You Will Learn

By taking this path, you will learn: Working with Microsoft SQL databases, Developing and implementing Data Models and Solutions, Designing and implementing Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions, Analyzing Big Data.



To start on this path, you will need to have a basic understanding of working with databases. Experience of database design and querying data using Transact-SQL will also be needed to get the most out of the courses you will have to take.


Audience Profile

If you want to become a business intelligence analyst, database designer, or database analyst, this is the perfect learning path for you.

Microsoft Data Certification

The data certification category focuses on SQL Server. Having a Microsoft certification in data and analytics shows a potential employer that you have what it takes to deliver, deploy, and support Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) projects. This certification path is ideal for those who wish to work with SQL Server and Microsoft BI.
What's Included
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