Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 15


Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 15

Hello everyone. Did you miss us last week? Well, we are back, and it is time for a weekly tech news round-up. While doing research for this week’s Friday Buzz Report, almost every piece of news we came across was related to AI, so we decided to make this an AI themed article. Let’s get to it.

NVIDIA Releases The Most Powerful GPU In the History of the Human Civilization

NVIDIA, the company you most probably know due to their GeForce Graphics Cards, has released a $3000 GPU that will help scientists working with AI and deep learning. Dubbed as the most powerful GPU to date, the Tesla V is twice as energy efficient as its predecessor and nine times more capable. It will be best used to build desktop PCs for researchers and scientists. Click here for the full article.

Tesla Is Also Working on AI Chips

Speaking at the 2017 Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Elon Musk told the attendees that Tesla is working on its custom built AI chips, which will be better than anything else available in the market. While a number of companies may have beaten Tesla to the market in this regard, a better, faster AI chip with enhanced capabilities will transform Tesla’s self-driving vehicles. Read the full article here.

People from Within the AI Community Are Raising Questions about Ethics

At the 2017 Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Kate Crawford from Microsoft raised important questions about ethics in machine learning and AI. She discussed a number of incidences in the past where artificial intelligence exhibited questionable behavior.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are becoming great at teaching themselves new tricks, processing data, and making decisions, but even their creators are unable to predict, with 100% accuracy, the kind of decisions that these complicated system will make in certain situations. This means that as more and more organizations start using AI in their operations, more issues will arise. Read the article here.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. See you guys next week.

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