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QuickStart’s online Software Engineering Bootcamp will launch your software engineering career. Our bootcamp graduates are experts in some of the most in-demand programming languages on the market. Invest in your future with QuickStart, where learning multiple in-demand skills qualifies you for many high-paying jobs. With QuickStart’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, we’re positive you’ll find rewarding career opportunities after program completion.

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QuickStart Partners With Several Top-Rated American Universities
To Offer Online Software Engineering Bootcamps:


Become A Software Engineering Professional In 23 Weeks

QuickStart’s Software Engineering Bootcamp offers hands-on learning to strengthen your grip on programming concepts, responsive web design, Bootstrap, and WordPress, alongside multiple programming languages. In 23 weeks, you’ll hone your skills, techniques, methods, and best practices to match the application or website requirements with suitable programming languages. You will learn job-ready skills via on-demand courses, hands-on training, and live sessions with industry experts.

    • Study and Learning Skills For College and University Students​
    • Principles of Software Engineering I: Principles of Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle​
    • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
    • Starting with Git & GitHub
    • Introduction to Web Development
    • Introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Introduction to UX and Product Management
    • Introduction to Bootstrap​
    • Capstone Project 01: Basic Business or Personal Website
    • Fundamentals of Modern JavaScript - ES6 and Beyond
    • Dynamic and Interactive Web Pages - Beginners JavaScript DOM​
    • JavaScript Async​
    • Capstone Project 02: Website with a Search Engine
    • Data structures and algorithm theory
    • Principles of Software Engineering II: System Design
    • JavaScript Objects and OOP Programming with JavaScript​
    • Principles of Software Engineering III: Software design, UML​
    • Introduction to React
    • React Router and Redux ​
    • Capstone Project 03: Task Management Web App
    • Scrum and Agile Immersion​
    • Python programming fundamentals​
    • Learn Python Django From Scratch​
    • Project 04: Python Django
    • Querying Data with SQL​
    • Building Functional Prototypes using Node.js​
    • Starting with REST API's​
    • Project 05: Nodejs Express

What You Will Learn In the Software Engineering Bootcamp

Get ready to become a seasoned software engineer by enrolling in QuickStart’s Software Engineering Bootcamp that features all the modern, top-rated programming languages. In this program you will learn about:

IT fundamentals icon

IT Fundamentals

In this section students will gain fundamental skills and concepts required to maintain, support, and work efficiently with personal computers. In addition, it covers the essential skills and information needed to set up, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance of the hardware and software components of a basic personal computer workstation and basic wireless devices.

Principles of software engineering icon

Principles of Software Engineering

In this section you will be provided with guidelines around how software engineers should write error-free, clear, and maintainable code. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches, styles, philosophies, and best practices recommended by leading software engineers.

HTML and CSS Icon


Starting from the basics, this bootcamp strengthens your skills in Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a standard markup language that web developers learn to create websites and web pages with front-and back-end layers. The bootcamp will teach you the latest version of HTML, which is HTML 5. Candidates with zero knowledge about CSS will be able to learn the language from the ground-up, starting from the fundamentals of CSS and moving on to the building blocks, styling text, and CSS layout.

JavaScript Icon


Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is another core technology for website design. It is a dynamic and interpreted programming language which in turn helps make interactive web pages. You will learn the very basics of JavaScript programming, then move on to more complex programming skills. Along the way, you will utilize the skills learned in the course to successfully complete projects.

Data Structure and algorithms icon

Data Structure and algorithms

In this section you will Master Algorithmic Programming Techniques. You will learn about the different types of operations on Linear ADT, and you will be also able to analyze the performance of an algorithm design based on the appropriate data structures. Learn exactly the same material as undergraduate students in "Algorithms 101" at top universities and more.

Python icon


Python programming is one of the most demanded skill sets in today's job market, and for good reason. Python allows you to do just about anything you can think of; web development, data analytics, game development - even controlling robots! You'll be guided through the installation process and the various features and functions of Python, and then you'll put your new found knowledge to practical use by solving real-life programming problems.


Software Engineering Bootcamp Curriculum

Our online Software Engineering Bootcamp curriculum prepares students for real-world problem-solving experiences. Students will learn from skilled experts while developing team building and peer collaboration skills. Students will learn through hands-on applications of learned skills in projects. The curriculum will cover the following topics:

Risk Assessment

Computer Fundamentals

Ethical Hacking


Data Encryption

& BootStrap

Incident Response


Threat Modeling

Principles of Software Engineering

Network Security

& React.js

Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability Scanning

& Python

IT Foundations

QuickStart offers courses in Software Engineering Bootcamp that equip students with foundational skills in principles of engineering, software development lifecycle, UML, system design, data structures and much more. Along with that, students will learn both front-end and back-end technologies. These skills are related to website and application back-end structure, and front-end UI/UX to interact with the end-users. The program is available for both undergraduate and graduate students, as the curriculum comprehensively covers topics for a software engineer.

