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Make the most of your technology experience by joining QuickStart’s instructor network and generate additional income while showcasing your expertise. Become a QuickStart virtual instructor or promote your own courses in our learning platform to our knowledge hungry audience. QuickStart seeks MCSA's, MCT's as well as experts in application development, cloud computing, devOps, information security and other in-demand subjects.

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Teach on your terms with our multi-mode learning platform. Become a QuickStart virtual instructor, author and sell self-paced courses or promote your existing classroom courses. Here are the 3 ways to teach with QuickStart:


Become a QuickStart Instructor

Become a QuickStart instructor. Bid on upcoming virtual live courses and teach our students. Earn a daily rate.


Author Self-Paced Courses

Author and distribute self-paced courses in our LMS. Earn consumption based royalties.


Promote Your Classroom

Run live classroom courses? Fill empty seats on our e-commerce platform. Pay a referral fee per enrollment.


Become an Expert

Become a premier IT training leader through Expert Connect, and help shape the industry globally.

How It Works

Apply and signup to teach on this page. We’ll contact you for a brief qualification interview. Then choose your engagement preference.


Become a QuickStart Live Instructor

As an authorized vILT instructor, you’ll get our upcoming course schedules to bid on and if accepted, teach the class then get paid.

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1. Signup

Join our instructor network.


2. Bid

Bid on our upcoming public or private courses.


3. Teach

Teach the class and earn in your downtime.


Author & Promote Your Courses

As a course promoter, you’ll get access to our LMS and tracking dashboard to build and promote your self-paced or in-person courses on our platform.

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1. Create

Produce on-demand, webinar or classroom courses with our free tools.


2. Distribute & Sell

Sell your course to your organization or sell it on


3. Improve

View Analytics and course evaluations to improve your content.