IT Technician Bootcamp

Become an IT technician, IT support professional, IT help desk professional, or computer support specialist in 12 weeks with QuickStart’s fast-track bootcamp training.

  • Duration 12 Weeks
  • Upcoming Cohort  

Become an IT Technician Professional in 12 Weeks

IT technician or support roles are vital to the IT workforce, as they keep the technologies that organizations rely on to do business up-to-date and running smoothly. Many IT pros have begun their career as IT support or helpdesk technicians and developed their niche roles from this entry-level experience. Learn the hands-on skills necessary to obtain an entry-level IT support role, through the 12-week IT Technician Bootcamp from QuickStart. Through interactive class sessions, projects, and mentoring sessions, you’ll gain industry-aligned skills to earn valuable certifications.

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IT Technician Bootcamp
Learning Experience

IT Support Technician Bootcamp Immersive Capstone Project

Immersive Capstone Project

We work with industry experts, hiring managers, and IT professionals to curate a leading-edge curriculum. Your portfolio will demonstrate your understanding and proficiency in IT technician and support competencies and highlight project experiences from the program.

IT Support Technician Bootcamp Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours

Live, mentor-led, structured sessions that provide guidance and support throughout the program; including recaps of previous lessons and interactive Q&A segments. These two-hour sessions are scheduled twice a week.

IT Support Technician Bootcamp Career Support

Career Support

QuickStart’s career services will support your career growth. Online learners will have access to resume building resources and mock interviews, as well as internship and job opportunities.

Bootcamp Courses

Through our partnerships with top technology organizations, we’re able to offer leading-edge IT training and coursework designed for the future of the field. Each bootcamp course will prepare you with new skills and tools to pass top industry and career-relevant certifications.

  • Week 1-2

    Computer Fundamentals

    The first course in this series will introduce fundamental safety risks and teach students how to execute support techniques on computing devices. Students will also learn how to set up a fundamental workstation, install basic hardware and software to establish network connectivity, and to properly categorize and correct compatibility issues.
  • Week 3-6

    Hardware and Operating System

    This course will cover the skills to support operating systems by teaching students how to install, configure, and troubleshoot storage devices. The skills to install and configure a PC system unit component and peripheral device will be covered. Students will also be taught how to install, configure, and troubleshoot display or multimedia devices, and how to configure and troubleshoot network connections.
  • Week 7-8

    Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

    Gain the expertise to recommend cutting-edge solutions that tackle organizational IT challenges. Throughout the program, you'll delve into key aspects of learning how Microsoft 365 solutions enhance productivity, foster seamless collaboration, optimize communications, secure critical data, and ensure compliance.
  • Week 9-10

    Capstone Project

    The culminating capstone project provides students with practical, hands-on experience in configuring email accounts, establishing Microsoft Teams channels, and proficiently sharing documents through SharePoint. Additionally, students will acquire valuable expertise in Windows Client installations and essential troubleshooting skills, enhancing their understanding of the pivotal role of an IT support technician.
  • Week 11-12

    Exam Preparation

    These weeks are meant for students to dedicate time to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Students will be provided with a series of practice exams and an official study guide for additional support.
  • Bonus Topic

    Windows Client

    The bonus topic will focus on teaching students how to install Windows 10 or 11.

Alumni Success Stories

Students who have completed our bootcamp programs have secured positions at notable organizations nationwide, including:

  • IT Support Technician Bootcamp Apple Logo
  • IT Support Technician Bootcamp AT&T
  • IT Support Technician Bootcamp Oracle Logo
  • IT Support Technician Bootcamp Meta Logo
  • IT Support Technician Bootcamp American Airlines Logo
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Capgemini
  • Charles Schwab
  • Cognizant
  • Cisco
  • Fidelity
  • Fiserv
  • General Electric
  • General Motors
  • Home Depot
  • Norton Lifelock
  • Revature
  • Shake Shack
  • Skillstorm
  • Tesla

Immersive Learning Track


Next Cohort:  
  • Virtual Hands-On Labs Virtual Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.
  • Virtual Office Hours Scheduled live sessions held on a weekly basis where students have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and interact with the facilitator.
  • Capstone Project Capstone project will demonstrate to employers the skills and knowledge you acquired through the bootcamp.
  • Career Services QuickStart’s career services assist students in their efforts in finding an IT Technician role through resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities access.

