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QuickStart’s online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp will launch your cloud engineering career. Our bootcamp graduates are experts in the most in-demand skills and technologies in the industry. Invest in your future with a detailed, comprehensive curriculum which prepares you for many high-paying jobs. With QuickStart’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp, we’re positive you’ll find rewarding career opportunities after graduation.

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Become A Cloud Engineering Professional In 24 Weeks

QuickStart’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp offers hands-on learning to prepare you for the CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, Azure Fundamentals certifications, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Kubernetes Fundamentals, Linux Networking and Administration. Plus, you have bonus courses which will prepare you either for Microsoft (Azure Administrator and Azure Solutions Architect) or AWS (SysOps Administrator and Certified Solutions Architect) additional certification. In 24 weeks, you’ll hone your skills, techniques, methods, and best practices for cloud engineering. You will learn job-ready skills via on-demand courses, hands-on training, and live sessions with industry experts.

  • CompTIA ITF+

  • CompTIA Network+

  • CompTIA Cloud+

  • Project 1

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  • Project 2

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • Project 3

  • Python Programming Fundamentals

  • Linux for Beginners

  • Essentials of Linux System Administration

  • Kubernetes Fundamentals

  • Linux Networking and Administration

  • Project 4

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator & Azure Solutions Architect

  • AWS SysOps Administrator & AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  • Final Capstone (Option 1: AWS OR Option 2: Azure)


What You Will Learn In Cloud Engineering Bootcamp

Our online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp curriculum prepares students for real-world problem-solving experiences. Students will learn from skilled experts while developing team building and peer collaboration skills. You will focus on a range of topics including:

Azure Solutions

Technology- Azure Solutions Architect

Students will deploy a configure infrastructure, implement workloads and security, understand cloud architect technology solutions, create and deploy apps, implement authentication, secure data, and develop for the cloud.

Solutions Architect

Design- Azure Solutions Architect: Design

Students will design for identity and security, design a data platform solution, design deployment, migration, and integration, and design an infrastructure strategy.

Preparation for Exams

Certifications- Preparation for Exams

QuickStart’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp offers hands-on learning to prepare you for the CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, Azure Fundamentals certifications, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Kubernetes Fundamentals, Linux Networking and Administration. Plus, you have bonus courses which will prepare you either for Microsoft (Azure Administrator and Azure Solutions Architect) or AWS (SysOps Administrator andCertified Solutions Architect) additional certification. Our Bootcamp will help you develop cloud fundamental skills in some of the top-rated cloud applications including Azure, AWS, and Kubernetes.

Final Project

Execution - Final Project

All Cloud Engineering Bootcamp graduates will demonstrate their mastered skills with a final capstone project. Students will be provided with requirements and expectations from the project once all the topics are completed. Adding the capstone project to a portfolio will help students attract recruiters and potential employers.


Cloud Engineering Bootcamp Curriculum

Students will learn through hands-on applications of learned skills in projects. The curriculum will cover the following topics:

Azure Design


Azure Architect


CompTIA Network




CompTIA Cloud+


Azure Fundamentals


AWS Fundamentals


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified
Cloud Practitioner

Python Fundamentals


Linux fundamental


Linux System Administration

Essentials of
Linux System

Kubernetes Fundamentals


Linux Networking and Administration Fundamentals

Linux Networking and
Administration Fundamentals

Azure Administration and Solutions Architecting

BONUS 1: Azure Administration fundamentals &
Azure Solutions Architecting

AWS SysOps Administrating

BONUS 2: AWS SysOps Administrating &
Architecting on AWS


Immersive and flex bootcamps are 24 weeks long.

Mentor-Led Sessions

Immersive and standard bootcamps feature 1 mentor session twice a week.

Certification Exam Prep

Each learning track will prepare you for the CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, Azure Fundamentals certifications, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Kubernetes Fundamentals, Linux Networking and Administration. Plus, you have bonus courses which will prepare you either for Microsoft (Azure Administrator and Azure Solutions Architect) or AWS (SysOps Administrator andCertified Solutions Architect) additional certification.

Capstone Projects

Capstone projects will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout bootcamp.

Hands-On Labs

Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.


Build your portfolio and resume with in-demand cloud engineering certifications. Impress future employers by showcasing your understanding of cloud engineering.


Who Are QuickStart's Bootcamps Designed For?

QuickStart’s bootcamps are designed for IT professionals looking to advance their career in cloud engineering. A high school degree is required, as well as basic computer skills. With QuickStart, you don’t need a college degree, and many cloud engineering employers accept bootcamps like ours in lieu of one. We understand that experience and certifications matter, so our curriculum features real-world teachings and certification prep, so you can launch your cloud engineering career upon graduating.

Machine Learning

Bootcamp Schedule

Our bootcamp offers on-demand courses to accommodate students and professionals alike. If you plan to study full-time or want to allocate certain hours alongside full-time jobs, these online courses will provide the flexibility of setting your own time and pace to learn. There will be live regular Zoom sessions with expert mentors encouraging and guiding students through their learning journey.

