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QuickStart’s online Data Science Bootcamp will launch your data science career. Our bootcamp graduates are experts in the most in-demand skills and technologies in the industry. Invest in your future with QuickStart, where detailed, comprehensive curriculum prepares you for many high-paying jobs. With QuickStart’s Data Science Bootcamp, we’re positive you’ll find rewarding career opportunities after graduation.

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1. Select a University To Enroll With

Select which university you’d like to enroll with for Data Science Bootcamp.

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2. Earn A
Completion Certificate

Upon completing bootcamp, earn a certificate of completion from the university.

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3. Launch Your Rewarding Career

Jumpstart your new rewarding career with the help of our job placement services!


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Become A Data Scientist In 26 Weeks

QuickStart’s Data Science Bootcamp offers hands-on learning to prepare you for a rewarding career in data science. In 26 weeks, you’ll hone your skills, techniques, methods, and best practices for data science. You will learn job-ready skills via self-paced courses, hands-on training, and live sessions with industry experts.

  • Course 1:Introduction to Data Science

  • Course 2:Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

  • Course 3:Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

  • Course 4:Analytics and Storytelling for Impact

  • Project 1: Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Course 6:Querying Data with Transact SQL

  • Course 7:Introduction to Python for Data Science

  • Project 2: Data Querying and Cleaning

  • Course 8: Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition

  • Project 3: Data Science Research Methods

  • Course 9: Essential Math for Machine Learning: Python

  • Course 10: Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition

  • Project 4: Machine Learning

  • Course 11: Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning

  • Course 12: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

  • Course 13: Implementing predictive analytics with Spark in Azure

  • Final Capstone Project


What You Will Learn In Data Science Bootcamp

Our online Data Science Bootcamp curriculum prepares students for real-world problem-solving experiences. Students will learn from skilled experts while developing team building and peer collaboration skills.

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Introduction To Data Science

You will learn the Microsoft Data Science Curriculum, which includes basic data exploration and visualization techniques in Excel. You’ll work with and explore data using a variety of visualization, analytical, and statistical techniques.

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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

You will import data from different sources, create mashups between data sources, and prepare data for analysis. You’ll also learn the DAX calculation engine. You will visualize data and share it to the Power BI cloud service.

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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

You will connect, import, shape, and transform data for business intelligence using Power BI, as well as write and publish reports using Power BI Desktop. You will also create and share dashboards with business users on the web and through mobile.

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Final Project

All Data Science Bootcamp graduates will demonstrate their mastered skills with a final capstone project. Students will be provided with requirements and expectations from the project once all the topics are completed. Adding the capstone project to a portfolio will help students attract recruiters and potential employers.


Data Science Bootcamp Curriculum

You’ll learn from skilled instructors and gain real-world experience by collaborating with your peers. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain the confidence you need to break into the industry. The curriculum dives into foundational skills for data science including:

Risk Assessment


Ethical Hacking

Power BI

Data Encryption


Incident Response


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& Teamwork

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Mentor-Led Sessions
Capstone Projects
Hands-On Labs

Immersive and standard bootcamps are 26 weeks long.

Immersive and standard bootcamps feature 1 mentor session twice a week.

Each learning track will prepare you for various skillsets within data science.

Capstone projects will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout bootcamp.

Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.

Build your portfolio and resume with in-demand data science skillsets. Impress future employers by showcasing your understanding of data science.


Who Are QuickStart's Bootcamps Designed For?

QuickStart’s bootcamps are designed for existing data science professionals with some experience in data analysis or data science. You will be well prepared for this course with some experience with algebra and mathematics. Some basic programming knowledge is also helpful, but not required.

Machine Learning

Bootcamp Schedule

Our bootcamp offers self-paced courses to accommodate students and professionals alike. If you plan to study full-time or want to allocate certain hours alongside full-time jobs, these online courses will provide the flexibility of setting your own time and pace to learn. There will be live regular Zoom sessions with expert mentors encouraging and guiding students through their learning journey.

