Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases (MS-20462)

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Our skill-driven IT Ops training program is designed for students who are eager to learn and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases.


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Our skill-driven IT Ops training program is designed for students who are eager to learn and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Course Information

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About this course:

If you’re looking to learn different techniques and tools to keep Microsoft SQL Server database in order, our Microsoft SQL Server training program is meant for you. This program is offered by professionals for students who want to make a career out of this. We have highly talented accredited professionals who will teach you the technicalities of MS SQL Server 2014 and help you learn to administer the databases. This course is also ideal for those who want to run SQL Server 2012 and 2014 without any trouble and help businesses with their vast knowledge. From new to old, we teach all features from Microsoft SQL Servers in our intensive IT Ops training. What’s more is that students also get a chance to prepare for the Microsoft 70-462 certification exam that is a solid plus in their resume

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe core database administration tasks and tools. 

  • Install and configure SQL Server 2014. 

  • Configure SQL Server databases and storage. 

  • Plan and implement a backup strategy. 

  • Restore databases from backups. 

  • Import and export data. Monitor SQL Server. 

  • Trace SQL Server activity. 

  • Manage SQL Server security. 

  • Audit data access and encrypt data. 

  • Perform ongoing database maintenance. 

  • Automate SQL Server maintenance with SQL Server Agent Jobs. 

  • Configure Database Mail, alerts and notifications.


  • The primary audience for this course is individuals who administer and maintain SQL Server databases. These individuals perform database administration and maintenance as their primary area of responsibility, or work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job. 

  • The secondary audience for this course is individuals who develop applications that deliver content from SQL Server databases.


This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.

  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL. 

  • Working knowledge of relational databases. 

  • Some experience with database design.

Suggested prerequisites courses:

  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server (MS-20461)
  • Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL (MS-20761)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How will the Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases (MS-20462) certification training benefit me in my current job role?

    This training will help you in your Job’s current role by knowing and getting hands on experience in the following areas:
    • How to monitor data using DMV (Dynamic Management Views)
    • How to configure SQL Profiler and SQL Trace.
    • Learn how to use Database Tuning Advisor.
    • Learn how to configure Database Mail, Alerts and notifications.
    • Managing SQL Server using Windows PowerShell.
    • Configuration learning of SQL Server Agent.
    • The art of Encryption and Auditing of SQL Server databases.
    • Configuring and assigning Permissions.
    • How to Authenticate and Authorize Users.

    2. How many types of System Databases does one Instance of SQL Server 2014 have?

    There are 5 types of System databases, each instance of SQL Server 2014 have. Types of databases are as follows:

    • Master: Stores all system-level configuration.
    • Msdb: Holds SQL Server Agent configuration data.
    • Model: Provides the template for new databases.
    • Tempdb: Holds temporary data.
    • Resource: Contains system objects that are mapped to the sys schema of databases

    3. How can we move the Master Database in SQL Server 2014?

    Follow the below mentioned steps to move Master Database in SQL Server 2014:

    • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
    • In the SQL Server Services node, right-click the instance of SQL Server, click Properties and then click the Startup Parameters tab.
    • Edit the Startup Parameters values to point to the planned location for the master database data (-d parameter) and log (-l parameter) files.
    • Stop the Instance of SQL Server.
    • Move the master.mdf and mast.ldf file to the new location.
    • Restart the instance of SQL Server.

    4. What is the function of SQL Profiler in SQL Server 2014?

    The main functions of SQL Server Profiler are as follows:

    • Create, Capture, and view details of events in a SQL Server instance.
    • Based on the SQL Trace programming interface.
    • Used in scenarios such as, debugging, performance monitoring and deadlock monitoring.
    • It can also Replay functionality for stress testing.

    More Information

    More Information
    Brand Microsoft
    Subjects IT Ops & Management
    Lab Access Yes
    Technology Microsoft
    Learning Style Virtual Classroom
    Learning Type Course
    Difficulty Intermediate
    Course Duration 5 Days
    Language English
    SATV Value 5
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