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Our online Cybersecurity Bootcamp launches your career in cybersecurity. Our graduates identify and solve organizations’ information systems’ security problems. You’ll learn in-demand skills to maintain firewalls, control structures, and define access rights.

Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps 2023

QuickStart Learning’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp was recognized as one of the Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps of 2023 by Fortune Education! The cybersecurity bootcamp prepares professionals with the necessary skills and training to qualify for entry-level roles in the field.

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Become A Cybersecurity Professional In 24 Weeks

QuickStart’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp provides hands-on training in networking, systems, web technologies, databases, and defensive and offensive cybersecurity. In 24 weeks, you will learn methods, techniques, and best practices for accurately conveying the severity of the risks facing an organization’s security posture via on-demand courses, hands-on training, and live sessions with industry experts.

  • Course 1: IT Fundamentals

  • Course 2: Networking Fundamentals

  • Course 3: Security Fundamentals

  • Security BootCamp Hands On Project A

  • Course 4: Python Programming

  • Security BootCamp Hands On Project B

  • Course 5: Ethical Hacking

  • Security BootCamp Hands On Project C

  • Course 6: CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) & CompTIA Pentest+

  • Security BootCamp Final Capstone Projects (CySA+ & Pentest+)


What You Will Learn In Cybersecurity Bootcamp

With our Cybersecurity Bootcamp, you’ll become a skilled cybersecurity professional experienced in the following areas:

Security Foundations/Fundamentals

Security Foundations/Fundamentals

Starting from the basics, you'll strengthen your security fundamentals, allowing you to identify security threats and devising and implementing prevention strategies by creating a controlled and secure environment.

Network Security & Defense

Network Security & Defense

You will help organizations take physical and software measures to protect their systems from unauthorized breaches by configuring secure platforms and ensuring a safe environment for computers and users on their networks.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management in cybersecurity includes targeting potential vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system and taking cybersecurity measures to protect them from getting attacked by dangerous forces.

Threats & Vulnerabilities

Threats & Vulnerabilities

With the advent of newer devices, there are more threats and vulnerabilities. You will identify all modern attacks, including DDoS and security engineering attacks, to protect all device types.



Cryptography is the norm when it comes to protecting critical information like data, passwords, communication, and more. Learning cryptography will help you design algorithms and ciphers that codify the information and creates a preventive layer around sensitive customer and company data.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Like normal forensics, cybersecurity professionals are skilled with digital forensics. You will learn to identify, collect, analyze and take action on the evidence that leads to a potential breach or cyberattack.

Career Building

Career Building

You’ll prepare for certifications and their exams for the most respected, in-demand certifications. Depending on your current cybersecurity career, you can either begin or advance your professional journey in cybersecurity.

Certification Preparation

Certification Preparation

With the most respected, in-demand certifications, you will be a true cybersecurity expert. Our partner universities offer the following certification preparation training in CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Network+, Certified Ethical Hacking, and CompTIA PenTest+


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Curriculum

You’ll learn from skilled instructors and gain real-world experience by collaborating with your peers. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain the confidence you need to break into the industry. The curriculum* dives into foundational skills for cybersecurity, including:

Risk Assessment


Ethical Hacking


Data Encryption


Incident Response


Threat Modeling


Network Security


Vulnerability Scanning


Coursework Topics

QuickStart offers multiple courses in cybersecurity available to both undergraduate and graduate students: foundations of privacy, secure coding, network security and management, security architecture, design, disaster recovery, social engineering, cryptography, integrated risk management, business continuity, information security policy and management, applications security and performance, and other threat prevention methodologies.

Practice Labs

Our bootcamps include capstone projects and practice labs at the end of each of topic covered in bootcamp.

Live Scenarios & Real-World Experience

We offer industry-leading content and help students apply skills in real-world scenarios to get a taste of their future work environment.

Certification Prep

Our bootcamps prepare students for five domains of in-demand and globally recognized CompTIA certifications, including ITF+, Network+, Security+, PenTest+ and CySA+, as well as EC-Council’s CEH certification.

Career Opportunities

After completing bootcamp, you can look forward to a highly paid career as a cybersecurity analyst, security engineer, ethical hacker, penetration tester, and cryptographers, and more.

Final Project

Successfully graduating from our bootcamps requires students to pass a capstone project that will test the knowledge and skills learned throughout bootcamp.


Who Should Attend Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Cybersecurity Bootcamp is a great option if you can commit to disciplined studying. Both college degrees and high school diplomas are acceptable prerequisites. College degrees are now overshadowed by the online coding bootcamps, since some of the tech world’s biggest employers prefer graduates who have taken a rigorous, short-term bootcamp to enhance their skill set.

Machine Learning

BootCamp Schedule

Our bootcamp offers on-demand courses to accommodate students and professionals alike. If you plan to study full-time or want to allocate certain hours alongside full-time jobs, these online courses will provide the flexibility of setting your own time and pace to learn. There will be live regular Zoom sessions with expert mentors encouraging and guiding students through their learning journey.

Cloud Engineering

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Cost & Financing

QuickStart’s bootcamps provide a comprehensive learning experience that’s flexible, affordable, and trusted. We offer affordable, quality career-oriented education. We’ve partnered with financial support institutions to offer installment plans, discounted prepaid payments, third-party financing, and more.