Cloud Engineering

Bootcamp Tuition Costs & Financing

QuickStart’s bootcamps provide a comprehensive learning experience that’s flexible, affordable, and trusted. We offer affordable, quality career-oriented education. We’ve partnered with financial support institutions to offer installment plans, discounted upfront payments, third-party financing, and more.


Data Science Bootcamps vs. Certification Exam Prep

Data Science bootcamps include certification exam prep, real-world problem solving with hands-on labs, and end-of-program capstone projects. With certification exam prep, students will only prepare for one exam without any additional context or application. Since there’s no real-world exposure or capstone project, you won't be as prepared for the data science job market.


Careers in Data Science

Our curriculum covers everything from data science (big data) to data analysis, cloud computing, internet of things, and more. You'll also learn visualization, data mining, machine learning validation, and testing. Our Data Science Bootcamp is designed to prepare you for the ever-changing tech field. You'll graduate with in-demand skills, a fantastic portfolio, and the capability to undertake any job.

Data Scientist

Data scientists collect and transfer data, build tools to automate data, and create experimental frameworks. They make roughly $119,008 to $147,205 per annum.

$119-147k per annum

Research Analyst

Research analysts gather and analyze data from various sources, maintain and improve an organization’s data, and prepare data for analysis. They make roughly $62,275 to $74,847 per annum.

$62-74k per annum

Quantitative Researcher

Quantitative researchers blend structured and unstructured data; and apply mathematical and statistical methods. They make roughly $105,417 t0 $172,702 per annum.

$105-172k per annum

Data Science Engineer

Data science engineers design and scale highly scalable applications and understand decision trees, neural networks, and regression rules. They make roughly $130,499 to $160,293 per annum.

$130-160k per annum

Data Science is a vast field that includes processes, tools, research analysis, and more. Some roles require experience in two or more areas, and others require experience in one field, depending on the organizations’ needs.

QuickStart Training

“It boosted my confidence and rekindled my desire to learn”

This course is perfect for anyone trying to scale up in the industry. If you have certification exam preparations or interview preparation, I will also advise you to enroll for this course. The classes are well structured and helped me in preparing for my DASCA certification exams. For me, this course was worth every penny, and I am pleased with its versatility. We were able to touch on neural networks with Keras and TF2. It further boosted my confidence in having a firm data science foundation and rekindled my desire to learn. I enjoyed my time here and will recommend it to anybody interested in learning more about data science.

QuickStart Training

"I am really pleased"

I enrolled myself in September for the Data Science Bootcamp. From the beginning I was given great support by my Academic Advisor (Harris) who walked me through the dashboard and some really great features it had. The course content was self-explanatory and having no background in coding I was a bit scared in the beginning but with the help of my mentor I was able to learn quickly. Though there was a rough patch initially, but everything worked out for the best because of the quick responsiveness of the support staff. The sessions provided hands-on learning experience with an industry expert who guided us throughout the journey. I am really pleased and would recommend people to enroll for this bootcamp if they are looking for a career enhancement/change.


Data Science Bootcamp FAQ's

How much is Data Science Bootcamp?

Immersive bootcamps are $7,400 and standard bootcamps are $4,000.

How long does Data Science Bootcamp take?

Immersive and standard bootcamps are 26 weeks long.

What are the prerequisites of Data Science Bootcamp?

You must have basic computer and IT skills, as well as a high school degree.

What jobs can I get after graduating Data Science Bootcamp?

You can become a data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, data architect, and more!

How does Data Science Bootcamp prepare me for a new job?

The hands-on labs and capstone projects from bootcamp will become an impressive portfolio! Additionally, our job placement services offer career counseling, resume building, and internship/job opportunities!

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a Windows machine to attempt the labs. Our lab environment does not support the Apple M1 Chip.


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