Programming in C# (MS-20483)

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This App Development Training course explains developers the programming expertise that are compulsory for developers to generate Windows applications using the C# language. The course intends to prepare students with various intermediate-to-difficult concepts of the language.


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This App Development Training course explains developers the programming expertise that are compulsory for developers to generate Windows applications using the C# language. The course intends to prepare students with various intermediate-to-difficult concepts of the language.

Course Information

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About this course:

Learning C# provides a firm foundation in object-oriented programming knowledge, covers the technique for learning additional programming languages, and positions those who complete this course for an extensive diversity of in-demand computer programming jobs. The C# programming language was formed to be an object-oriented programming language that offers comfort of use, knowledge to C/C++ and Java developers, alongside with improved memory and resource management. The C# is predominant on the Microsoft platform but is similarly being used to develop software that runs on Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

This App Development Training communicates developers the programming expertise that are obligatory for developers to build Windows applications using the C# language. Throughout their five days of C# Classes, students review the fundamentals of C# program construction, language syntax, and execution details, and then combine their knowledge during the course of the week as they build an application that includes numerous features of the .NET Framework 4.5.

The c sharp course presents many of the procedures and technologies employed by current desktop and enterprise applications, comprising:

  • Constructing new data forms
  • Handling events
  • Programming the user interface
  • Retrieving a database
  • Utilizing remote data
  • Performing procedures asynchronously
  • Incorporating with unmanaged code
  • Constructing custom qualities
  • Encoding and decrypting data

This course moreover prepares the students for the Microsoft 70-483:  Programming in C# certification exam

The.NET/C# Programmer earns an average $75,000 per year.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the course, students should leave the class with a firm knowledge of C# and how to utilize it to develop .NET Framework 4.5 applications.

After completing this course, students will be capable to:

  • Define the fundamental syntax and features of C#
  • Construct and call methods, catch and handgrip exceptions, and define the monitoring necessities of large-scale applications
  • Implement the elementary structure and vital elements of a usual desktop application
  • Construct classes, describe and implement interfaces, and construct and use generic collections
  • Use inheritance to build a class grading, spread a .NET Framework class, and construct generic classes and procedures
  • Read and inscribe data by utilizing file input/output and streams, and serialize and deserialize data in diverse formats
  • Create and utilize a unit data model for accessing a database and use LINQ to enquiry and update data
  • Use the kinds in the System.Net namespace and WCF Data Services to access and enquiry remote data
  • Construct a graphical user crossing point by using XAML
  • Recover the throughput and reply time of applications by utilizing responsibilities and asynchronous operations
  • Incorporate unmanaged libraries and dynamic mechanisms into a C# application
  • Inspect the metadata of categories by using reflection, construct and utilize custom features, create code at runtime, and handle assembly versions
  • Encode and decrypt data by utilizing symmetric and asymmetric encryption


  • This course is proposed for experienced developers who previously have programming understanding of C, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, Microsoft Visual Basic®, or Java and comprehend the theories of object-oriented programming
  • This course is not planned for students who are new to programming; it is directed at specialized developers with at least one month of understanding programming in an object-oriented setting


Developers joining in this course must already have increased some limited knowledge using C# to complete elementary programming errands. Further specifically, students must have hands-on experience using C# that exhibits their understanding of the following:

  • How to name, announce, make ready and give values to variables within an application
  • How to use Arithmetic operatives to execute arithmetic calculations comprising one or additional variables;
  • Relational operators to test the association between two variables or terminologies; reasonable operators to chain expressions that comprise relational operators
  • How to build the code syntax for simple programming declarations using C# language keywords and diagnose syntax mistakes by means of the Visual Studio IDE
  • How to build a simple branching structure by means of an IF statement
  • How to construct a simple looping structure by means of a for statement to recapitulate through a data arrangement
  • How to utilize the Visual Studio IDE to find simple logic mistakes
  • How to construct a Function that agrees arguments (limitations and returns a value of a definite type
  • How to plan and build a simple user interface via standard controls from the Visual Studio toolbox
  • How to join to a SQL Server database and the fundamentals of how to recover and store data
  • How to sort data in a circle
  • How to diagnose the classes and procedures used in a program


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Programming in C# (MS-20483) certification training benefit me in my current job role?

Microsoft certified professionals are needed in industries, institutions, and organizations. Hiring managers prefer these professionals because of their unique knowledge and skills in developing, running and maintaining computer software related systems. After taking this training you will be able to take 70-483 exam and become a Microsoft Certified Professional.

What is the exam criteria for the Programming in C# (MS-20483) course?

The paper will comprise of drag and drop and fill in the blank type of questions the paper is divided into following sections

  • Manage Program Flow (25-30%)
  • Create and Use Types (25-30%)
  • Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%)
  • Implement Data Access (25-30%)

What you will learn In this course you will learn fundamental aspects of C#. You will start learning about the visual studio setup, then jump into learning the C# basics, such as classes, objects, C# types, and value and reference types. How to work with C# types, such as how to use properties and fields, access modifiers, Inheritance and understand and use constructors.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending a Programming in C# (MS-20483) training course? Basic knowledge of programming in any language will be a plus.

Practice Certification Exam

Exam Test Sample: 70-483 Programming in C#

More Information

More Information
Brand Microsoft
Subjects App Development
Lab Access Yes
Technology Microsoft
Learning Style Virtual Classroom
Difficulty Intermediate
Course Duration 5 Days
Language English
SATV Value 5
VPA Discount VPA Discount


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