Cybersecurity Bootcamps vs. Certification Exam Prep

Cybersecurity Bootcamps include certification exam prep, real-world problem solving with hands-on labs, and end-of-program capstone projects. With certification exam prep, students will only prepare for that exam prep’s certification exam. Since there’s no real-world exposure or capstone project, you won't be as prepared for the cybersecurity job market.


Bootcamp Graduate Careers In Cybersecurity

Information security and cybersecurity professionals are becoming more in-demand as customers and end users become increasingly tech savvy. The number of professionals with global demand in information security is around 8 million, and we don’t have anywhere near that number of skilled professionals. This means, for at least 5-10 years, cybersecurity professionals are going to remain in high demand. Many employers now accept bootcamp training instead of a degree. Here are some potential job roles in cybersecurity:

Data Security Analyst

Analysts need to know every aspect of computer and network security, especially firewall administration, encryption, and network protocols. CISSP certification is definitely an asset.

$114k-$160k per annum

Systems Security Administrator

This role requires technical knowledge of data systems security protocol and hardware and software systems. You’ll also want to stay updated on security trends and government regulations.

$106k-$150k per annum

Network Security Administrator

You will need a strong technical background with knowledge of network management protocols, networking architecture, authentication practices, and security administration.

$103k-$147k per annum

Network Security Engineer

This role must translate security policies and procedures into technical architectures, while having insight on how to install, monitor, and maintain network security solutions.

$110k-$153k per annum

Information Systems Security Manager

You’ll need a technical background along with strong communication and leadership skills. It’s expected to have five or more years of security experience with industry certifications CISSP or CompTIA Security+.

$130k-$182k per annum

Chief Security Officer

Once you reach the top, you will have over 10 years of security experience and in-depth knowledge of ever changing business functions. This role requires excellent judgment and planning to maintain complex security systems.

$140k-$223k per annum

Cybersecurity is a vast field that includes information security, IT security, network security, data security, and more. Some roles require experience in two or more areas, and others require experience in one field, depending on the organizations’ needs.

QuickStart Training

"I'm Very Impressed"

This is the second course I’m taking that’s facilitated by Quickstart, and just like the first, I’m very impressed. Not only do these guys know how to pass knowledge across, but they also built their system to encourage you to actively participate and make the best out of the course.
-Vanessa Hood

QuickStart Training

"Very Thorough Teachers..."

QuickStart, has been by my side thru my most difficult time with this pandemic. Academic Advisors to all of the professors that teach Cyber Security very thorough on teach the classes and when it comes to the hands on training its even better. Thank you QuickStart for all of you dedicated work.
-Stephany Vazquez

QuickStart Training

"Brought Out The Best..."

I finally found what I love doing! Thanks to the tutors for simplifying everything with a self-paced learning pattern. This boot camp brought out the best in me.

QuickStart Training

"I'm Exceptionally Pleased..."

This course manual promises to make you a cybersecurity specialist even if you originally knew nothing about cyber security. To this, I must admit that I am exceptionally pleased with the results I have gotten so far.


Learn From The Best Instructors

Our instructors make up years of experience and knowledge which will help guide you to completing the Cybersecurity certification with ease.

  • Albert Lyngzeidetson Albert Lyngzeidetson Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information
  • Jeff Lund Jeff Lund Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information

Cybersecurity Bootcamp FAQ's

Why take the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

QuickStart’s cybersecurity bootcamps features updated curriculum for 2021 that covers in-demand cybersecurity certification prep to help you become an expert cybersecurity professional. The whole bootcamp program consists of multiple value-driven learning approaches including online lectures to access anytime, practical projects to get you skilled for real-world work, industry experts meeting you regularly via Zoom sessions, and a certificate of completion from a reputable university.

Will I get a job after the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Once you graduate from our bootcamp, you will qualify for many competitive jobs on the market. Our bootcamps teach you in-demand, job-ready skills in cybersecurity.

What are the tuition costs for a QuickStart bootcamp?

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $5,100. We offer a pre pay discount or a variety of monthly installment options to cover bootcamp tuition costs.

When does Cybersecurity Bootcamp begin?

To know the starting dates, please contact our admissions advisors and they will update you.

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a Windows machine to attempt the labs. Our lab environment does not support the Apple M1 Chip.

Can I keep working while attending bootcamp?

If you are a working professional taking bootcamp, you can continue your professional work. This bootcamp features on-demand courses that are available online 24/7. These courses can be taken any time your schedule allows with the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

How long does the bootcamp take to complete?

Immersive and flex bootcamps are 24 weeks long.

Do you provide career planning support?

Yes! With our job placement services, you can get help with resume building, mock interviews, internships, job opportunities, and more! Contact our advisors today for more info!

Do I need to have previous experience in Cybersecurity before enrolling?

There is no requirement of previous experience before getting enrolled in our Cybersecurity Bootcamp. The bootcamp curriculum teaches cybersecurity skills and concepts from the ground-up. Beginners and experienced professionals can enroll to strengthen their grip in various concepts.


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