Programming Fundamentals

Each course teaches students programming fundamentals, which they can further use to build their expertise and specialty in one or more programming languages. Students will deep dive into JavaScript and Python as those two are the most popular programming languages in the software development industry.

Frontend Frameworks

QuickStart’s online Software Engineering Bootcamp covers a variety of front-end framework skills that are in high demand by employers today. Some of the top front-end frameworks include jQuery, Bootstrap, and Express.js.

Web Servers

Learn about web servers and how they use Hypertext Transfer Protocol and other protocols to display web content on the internet. The curriculum consists of courses that provide thorough conceptual learning about web servers and how it's related to software engineering.

Server-Side Programming

Learn server-side programming and how to use frameworks and tools in pursuit of building dynamic programs and generating dynamic websites. To become a software engineer, server-side scripting, more popularly known as back-end programming, is mandatory to learn along with front-end and databases.

Development Methodologies

Students will cover two of the most important development methodologies: Agile and Scrum. This section will provide insights into methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto, which includes concepts like collaboration, self-organization, and cross functionality of teams.

Career Opportunities

QuickStart’s Software Engineering Bootcamp puts students on the path to becoming talented developers and design experts. Having learned all the industry-recognized programming languages, students will qualify for challenging and rewarding career opportunities from across the globe.

Final Project

All Software Engineering Bootcamp students will demonstrate their mastered skills with a final capstone project. Students will be provided with requirements and expectations from the project once all the topics are completed. The capstone project is a great way to display the student's skills to potential employers.


Who Should Apply to the QuickStart Bootcamp?

QuickStart designed the Software Engineering Bootcamp for students with limited IT experience. Traditional prerequisites, such as a college degree, are not required to enroll in the program. This bootcamp is ideal for students who aim to secure an entry-level software engineering role at the completion of the program.

Machine Learning

Bootcamp Schedule

Our bootcamp offers on-demand courses to accommodate students and working professionals. The flexible online courses allow students the ability to set their own program paces. One-on-one mentoring sessions are also available throughout the program, and for up to 12 months following program completion.

Cloud Engineering

Software Engineering Bootcamp Tuition & Financing

QuickStart’s bootcamps provide a comprehensive learning experience that’s flexible, affordable, and trusted. We’ve partnered with financial support institutions to offer monthly installment plans, discounted prepaid payment options, third-party financing, and more.


Software Engineering Bootcamps vs. Certification Exam Prep

Unlike a traditional certification exam preparation course that may only review exam-specific concepts, QuickStart’s Software Engineering Bootcamp provides comprehensive, hands-on training in industry skills students need to succeed in the field. Bootcamp students complete virtual lab assignments and capstone projects designed around real-world problems so that they are prepared to enter the software engineering workforce.


Careers in Software Engineering

As one of the fastest-growing career paths in IT, software engineering offers job opportunities across industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment to continue to grow 25% through 2031, and workers with relevant training remain in demand. Potential software engineering roles include:

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer designs and creates software programs, integrates software, trains end-users, analyzes algorithms, modifies source-code, and maintains operating systems.

$61k Annual Salary

Back End Developer/Engineer

Back End Developers are responsible for server-side web/mobile application logic and integration of user-facing features through APIs.

$119k Annual Salary

Front End Developer/Engineer

Front End Developers are responsible for developing new user-facing features while building reusable code and optimizing page load times within web/mobile applications.

$109k Annual Salary

Full-Stack Developer

This is a computer programmer with expertise in both website design and back-end structure management. A full-stack developer has expertise in all three parts of Web Development: front-end, back-end, and databases.

$108k Annual Salary

Software Engineer

Software engineers design, code, and modify websites and web applications. A software engineer can be a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer, and manages the design and layout, structure, or the complete website creation and functionality.

$72k annually

Software engineering is a vast field that includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, programming languages, and more. Some roles require experience in two or more areas, and others require experience in one field, depending on the organization's needs.


Learn From The Best Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience and knowledge which to help guide you to completing the software engineering certification with ease.


Software Engineering Bootcamp FAQ's

What are the tuition costs for a QuickStart bootcamp?

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $5,100. We offer a pre pay discount or a variety of monthly installment options to cover bootcamp tuition costs.

What jobs can I get in Software Engineering?

You can be a software engineer, software developer, web developer, front-end developer, back-end developer or a full stack developer.

How long does the Software Engineering Bootcamp take?

It’s on-demand, so it depends on your learning pace, but on average it takes 23-28 weeks to complete the program.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no pre-requisites to learn software engineering.

How does the Software Engineering Bootcamp prepare me for a new job?

The projects completed in the bootcamp will provide students with an impressive portfolio. Additionally, we offer career services, which includes; resume advice, LinkedIn profile guidance, mock job interviews and job search assistance.

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a computer operating system with Windows to access training labs. The current lab environment does not support the Apple M1 chip.


Find Software Engineering Bootcamps In Your State

QuickStart partners with universities across the nation to provide you with a university or college that is close to you.

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