Cloud Engineering

Bootcamp Tuition Costs & Financing

QuickStart’s bootcamps provide a comprehensive learning experience that’s flexible, affordable, and trusted. We offer affordable, quality career-oriented education. We’ve partnered with financial support institutions to offer installment plans, discounted prepaid payments, third-party financing, and more.


Cloud Engineering Bootcamps vs. Certification Exam Prep

Cloud Engineering bootcamps include certification exam prep, real-world problem solving with hands-on labs, and end-of-program capstone projects. With certification exam prep, students will only prepare for one exam without any additional context or application. Since there’s no real-world exposure or capstone project, you won't be as prepared for the cloud engineering roles.


Careers in Cloud Engineering

The much-anticipated growth in the demand of cloud engineering can be attributed to the fact that almost every technological breakthrough, including AR/VR, robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT are relying on it. Technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and other Fortune 500 companies are keeping up with the latest trends including quantum computing, automation, security and compliance, and serverless paradigm. There are many positions open in cloud engineering, with demand far exceeding the present talent today.

Solutions Architect

The Cloud Solutions Architect designs and implements cloud computing solutions which includes designing the cloud infrastructure, cloud application architecture, and cloud security architecture. $105,627–$136,846 per annum.

$105-136k per annum

Technical Architect

The Cloud Technical Architect designs the components that make up an organization's cloud computing architecture. These components include both front-end and back-end platforms, cloud delivery, and networking. $129,208–$158,371 per annum.

$129-158k per annum

IT Architect

The IT Architect designs and implements IT solutions and services for organizations. $102,416–$114,853 per annum.

$102-114k per annum

IT Enterprise Architect

The IT Enterprise Architect oversees an organization's IT networks and services while providing maintenance and upgrading when required. $131,128–$162,498 per annum.

$131-162k per annum

DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Engineer introduces and oversees processes, tools, and methodologies that are part of the software development life cycle. $107,214–$132,450 per annum.

$107-$132k per annum

Senior Solutions Architect

The Senior Cloud Solutions Architect leads the designing and implementation of cloud computing solutions within an organization while providing technical leadership and overseeing the technology framework. $137,547–$167,657 per annum.

$137-167k per annum

Cloud Engineering is a vast field that includes processes, tools, developing IT solutions, networking, and more. Some roles require experience in two or more areas, and others require experience in one field, depending on the organizations’ needs.

QuickStart Training

"This program was well thought-out"

Cloud computing has been at the top of the skill list for me. But where and how to get this skill has always been a challenge. I am a busy man, needed a flexible but world-class online institute to meet my need, and this program was just right for me. The curriculum is top-notch and ticks every aspect of cloud computing. I have always had doubts about online training based on past experiences, but this one made a difference. No doubt, every package in this program was well thought out. Even the admission process is seamless. The online lectures are second to none, and the instructors are fantastic; always make sure that you understand every bit of the course as you progress. The student support service for me was beneficial, especially since it was online. Other aspects I loved are the live mentoring session, virtual labs, and simulations that address every real-life problem. The tuition is also very affordable, considering the entire package coupled with interview and certification examination preparation. With my experience in this course, I knew I was ready to be a cloud computing professional.

QuickStart Training

"I learned things I never thought I would"

I'm so happy to have taken the bold step in learning cloud computing. This course presented the entire landscape of Cloud Infrastructure in a concise and easy to learn format. The tutors were so professional and knowledgeable. They made it very easy to learn and practice. The flow of the course was natural and concise, even for a newbie. The self-paced nature ensures you understand each topic or concept before moving on to the next. Many mistakes that I made were corrected. I learned things I never thought I would and I’m fully prepared to take on my certification exams. There were live-mentoring sessions, where industry experts help you understand the world of cloud computing and the opportunities out there. Overall, it has been a good investment in terms of money and time.


Learn From The Best Instructors

Our instructors make up years of experience and knowledge which will help guide you to completing the Cloud Engineering certification with ease.

  • Jeff Lund Jeff Lund Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information
  • Albert Lyngzeidetson Albert Lyngzeidetson Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information

Cloud Engineering Bootcamp FAQ's

What are the tuition costs for a QuickStart bootcamp?

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $5,100. We offer a pre pay discount or a variety of monthly installment options to cover bootcamp tuition costs.

How long does the Cloud Engineering Bootcamp take?

Immersive and flex bootcamps are 24 weeks long.

What are the prerequisites of Cloud Engineering Bootcamp?

You must have basic computer and IT skills, as well as a high school degree.

What jobs can I get after graduating Cloud Engineering Bootcamp?

You can become a cloud engineer, cloud architect, cloud programmer, and more!

How does the Cloud Engineering Bootcamp prepare me for a new job?

The hands-on labs and capstone projects from bootcamp will become an impressive portfolio! Additionally, our job placement services offer career counseling, resume building, and internship/job opportunities!

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a Windows machine to attempt the labs. Our lab environment does not support the Apple M1 Chip.


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