Quick Start to GTD (Getting Things Done)

A practical guide to getting up and running with GTD


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A practical guide to getting up and running with GTD

Course Information

About this course:

One of the world's most popular productivity methods is Getting Things Done, or GTD. Despite it's popularity, it's also something that many people give up on because it has a very steep learning curve.

I've been using GTD for 15 years and have helped many people get started with this great productivity method. It isn't for everyone. But if you're willing to do the work to use this method, it can work--and doeswork for millions out there.

One of the trickiest parts of being productive is applying the techniques you learn on your own. So rather than trying to offer you something you don't know will work for you, this course is a little different. By purchasing this course, you're buying two things:

  1. The course itself offers some practical first steps to getting started with GTD fast.
  2. You're also purchasing access to the course Q&A where you can interact with me directly to help you get started with GTD.

The average salary of a Project manager is $96,425 per year.

Course Objective:

  • Get started with GTD
  • Ask questions specific to their productivity needs to get started


  • Anyone interested in getting up to speed with GTD fast
  • Getting Things Done isn't for everyone. If you know you GTD isn't for you, this course isn't for you


  • It's recommended that you have read, or are at least familiar with, the Getting Things Done book by David Allen first


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Subjects Business Productivity
Lab Access No
Learning Style Self-Paced Learning
Difficulty Beginner
Course Duration 1 Hour
Language English


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