End to End Business Intelligence using SharePoint 2013 - MS-55045

This five-day instructor-led IT Ops Training is a comprehensive high-level expedition of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. The Microsoft End to End Business Intelligence Course is an advanced training that introduces participants to SharePoint Business Intelligence and SQL 2012 BI services.


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This five-day instructor-led IT Ops Training is a comprehensive high-level expedition of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. The Microsoft End to End Business Intelligence Course is an advanced training that introduces participants to SharePoint Business Intelligence and SQL 2012 BI services.

Course Information

About this course:

This five-day advanced course is a high-level exploration of the Microsoft Business Intelligence load. It delivers students about the SQL 2012 Business Intelligence and SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence services consisting on presentation Point Service, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, Visio Services and the Business Intelligence Center emphasizing on their interdependency. Each one of the modules of this IT Ops Training is separate permitting for customization of the course for those individuals that possibly will not have a concern in a definite service. Each conception is demonstrated with a video prior to the exercise on that idea, so first you will have the small lecture then see the idea demonstrated then do it yourself. Keep in mind if you can’t do it you didn’t study it. Each one of the videos, and there are around 13 hours of them, is proposed as a carry away from the class for each one student.

The professional SharePoint Administrator earns an average of $100,719 per year.

Course Objective:

After carrying out this course, students will be capable to: 

  • Surf the data inside the cube by means of SQL Server Management Studio

  • Surf data by means of Visual Studio 2013

  • Join to a tabular basis, import tables, and discover the data

  • Productively Navigate SQL Server Data Tools

  • Effectively Navigate SQL Server Management Studio

  • Run the bring in Export Wizard

  • Build a Project

  • Insert and construct Connections to the Control Flow

  • Insert and construct implement SQL Tasks

  • join and construct primacy Constraints

  • Insert and construct Data Flow Tasks

  • Employ the Destination subordinate

  • Duplicate a Package and use again Project association Managers

  • Insert and construct a Data Conversion renovation

  • Insert and construct a Conditional Split conversion

  • Insert and construct a Multicast Transformation

  • Insert and organize an comprehensive Transformation

  • Insert and build up a Derived Column revolution

  • Insert and build up a Sort alteration

  • Insert and construct a Lookup renovation

  • Productively Deploy a Project

  • Build a model or Test Database

  • Productively Navigate and employ Key Objects

  • Construct a Server Side Time Dimension

  • Construct a Data Source

  • Construct a Data analysis

  • Effectively Navigate a Cube

  • Productively Navigate and Configure Partitions

  • Employ the Aggregation Design Wizard

  • Build and construct a Data Profiling assignment

  • Build up practical Cache

  • Organize and Process a Project

  • Construct a Cube

  • Comprehend the Functionality of MDX

  • Inscribe MDX

  • Comprehend How to employ MDX to Navigate Hierarchies

  • Inscribe MDX Navigating Hierarchies

  • Comprehend Working with Time in MDX

  • Inscribe MDX Working with Time

  • Constructing a Tabular Project

  • Import Data by means of the Table Import Wizard

  • Manually insert a Relationship

  • Construct procedures

  • Generate Calculated Columns

  • Build Hierarchies

  • Construct Perspectives.

  • Build KPIs

  • Process Data

  • Arrange a Solution

  • Join to a Tabular Model Using Excel

  • Establish, Access and make use of Report Manager

  • Employ Report Designer

  • Construct and organize Data Sources

  • Construct and build up Datasets

  • Construct and arrange a Basic Report

  • Construct and make up Graphics

  • Generate and constitute Maps

  • Construct and arrange Report Parts

  • Construct and put together a Model

  • Construct and organize Entities

  • Generate and arrange Members

  • Build and Configure Attributes

  • Construct a Business Rule

  • Set up a Model

  • Stack Data

  • Build a Subscribing View

  • Employ the Data Mining Add-in for Excel

  • Discover the options and settings accessible in the new SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

  • Generate a latest web application and business intelligence spot while exploring the features of both

  • Construct a SharePoint library to hold Excel workbooks and discover trusted file locations

  • Employ the Power View add-in for Excel

  • Build an Excel workbook with a parameter and keep it to a SharePoint document library

  • Insert Web Apps to a webpage

  • Discover the Dashboard Designer line and know how to craft and configure a data source

  • Build and organize a standard KPI and a scorecard

  • Generate and configure a leaf KPI and a scorecard

  • Generate two blank KPI’s and then turn them into an objective KPI

  • Generate and configure an analytic graph and an analytic network, insert them to a dashboard, set up them to SharePoint, and discover the options accessible

  • Generate and organize a filter, and bind the filter into both the analytic graph and analytic network created prior

  • Create and organize a cascading filter and then bind it into a latest analytic chart and gridiron

  • Build a Time Intelligence data connection, a Time Intelligence sort, and construct information using both

  • Construct four copies of the Objective Scorecard, organize settings in each of the four copies, and install them to SharePoint in a dashboard

  • Generate a new leaf KPI and employ that KPI in two latest scorecards, one with a filter constructed, and one without

  • Construct a new dashboard with two pages and analysis editing options

  • Construct a drawing, upload the file to the Student BI Site documents library, and analyze the drawing in a browser

  • Build a data-connected drawing and upload the document to the Student BI Site documents library

  • Construct an objective scorecard and matching plan map, put them in a dashboard, and then upload the dashboard to the Student BI Site

  • Employ Power Pivot within Excel to import a table from SQL Server

  • Analyze the relationships obtainable within the imported tables from SQL Server and then bring in a supplementary table and construct a relationship between it and the existing

  • Hide from view columns they don’t wish reflected in the resultant PivotTable

  • Construct a PivotTable in an presented worksheet

  • Allot administrators and permissions on the BDC Metadata Store

  • Discover the diverse content types obtainable in SharePoint 2013 and study how to place them and their subsequent settings

  • Construct a document library, organize it to accept precise content types, and then find out how to remove the document library

  • Build and organize a innovative external content type

  • Build an external list linked with the latest external content type created earlier

  • Navigate the Report Builder 3.0 interface

  • Construct an embedded data source linking into a database

  • Build an embedded data source linking into an OLAP database

  • Construct a shared data source via the Report Manager

  • Craft a shared dataset via the shared link they created in the prior exercise

  • Build a new dashboard and search three diverse ways to connect the Web Apps


This course is specifically designed for:

  • Project Managers, Business Intelligence Developers, SQL Server Developers and IT Specialists that will be concerned with the plan, progress and continuance of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence solutions. The course introduces each of the services and reduces or eliminates several coding.


Prior to attending this course, students should have:

  • A considerable knowledge of the profit of business intelligence

Recommended prerequisite courses:

  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (MS-55042)

  • Power Pivot, Power View and SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center for Analysts (MS-55049)


    More Information

    More Information
    Brand Microsoft
    Subjects Business Productivity
    Lab Access Yes
    Technology Microsoft
    Learning Style Virtual Classroom
    Difficulty Intermediate
    Course Duration 5 Days
    Language English
    SATV Value 5
    VPA Discount VPA Discount


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