CompTIA Cloud+ Intermediate: 3 Things to Know In 2019


CompTIA Cloud+ Intermediate: 3 Things to Know In 2019

So as the name suggests, this is the intermediate level, and this course builds upon the concept of the basic course which was CompTIA Cloud+ Basic. Through this course, learners are able to explore the concepts in even further detail. This course prepares the learners for CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 exam.

Once you have excelled in this course, you can climb another step of the ladder by opting for the advanced level of the course. The point is that through these courses there is a lot that learners can achieve. The courses are an entire series of learning that enables an individual with various skills and knowledge. Through this course, candidates are given an in-depth knowledge of aspects such as analysis, selection, monitor and protection of the cloud resources.

Learning Objectives

With the help of CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate, you can achieve a set of skills in 2019. To begin with, you cannot only plan but also deploy a cloud system successfully. You will be able to view various complex cloud deployment models and the interaction of their networks. Through CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate learners are able to evaluate the resources of their systems and point out what the system lacks so cloud implementations could be successfully made. Apart from all that has been mentioned they also are able to integrate and migrate the services of the cloud computing systems.

In the basic counterpart of this series you learned many concepts and operation of various tools in the intermediate counterpart also there will be a lot of learning related to the use of advanced tools. More advanced than the previous ones, these tools are based on security automation, along with this the course also entails learning regarding advanced techniques.

Cloud computing requires sustenance and stability. The term stability is quite difficult to achieve when there are too many connections in a system. It is quite integral to know in cloud computing which connections to let be and which to restrict access to. So through CompTIA training individuals are able to test their environment for how well it is performing. Through evaluation and optimization, individuals can achieve the skill of testing their cloud environment.

Last but certainly not the least of the objectives that we have discussed up till now is to be able to run an analysis on the performance of the system.

Salary and Perks

There is always cut-throat competition in the job market, in the IT world it is no less. Every employer out there seeks an employee that has more command on the required skills for the job, the more and better you know, the more useful you are for the employer. Every employer out there looks out for an asset that can be valuable in many ways to the organization. The key here is to also pay these individuals more than other employees with other certifications are paid. The averages salary of these individuals that equip themselves with CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate is around $90,580.

What Can Be Achieved?

For every technologist out there, who has skills, but those skills are without recognition and a certificate it is extremely important that they label their skills with a certification. Having skills but not having proof is what hurts the most because employers need their workers to be able to provide them with a certain set of certifications that has led to them becoming a valuable asset for the organization. In the year 2019, it is important that the CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate certification which is famous for its vendor-neutral approach be opted for so individuals can validate their knowledge. If we look around us, we will find so many examples of how cloud computing has made its mark in technology advancement.

These skills are not just of value to employees but also employers as they get to achieve a high return on their investments once they equip their employees with this training. So, if you’re an employer and your employee has qualified for the CompTIA Cloud+ basic it is time to enroll them into the CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate certification. CompTIA training has led to a lot of fame and individuals with this certification are among the most required by employers this year. Through a survey, it was identified that cloud computing has a high rank in the world ranking all over.

CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate revolves around the concepts that you learned in the basic of the CompTIA Cloud+ basic course. This course is another step high in technical advancement as compared to the CompTIA Cloud+ basic course. You will be able to plan for disaster recovery through this course and in the world of IT that is among the most important aspects. Until and unless damages are recovered from a business cannot be run. So, for the sake of business continuity which is also among the aspects that are taught in this course to individuals, the knowledge and skills to be able to recover from a disaster is extremely important.


We have seen many experts encourage technology enthusiasts to take up all three courses of this series. If you haven’t enrolled in the basic course, do that today. And if you have enrolled in the basic and already hold certificates for it then what are you waiting for? Technology and employers both don’t wait for anyone. Enroll and start soon in the CompTIA Cloud+ intermediate course. 

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