Full Stack Web Development


  • What Is HTML
  • The Structure & Components
  • Formatting The Page


  • What is PHP
  • Getting Started
  • Basics of PHP Programming


  • MySQL Introduction
  • MYSQL databases with PHP
  • Work with MYSQL databasese

Angular JS

  • Getting Started
  • Angular Components
  • Angular Routing


  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Creating Responsive Layout
  • Bootstrap Text/Typography


  • Getting Started
  • Variables, Loops and Statements
  • If Statments

From Live Learning To Hands-On Projects,
Here's Why Learners Choose QuickStart

Our Learning Approach is Unique With The Following Benefits:

Self-Paced & Instructor-Led

Blended Learning Experience

QuickStart BootCamp offers a truly blended learning experience, with self-paced learning that allows you to go at your own pace, combined with instructor-led learning, that allows real live interaction with experts, hands-on virtual labs, and more.

Live Learning & Instructor Support

Weekly Session With Instructors

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to get valuable feedback from instructors via video conferencing and discussion boards. Discuss curriculum, hear personalized experiences, and ultimately get answers to your most pressing questions, in real time.

Social Interaction With Students & Experts With

QuickStart Community

It’s nice to know you’re not alone. Participate in lively discussions with classmates or seek advice from those who’ve gone before you through a QuickStarts very own Mentoring & Discussions Community, a social platform of learners and industry experts.

Once You Have Completed The Bootcamp, You Can Take Your Skills To The Market With:

Certificates Of Completion

The full-stack web developer boot camp consists of a number of courses. As you complete the courses in a sequence, you will be issued certificates of completion. Once you finish the boot camp and exhibit the skills you have acquired through your final project, you are issued a certificate declaring you an authentic and certified developer.

Skills Acquired

After completing the full-stack web development boot camp, you will be able to create websites, web applications, desktop applications and more. You will be an expert coder who has in-depth knowledge of multiple programming languages.

We Offer Two BootCamp Packages

Jumpstart your new career or reinforce your current development background through Quickstart’s Web Development Bootcamp. Both packages offer a blended learning environment and expertly curated training content that is both self-paced and instructor supported. Learn the foundations of the latest technologies and quickly become a seasoned web developer.

Full-Stack Web Development

16 weeks of extensive training that includes the full-stack development package plus extends learning into advanced technologies like BootStrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Angular JS, and Python. This package includes 12-month access to all courses, labs, live sessions, and benefits.

  • Includes Everything In Basics, Plus:
  • BootStrap Development
  • WordPress CMS Platforms
  • PHP & MySql Databases
  • Angular JS & Python Development
  • Final Project Portfolio
  • Money Back Guarantee

Original Price: $3,499

See Course Structure

Full Stack – Web Development Bootcamp

16 weeks of extensive training that includes the front-end development package plus extends learning into advanced technologies such as BootStrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Angular JS, and Python. This package includes 12-month access to all courses, labs, live sessions, and benefits.

Here’s what you will learn:

Week 1

7 Hours

  • HTML 5

HTML is one of the main programming languages that power the internet. And once you master it, you can begin to create your own web content, from simple websites to complex online applications. Learn all you need to know in this HTML training course.

  • What Is HTML
  • The Structure & Components
  • Formatting The Page
  • Structuring Content
  • Adding Links, Images, and Other Media
  • Creating Your Own Website

Includes Weekly Session With Instructors
Talk to real live instructors and get your questions answered, discussed, and demo'ed.

  • Every Saturday 9 AM -12 PM, Central Time

Week 2

9 Hours

  • CSS 3 & Intro To JavaScript


This 8-hour course will show all levels of users an introduction to CSS3, understanding of the CSS box model, working with page layouts, using colors and backgrounds, web typography, working with lists and tables, and dynamic CSS3 properties. Hence this is a detailed and in-depth course providing learners a very comprehensive web developing learning experience.

  • Introduction To CSS3
  • Understanding The CSS Box Modal
  • Working With Pages & Layouts
  • Using Colors & Backgrounds
  • Web Typography
  • Links, Lists, and tables
  • Dynamic CSS Properties

Introduction To Object Oriented JavaScript

JavaScript is an essential language for both front-end and back-end. It is important to know Object Oriented concepts in web development.Within this course we show you how to add these into JavaScript and use objects in JavaScript as you typically would in Object Oriented Programming.

  • Learn about Object oriented JavaScript
  • Learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented JavaScript

Includes Weekly Session With Instructors
Talk to real live instructors and get your questions answered, discussed, and demo'ed.

  • Every Saturday 9 AM -12 PM, Central Time

Week 3

5 Hours

  • Javascript/DOM/jQuery

This section introduces you to the amazing things Javascript can bring to the table. Get hands on with basic and advanced syntax, DOM elements, OOP, event handlers, choices in code placement, and how javascript can manipulate markup. It also includes a complete introduction to JQuery, including how it's used on web pages, events, filtering methods and traversing selections, how it's used with CSS, animations, effects and more.

