Can Web Design and Development Be Automated?


Can Web Design and Development Be Automated?

There is a lot of buzz about web development being automated in the near future. The word automation strikes fear into the heart of developers because they think that their jobs will soon be taken by bots. Some people argue that creative jobs cannot be automated, so developers have nothing to worry about. Before we move on to the discussion about web development being automated, let’s learn a little about artificial intelligence and how it is impacting our lives.

Learning about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in our lives and we can see it around us in the form of bots. However, design related jobs heavily rely on creativity, which is something that artificial intelligence lacks. Artificial intelligence is very simple to understand as it is based on machine learning, and can complete tasks without human help. It has software with new data that is applied to different circumstances with the use of algorithms.

Who is Safe from Automation?

It is important to find out how automation will affect designers by looking at several factors. Some of the things that should be taken into account include the nature of the jobs, and use of new technologies. So, returning the original question, will the design jobs be automated? There is no denying the fact that there are several professions that have been automated. A report published by McKinsey in 2016 pointed out some professions that are at risk of being automated. Most of these jobs consist of repetitive tasks. So, the point that our greatest weapon against losing our jobs is creativity is proved. People that have to use imagination and skills and have to work in disruptive environments can sit back and let out a sigh of relief.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Web Designers and Developers?

Web designers and people taking courses to become web developers need to understand that they will not be replaced by artificial intelligence, in fact, the good news is that they will receive help from it. Having artificial intelligence in web designing means you will be able to make quick decisions and will be able to give your time to more important tasks. In other words, AI is not here to steal your jobs and your women, it is here to help improve the economy.

Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Web Designing

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages that will put web designers and developers at ease:

Designers Will Get Help in Getting Started

For most of the people in the creative field, it is a task to get started. Most of the designers spend days thinking about how they should proceed because one wrong decision on their part can affect the entire project. Thankfully, this issue will be resolved with artificial intelligence as it will use algorithms that will help designers get started. However, it will be the designer’s job to customize their piece and set it according to the given theme (hint: that’s what’s keeping the jobs safe).

Most of the web developers these days use artificial intelligence to get started. All they have to do is enter the details about what they are looking for, and their website is created within a day.

Choosing a Color Palette Will Be Easier

Choosing the right colors and theme is very important for any business because that can increase or decrease the number of views. Artificial intelligence will assess the type of business you have and will give you suggestions accordingly.

Creating Logos Will Be a Breeze

Creating logos takes a lot of time, because businesses want something that reflects their vision, mission, and values, and resonates well with their users. Logos have a high revision rate that can leave the designers extremely frustrated. Artificial intelligence can help designers out by taking the type of business and industry into consideration before giving recommendations.

Want to see how this works?  Visit that is a logo making company that is powered by artificial intelligence. All you have to do is visit the website, choose the style that you want, choose your color scheme and then wait for Logo Joy to give you suggestions. The best part about the website is that you are free to edit the logos and choose one according to your liking.

Ad Placement Will Be Extremely Easy

Ad placement is tricky because you want to place it in the right spot. There are so many things that designers need to take into account. What color should I opt for? Where will I get the maximum number of clicks and views? A lot of trial and error goes in ad placement, which can be quite nerve wrecking. What artificial intelligence does is that it analyzes the behavior of all the visitors and finds out the spot that will be ideal.

It Takes the User’s Journey into Account

When a designer creates a website, everything is very subjective because they choose things that they think look good. It won’t be wrong to say that a lot of choices are the designer’s personal preference. Artificial intelligence can come in handy, as it will assess the customer’s journey and will tell the designer what appeals to them. This helps the designers in making an informed decision that increased engagement and eventually conversion. End result? More profit for the business, which is the eventual aim.

A lot of people think that there is nothing left in the world of web design and development and that people will start losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. This article is an attempt to tell you how you can use artificial intelligence to your advantage. The truth is that no one can predict what the future will be like. There is uncertainty, but that is true for almost all tech related jobs because you don’t know what new technologies will be introduced and the kind of impact they will have on our lives. For now, you can be at peace knowing that web design and development will not be completely automated by AI. So if you are thinking about starting a career in web design and development and are looking for courses to become a web developer, go ahead and follow your dream.

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