IT Technician


Learn the hands-on skills necessary to obtain an entry-level IT support role in this immersive program.

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Learn from Industry Experts

Our instructors have years of experience in information technology. With the support of our instructors, you will develop the framework to solve problems IT professionals face daily.

Muhammad Shoaib

Muhammad Shoaib has worked with QuickStart for 5 years and has 15+ years of experience in the tech industry. In past roles, he’s worked as a network engineer for the largest ISP in Pakistan and as an IT Project Manager for a large healthcare organization in Washington, D.C. Across his career, he’s also worked closely with Microsoft 365, obtaining several industry certifications; Microsoft Certified Trainer, Administrator Expert, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, and more. Shoaib is an avid tech enthusiast with a deep interest in data science and AI research and projects.

Fahad Yaqoob

Fahad Yaqoob has been an IT skills instructor with QuickStart since 2020, previously working as the team lead in a Microsoft 365 global support team. Formerly, he worked as an IT consultant for various Microsoft tier 1 partners in Ireland, Pakistan, and other countries across the Middle East to lead large migration projects for the textile, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. Yaqoob has many industry certifications, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator, Cisco Certified Academic Instructor, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and many more.

QuickStart's Bootcamp Outcomes

QuickStart's IT Technician Bootcamp prepares students for successful IT careers. We pride ourselves on helping students achieve their career goals by empowering them with applied and in-demand skills and certifications.

  • Learn Top IT Technician Skills

    Study industry-aligned competencies and develop skills through virtual hands-on projects

  • Earn Employer-Aligned Certifications

    Master the skills to pass top IT technician/support certifications

  • Start Your New Career Path

    Complete the program prepared for an entry-level IT technician job and equipped with career resources from QuickStart

Your 12-week IT technician training will prepare you for the following certification:

CompTIA A+

46 Courses IT Support Technician Bootcamp CompTIA A+
Exam voucher: CompTIA A+
  • 220-1101(covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing)
  • 220-1102 (covers operating systems, security, software and operational procedures)

Career Services

This online bootcamp equips you with the necessary skills for an entry-level IT technician job. QuickStart’s career services include resume building and mock job interview sessions to help you prepare for your next role.

IT Support Technician Bootcamp Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Learn how to ace your IT technician interviews through constructive mock interviews.

IT Support Technician Bootcamp Resume Building

Resume Building

Build an IT resume and portfolio with the help of QuickStart's career coach.

QuickStart IT Technician Bootcamp FAQs

What kind of bootcamps do you offer?

We offer cybersecurity, data analytics & visualization, cloud engineering, and software engineering bootcamps on part-time and full-time learning tracks. We offer the IT technician bootcamp in an immersive learning track.

No, our flexible training hours allow you to balance academic and professional priorities. Pacing options are available based on your needs.

The IT Technician Bootcamp is $3,995. We require this tuition cost to be paid in advance of the cohort start date and do not offer financing options for this program.

The IT Technician Bootcamp is a 12-week program.

Bootcamp scholarships are not offered for QuickStart bootcamp programs at this time.

All online bootcamp programs are designed to accommodate students with varying levels of expertise, but certain prerequisites should be satisfied in order to ensure a smoother learning experience. Students should possess a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations, such as file management, software installation, and system navigation.

  • File Management: Ability to create, rename, move, and delete files and folders.
  • Software Installation: Proficiency in installing and uninstalling software is essential. This includes understanding the process of downloading software, running installation wizards, and managing software updates.
  • System Navigation: Ability to navigate the operating system interface with ease.

Our bootcamps prepare students for entry-level roles. Our career services team is available to provide guidance to online learners in obtaining those roles.

The immersive IT Technician Bootcamp offers 2 hour mentoring sessions twice per week, and three optional 1:1 mentoring sessions throughout the program.

Yes, our career coaches will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship/job opportunities.

Read more about our refund policy here.

  • Intel i3 processor or better, 64 bit.
  • 8GB RAM memory (16GB highly recommended)
  • 100GB of available main drive space (not USB or external)
  • Windows 10/11 (Home or Pro) (not S mode)

Please note the current lab environment does not support the Apple chip’s that are not Intel based.

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