Querying Microsoft SQL Server (MS-20461)

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Interested in learning advanced Microsoft SQL Server training skills and Microsoft SQL Queries? Here’s your chance to get into our IT OPS Training program specifically designed to help you add to your technical knowledge of these platforms.


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Interested in learning advanced Microsoft SQL Server training skills and Microsoft SQL Queries? Here’s your chance to get into our IT OPS Training program specifically designed to help you add to your technical knowledge of these platforms.

Course Information

If you enroll in this course without the Master Subscription plan, you receive a Free Official Exam Voucher (excluding purchases using Training Vouchers / SATV) for the 70-461 Exam. This course does not include Exam Voucher if enrolled within the Master Subscription, however, you can request to purchase the Official Exam Voucher separately.

About this course:

Our SQL Server training course is an all-in-one e-learning program made for individuals wanting to become professionals in the world of IT. This course is all about teaching students the technicalities and skills required to efficiently utilize Microsoft Transact SQL queries. The course is led by professionals from the field who have immense knowledge of these platforms starting from database development, database administration, Business Intelligence, and much more.

This program is an extensive one with each module offering in-depth training on Transact SQL queries and language. Learning this information makes it easy for students to make changes to MS SQL Server and Azure SQL databases with ease.

What’s better than learning all of it sitting at home in your comfort zone?

This IT Ops training program offers valuable information and training about SQL Servers within five days. What’s more is that students are able to indulge in lab activity to work on made-up database in MS and Azure SQL database. This means more relevant field experience for you in Transact SQL.

Apart from assisting students in Microsoft SQL Server training, this course is helpful in preparing student to pass the Microsoft 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam. In order to become an expert of MS SQL Server, you must prepare well for this exam and that’s exactly what we aim at.

Note: This five day program is meant for students who want to learn about SQL Servr 2012 and 2014. The course teaches students to utilize and learn features in SQL Server 2014 and other platforms.

This course could earn you up to $70,000 annually as a SQL Server Data Analyst.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic architecture and concepts of Microsoft SQL Server 2014.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between Transact-SQL and other computer languages.
  • Write SELECT queries
  • Query multiple tables
  • Sort and filter data
  • Describe the use of data types in SQL Server
  • Modify data using Transact-SQL
  • Use built-in functions
  • Group and aggregate data
  • Use subqueries
  • Use table expressions
  • Use set operators
  • Use window ranking, offset and aggregate functions
  • Implement pivoting and grouping sets
  • Execute stored procedures
  • Program with T-SQL
  • Implement error handling
  • Implement transactions


  • This course is intended for Database Administrators, Database Developers, and Business Intelligence professionals. The course will very likely be well attended by SQL power users who aren’t necessarily database-focused or plan on taking the exam; namely, report writers, business analysts and client application developers.


  • Working knowledge of relational databases.
  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How will this training benefit me in my current job role?

    This training will help you in your Job’s current role by learning and getting hands on experience in the following areas:
    • Learn about basic architecture and concepts of Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    • Differentiate between T-SQL and other computer languages
    • Learn how to query multiple tables
    • What different data types can be used in SQL Server 2014.
    • Update the existing data of a table in your database.
    • Learn and implement Transact SQL functions
    • Aggregation of Data though T-SQL queries.
    • What subqueries are and how they are different from Joins.
    • Table Expressions and their usage in SQL Server 2014.
    • What are transactions and how you can use them in your day to day projects.
    • Learn what is metadata in SQL Server 2014 and then query The Data.

    2. What part does database design have to play in the performance of a SQL Server-based application?

    It plays a very major part. When building a new system, or adding to an existing system, it is crucial that the design is correct. Ensuring that the correct data is captured and is placed in the appropriate tables, that the right relationships exist between the tables and that data redundancy is eliminated is an ultimate goal when considering performance. Planning a design should be an iterative process, and constantly reviewed as an application is developed. It is rare, although it should be the point that everyone tries to achieve, when the initial design and system goals are not altered, no matter how slightly. Therefore, a designer has to be on top of this and ensure that the design of the database remains efficient.

    More Information

    More Information
    Brand Microsoft
    Subjects IT Ops & Management
    Lab Access Yes
    Technology Microsoft
    Learning Style Virtual Classroom
    Learning Type Course
    Difficulty Intermediate
    Course Duration 5 Days
    Language English
    SATV Value 5
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