  • JavaScript: Basics
  • JavaScript: Decisions, Statements, and Loops
  • JavaScript: Basic and Custom Functions
  • JavaScript: Forms and User Interaction
  • JavaScript: Windows, Frames, and the Browser Object
  • Learn how to manipulate HTML elements
  • JQuery:  Basics
  • jQuery:  Effects
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery UI Interactions

Includes Weekly Session With Instructors
Talk to real live instructors and get your questions answered, discussed, and demo'ed.

  • Every Saturday 9 AM -12 PM, Central Time

Week 4

3+ Hours

  • BootStrap & Final Project


This course will walk you through all the fundamental building blocks of Bootstrap. Designed for everyone, everywhere. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Creating Responsive Layout
  • Bootstrap Text/Typography
  • Creating Table
  • Making Images Responsive
  • Using Panels and Wells Classes
  • Using Alerts & Forms
  • Using Badges, Labels, Pagination, Breadcrumbs, Progress bars

Final Project

All students who complete the full track of training exercises for this BootCamp will have to complete a final project in order to achieve our BootCamp certification. Final projects include real world scenarios of developing your own website utilizing the tools you've created, submitting this project for instructor verification and approval, and giving you real content to share with potential employers and jobs. More information on the final project will be provided after enrollment.

Week 1-4

23+ Hours

  • Front-End Web Developer Stack

About This Course

This 29+ hour course will equip you with all the technological elements and tools required to create a website and get it up and running. The course provides comprehensive training for the 3 most commonly used programming languages, namely HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, along with the Javascript library JQuery, and the web framework, Bootstrap.

Individual Features

The front-end developer stack contains a complete HTML5 learning compendium, allowing you to learn coding on an essential level. It is ideal for beginners and as a refresher course for the latest iteration of HTML. CSS3 essentials are also covered in the course, comprising of the fundamental concepts and a detailed how-to session. You will learn JavaScript programming fundamentals, which allow you to design interactive elements for your website. Additionally, you will also learn about JQuery, which makes JavaScript programming easier due to less coding required. Lastly, the course teaches Bootstrap fundamentals, with which you can construct responsive websites.


All required learning for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap will be provided within the courses. Basic computer literacy is the only requisite for the front-end web developer stack.

Week 5-8

50-80 Hours

  • Introduction to PHP

About This Course

This 50-80 hour course entails basic PHP fundamentals, all the way to dynamic, high-level web page design. Ideal for PHP beginners and those with very rudimentary PHP knowledge, this course will cover a diverse range of programming aspects, turning you into a PHP pro towards the end.

About PHP

PHP is a server-scripting language that’s used for both general purpose programming and comprehensive web design. PHP is distinct in the way that it is embedded into HTML pages, and it is executed on servers. Extremely simple to understand for complete programing beginners, with sufficient advanced features for higher-level programmers, PHP is an ideal language to have in one’s programming repertoire.


Very basic HTML knowledge is useful to better understand intricate PHP concepts.

Week 9

6+ Hours

  • Introduction to MySQL and AngularJS

About This Course

This 6+ hour course will teach you how to access and utilize MySQL databases via PHP, as well as PHP coding to access MySQL databases. The AngularJS aspect of the course will introduce you to AngularJS fundamentals such as Angular components, routing, modules, directives and pipes. Ideal for those looking to learn about MySQL databases and the AngularJS web application framework.

About MySQL and AngularJS

MySQL is an open-source database management system. Written in C and C++, it is available on a diverse variety of system platforms. Very usable and streamlined, it is the ideal SQL database server. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic, front-end web applications. Using AngularJS, you can express the integral components of your applications with much more clarity.


Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and HTML Requests is required for this course.

Week 10-13

23 Hours

  • Python & Final Project

Introduction to Python

This 23-hour course teaches you programming via Python from the most basic level, all the way to advanced programming aspects, among various other technological capabilities. Covering the entirety of the Python application portfolio, this course will allow you to design dynamic and interactive websites, create functional programming for video games and even operate robots.

About Python

First introduced in 1991, Python, which started out as a general-purpose programming language, is perhaps the most relevant and in-demand skill-set today, in terms of IT knowledge. If you want to program using a highly readable and easy to understand language, while maintaining dynamic design appeal, then Python is for you!


Since it is a unique programming language, only basic computer literacy is required to learn Python.

Final Project Portfolio

You now have a full repertoire of programming and development skills, and can design websites and web applications from start to finish. What is the final step, then?

A final project portfolio.

To assist you in building a portfolio and to assess the skills you acquired through this series of courses, we will assign a final project. In this project, to emulate real-world scenarios, you will be required to create a website utilizing the tools you have in your web development arsenal, as per the requirements of the project. The websites will then be examined by experts in the entire subject matter. Upon approval by the experts, you will be provided with a certification, as well as content which can then be shared as part of your profile, to display to potential employers.