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Managing Client Access and Mail Flow (MS-200T02)

The course explains the preparation and configuration of transmission of messages in an enterprise with Exchange Server.


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The course explains the preparation and configuration of transmission of messages in an enterprise with Exchange Server.

Course Information

When you register without the Master Subscription Program in all Microsoft 200 series training (200T01, 200T02 & 200T03), you can obtain a Free Official Exam Voucher for the Microsoft 200 Exam (except transactions utilizing Training Vouchers / SATV). When you are registered in the Master Subscription, this program does not include an Exam Voucher but you can apply to buy the Official Exam Voucher individually.

About this course:

During this program, you'll discover how MS Exchange Server gives several various clients access to client mailboxes. As all communicating clients access Exchange Server mailboxes through client access services, we will discuss how client access services can be designed, configured, and managed in Exchange Server. Since tablets and smartphones are becoming very common for messaging, and because many mobile phone users are using their smartphones intensively for calendar, email, projects, and other collaborative purposes, you will also discover how to handle mobile devices.

The course also explains the preparation and configuration of transmission of messages in an enterprise with Exchange Server. You'll discover how to manage, configure, and plan, transport services to effectively communicate on the Internet between your Exchange Email, Exchange Servers, and other mail servers. Finally, you'll discover how to troubleshoot transportation services when problems arise in various situations and you can provide a safe and efficient communications network for your company.

Course Objective:

· Managing Client Devices

· Troubleshooting Client Access

· Managing and configuring Mailbox policies on mobile devices

· Managing Transport Rules

· Implementing Client Access Services

· Setup Outlook to the Internet

· Troubleshooting Mail Flow, Logs, and Transport issues

· Managing Mail Flow

· Configuring Message Transport


The Messaging Manager configures, deploys, troubleshoots, and manages recipients, mail security, permissions, public folders, and mail flow in both on-sites and cloud enterprise environments Roles include messaging infrastructure, managing message hygiene, and hybrid migration and configuration. Also, the Communications Administrator conducts and handles high availability, disaster recovery, and customer service. The Messaging Administrator works with the Security Admin and MS 365 Enterprise Admin to introduce a stable hybrid topology that meets a modern organization’s business requirements. The Messaging Manager will have a basic understanding of licensing authentication methods, and compatibility with MS 365 apps.


This program is intended for persons aspiring to the position of MS 365 Messaging Administrator.


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SubjectsIT Ops & Management
Lab AccessNo
Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
Learning TypeCourse
Course Duration2 Days
SATV Value2


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