $59,287 to $78,000.


Zsolt Nagy

Web Development Instructor

A web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer. Known for his recorded lectures and books (A well-recognized piece of work is “ES6 in Practice” that covers the complete developer’s guide). 15+ years of experience in developing web projects and software consultancy with a proven track record.

Contributes his expertise, insight, and problem-solving skills to continuously improve and innovate products and processes and help other team members reach peak performance.

Choose Your Learning Track

Program Features

Immersive Web
Development Bootcamp

Taking you from scratch to launching your career with close mentoring sessions and robust career support.

Absolute must if you’re taking your first step in IT.

Web Development
Bootcamp Advance your career with a budget-friendly approach. Mentoring sessions and career support included.
Great option if you have some transferable skills.

Duration 28 weeks 28 weeks
Mentor-led sessions 2 hrs session, twice a week Class 1: Weekdays starting 5pm(CST)
Class 2: Saturday starting 8am(CST)
1 hr session, once a week Monday to Fridays starting 5pm(CST)
Saturday starting from 8am(CST)
Course projects & tools
Capstone projects
Career support 12-months access 12-months access
Annual course access
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Scholarship - Earn as much as 30% reduction in tuition fee

We understand that scholarships can be an enormous help to students who can’t afford our pricing options. To mitigate this we offer scholarships to qualifying students. Each application is reviewed on its merits and there are no minimum eligibility requirements.

*Scholarship program is not part of the University System

How the Bootcamp Program Works

Step 1:


Talk to one of our education consultants and sign up for the bootcamp.

Step 2:

Take Courses

Start your learning journey by watching online content and interacting with a mentor for feedback. Mentor sessions are twice-weekly real-time conversations.

Step 3:

Hone your Programming Skills through Hands-on Projects

Success in a web application development role relies on your coding skills. In order to meet this requirement, our bootcamps include small and medium projects that run in parallel with the theoretical course. By the time you graduate each student has a sizeable portfolio of projects to showcase their practical skills. You can submit with your portfolio or resume to boost your chances of getting hired in a Web Application Development role.

Step 4:

Earn a Certificate

Once you are done with the course content and related projects, you are awarded a Certificate of Achievement from CSUP Extended Studies.

Step 5:

Career Couselling

After you graduate, our career counselors will continue mentoring you until you secure a full-time Web Application Development role in a reputable firm.

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