IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials 9.1 (KM202)

This IT Ops training course introduces ETL developers to DataStage Essentials 9.1.


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This IT Ops training course introduces ETL developers to DataStage Essentials 9.1.

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About this Course:

Through the course of this program, learners will understand the uses and workflow of DataStage, as well as the Information Server architecture, and DataStage’s role within it. The course also explains the DataStage deployment options, and shows the trainee how to configure the DataStage environment and create DataStage users by using the DataStage Administrator client and the Information Server Web Console.

Course Objectives:

This program teaches the following functions:

  • Import table definitions for relational tables and sequential files

  • Import and export DataStage objects to a file

  • Design jobs that can read and write to sequential files

  • Design, compile, run, and monitor parallel jobs

  • Design jobs that use lookups and joins to combine data

  • Describe the parallel processing architecture of DataStage

  • Design jobs that aggregate and sort data

  • Use the DataStage Transformer stage to execute complex business logic

  • Use the DataStage PX Debugger to debug DataStage jobs 

  • Work with search and impact analysis and other Repository functions

  • Control batches of jobs by building job sequences

  • Understand how to use DataStage to profitably use the FastTrack and Metadata Workbench

  • Use DataStage DB2 and ODBC Connector stages to read and write to database tables


This IBM Infosphere course teaches the fundamentals of DataStage to ETL developers and project administrators  to help them with data extractions and transformations.


  • Fundamentals of the Windows OS

  • Some knowledge of basic database access techniques


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Brand IBM
Subjects IT Ops & Management
Lab Access No
Technology IBM
Learning Style Virtual Classroom
Difficulty Beginner
Course Duration 4 Days
Language English


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