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Databases in Azure

The main target of this course is to give a fundamental understanding of the Azure SQL Database.


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16 Hours

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The main target of this course is to give a fundamental understanding of the Azure SQL Database.

Course Information

This course makes you ready for the Exam of 70-464 leading to the Certification of 70-464. No Exam Voucher includes in this course, but you have the option to request the purchase of a Voucher for the Official Exam separately.

About this course:

The main target of this course is to give a fundamental understanding of the Azure SQL Database. The database services gave by Azure are exceptionally scalable and retainable to meet the prerequisites. They additionally support outsider software.

You will be trained on using the Azure-based information services to achieve different assignments During this course, for example, analysis, management, and storage of data.

An on-site SQL server Installation isn't just difficult to oversee but, in addition, requires a great deal of cash and time for its maintenance. In this course, you will figure out how to actualize Azure as a substitute answer for the installation and administration of database applications all the more quickly.

This course will include every single period of Azure, for example, database restoration, implementing firewall rules for securing the database, managing jobs, and authorizations to offer access to clients and managing their log-ins.

Database applications require reliable monitoring over them to assure their profitability and adequacy. This course will ensure that you gain proficiency with all these essential systems and apparatuses to apply procedural checks that are unavoidable for consistency and maintenance, for example, addressing security issues with a wide scope of troubleshooting errands, database utilization and allotment, upgradation planning, and so forth.

The last stage in this course will show you the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This cloud administration with extraordinary highlights will give you broad adaptability, information industrial facility just as unmatchable ease of use highlights of integrating with Azure machine learning. Also, it gives the achievability of using the Azure cloud services with your existing instruments of the SQL server.

Normal pay for each time of a Database Administrator (DBA) is up to $71,429.

Course Objective:

  • This course will assure that applicants will gain expansive and extensive information regarding the following ideas and projects.
  • Learning features of deploying, planning, and managing Azure SQL Database.
  • Establishing finest practices to oversee execution and make sure security parts of Azure SQL Database are dealt with.
  • Understanding the methods to monitor Azure SQL Database by setting alerts on metrics, auditing devices and managing execution with dynamic administration views.
  • Empowering Big Data arrangements and handling them with the warehouse of Azure SQL Database.


The experts considered perfect for this course are:

Cloud Administrators


  • Principal information about cloud computing models.
  • Information and experience of database ideas, for example, tables, schemas, inquiries, and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).
  • Operational capacities to utilize Command line scripting and PowerShell.


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SubjectsBig Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps
Lab AccessNo
Learning StyleSelf-Paced Learning
Learning TypeCourse
Course Duration16 Hours
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Course Expert:


Tom Robertson
(Data Science Enthusiast)

Tom is an innovator first, and then a Data Scientist & Software Architect. He has integrated expertise in business, product, technology and management. Tom has been involved in creating category defining new products in AI and big data for different industries, which generated more than hundred million revenue cumulatively, and served more than 10 million users.
As a Data Scientist and Software Architect Tom has extensive experience in data science, engineering, architecture and software development. To date Tom has accumulated over a decade of experience in R, Python & Linux Shell programming.

Tom has expertise on Python, SQL, and Spark. He has worked on several libraries including but not limited to Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, NLTK, Keras, and Tensorflow.

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