Integrating On-Premises Windows AD with Azure AD

Azure AD is a service that provides identity and access management capabilities in the cloud.


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Azure AD is a service that provides identity and access management capabilities in the cloud.

Course Information

About this Course:

Integrating On-premises Windows AD with Azure AD is a course based on the multi directory and identification service. Azure AD provides the authentication to run the identity of users and applications of every organization directory. This access management service is for both external and internal resources any company have.

User authentication of Azure AD:

The default system of the Azure when synced with, use the hash as passwords to store between the on-premises and the Azure. And it is the duty of the service providers to provide the passwords of the on-premises. But every organization have their infrastructure so:

  • If you have a different security policy then the synchronization may not be able to complete due to the hashes. So, the service providers will ask the organization for authentication.
  • The organization you are providing service to should have AD FS. Their infrastructure, when deployed with third party federation with authentication, would store the password information.

Monitoring of access management:

Healthy monitoring is very important for every organization and they always look out for such agents of on-premises to install and do the synchronization of all operations. The service providers need to us the health portal to monitor the performance and for efficient synchronization.

Course information:

The cloud-based identity holds great importance for everyone who wants to connect through the internet. By using the Azure AD employees can sign in and access all the cloud applications through a proper channel. Such function helps to monitor the activities and protect the resources and data of the company. The course helps to understand Azure AD thoroughly and makes you able to provide the service of making organization cloud directory.

Information regarding the course:

  • The brand of the course is Microsoft.
  • The subject is cloud computing.
  • There will be no lab access.
  • The duration of the course class will be 1 hour.
  • It will be self-paced learning by using Microsoft technology.
  • The language is English and difficulty is intermediate.

Important uses of Integrating On-Premises Windows AD with Azure AD:

The main points include:

  • By Azure AD, the employees of the organization will be able to easily access the web applications deployed. No one from outside the company will be able to reach them.
  • Provides the end uses fully self-using services where they can easily reset passwords. It also involves group management but does require the use and knowledge of Azure AD premium.
  • The perfect and effective framework of integrating on-premises with windows AD for every company out there.

Who is this course for?

  • IT admins or anyone who is related to the field of IT who wants to gain knowledge and access to apps for completing the business industry requirements. As it is one of the important positions in the organization. They lookout for the Azure AD agents who can help companies to access their resources.
  • For app developers, this can be a second approach to build personalized app experiences for businesses directories.
  • People who have already done with the Microsoft 365, Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. With this basic knowledge, you can start managing the company internal and external resources on the cloud.


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More Information
Brand Microsoft
Subjects Cloud Computing
Lab Access No
Technology Microsoft
Learning Style Self-Paced Learning
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Intermediate
Course Duration 1 Hour
Language English


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