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Become a Developer in 26 Weeks

Designed for learners with and without IT experience, this 26-week program equips you with the technical and design skills to build and maintain high-performing sites. Throughout the program you will learn from and engage with experts who will guide you through the bootcamp, answer your questions, and help with labs and projects. The cohort-driven programs will culminate in capstone projects that challenge you to apply course lessons in real-life scenarios.


Web Development Bootcamp
Learning Experience


Immersive Capstone Projects

We work with industry experts, hiring managers, and web development professionals to curate a leading-edge curriculum. Your portfolio will demonstrate your understanding and proficiency in top web design skills and highlight project experiences from your 26-week program.


Virtual Office Hours

Meet with industry-expert mentors throughout your bootcamp experience to identify your career interests, goals, and opportunities. Virtual office hours are also available for up to twelve months after program completion.


Career Support

QuickStart’s career services will support your career growth. Online learners will have access to resume building resources and mock interviews, as well as internship and job opportunities.

Bootcamp Courses

Through our partnerships with top technology organizations, we’re able to offer leading-edge IT training, and coursework designed for the future of the field. Each bootcamp course will prepare you with new skills and tools to pass top industry and career-relevant certifications.

  • Week 1
    Fundamentals of Full Stack Web Development
    Getting Started: Web Development Tools and Resources 2020
    Study and Learning Skills for College and University Students
    The first weeks of your bootcamp will cover the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, and how you can use these tools to create functional static websites. Your coursework will also cover programming with JavaScript, a programming language you will use throughout the bootcamp.
  • Week 2
    HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
    HTML5 2020: HTML Authoring
    HTML5 For Mobile Devices
    Fundamentals of JavaScript
    Week 2 coursework will build on the fundamentals of JavaScript covered in the first week. You will learn how to build apps and websites compatible with iPhone, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Week 3
    Starting with Git and GitHub
    This course will focus on version control systems, and you will learn how to manage and keep track of your code using Git. You will also explore GitHub, a service that allows you to host, share and manage your code files on the Internet.
  • Week 4
    Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
    CSS Flexbox: Build Modern Web Layouts with Flexbox
    Introduction to Sass for CSS
    CSS Grid Layout
    In week 4, you will learn how to build beautifully designed, responsive websites optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop displays. You'll study the fundamentals of responsive design, beginning with multiple style sheets, media queries and expressions. Coursework will also cover core features of Sass, including variables. inheritance, nesting and mixings, amongst others.
  • Week 5
    Introduction to Web Design
    Mobile UI and UX Design
    Website Wireframing with HTML5 and CSS3
    Applying Design to Wireframes with HTML5 and CSS
    Week 5 covers web design. This series of instructional videos will guide you through the process of creating the basic sections of your site, arranging and aligning text and images, and adding interactive features
  • Week 6
    Project 1: Basic Business or Personal Website
  • Week 7
    Introduction to Bootstrap 4
    This course section will equip you with the tools to use Bootstrap, the world's most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites.
  • Week 8
    Modern JavaScript Fundamentals for Beginners: JavaScript ES6
    JavaScript: JavaScript ES6 Certification
    This course will advance your understanding of JavaScript and prepare you to bring your web content to life with the core foundations of writing code.
  • Week 9
    Dynamic and Interactive Web Pages – Beginners JavaScript DOM
    In this course component, you will learn to create dynamic and interactive web pages using JavaScript Document Object Model
  • Week 10
    Web API – JavaScript Fetch Getting JSON Data Fun with APIs (Application Program Interfaces)
    This course will explore how to connect to various web APIs using JavaScript fetch. You will learn how to use the returned JSON data within your code.
  • Week 11
    Fundamentals of Ajax, jQuery, and JSON
    Ajax, jQuery and JSON are essential tools for web developers. Learn what these technologies are, how they work together, and how they can be used to build real life applications.
  • Week 12
    Project 2: Website with a Search Engine
  • Week 13
    JavaScript Objects and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) with JavaScript
    Starting with Webpack
    Use objects to create dynamic web components with JavaScript, and power up your applications with OOP JavaScript coding. You will also learn how Webpack is implemented in web application projects
  • Week 14-15
    Start with React.js
    Fundamentals of React
    Fundamentals of React, Flux and Web Development
    Learn how to use React and React Flux to develop professional user interfaces in this advanced course.
  • Week 16
    Project 3: Web App for Task Management
  • Week 17
    Python: Essential Course for Beginners
    Python Programming for Beginners
    Develop and run real-world programs using powerful coding tools, including Python.
  • Week 18
    Python Web Programming
    Professional Python Web Development with Flask
    Gain hands-on experience working with Python files and building programs in week 18. You will also learn how to run your application using Docker Containers, an emerging technology that allows developers to write their applications and deploy easily to several cloud hosting platforms.
  • Week 19-20
    Learn Python Django from Scratch
    Throughout the 52 lectures and 6.5 hours of content, you'll create your own website from scratch using Django. You will also cover e-commerce functions like PayPal and Stripe, Geolocation and map integration and web services.
  • Week 21
    Fundamentals of MySQL
    This course will cover the foundations of MySQL, including how to set up a database, connect to a database, phpMyAdmin, extracting information from a database and more.
  • Week 22
    Project 4: Python Django
  • Week 23
    Building Functional Prototypes Using Node.js
    Starting with Rest API
    Designed for entry-level web developers, this course will prepare you with the tools to transform a basic web application prototype into a dynamic, live data storage model.
  • Week 24-26
    Final Capstone Project
    • Nodejs Express
    • 100 Front-End Interview Questions Challenge
    • 100 Algorithms Challenge

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  • Virtual Hands-On Labs Virtual Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.
  • Virtual Office Hours Meet live with your mentor for guidance, discussion and deeper learning.
  • Capstone Projects Capstone projects will demonstrate to employers the skills and knowledge you acquired through the bootcamp.
  • Career Services QuickStart’s career services assist students in their efforts in finding a role in Web Development through resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities access.
  • Annual Course Access With any learning track, students have 12 months’ access to 100+ courses.

Web Development Bootcamp


*Pre pay discount available

This learning format features two, 2-hour live sessions per week. This format is ideal for students who want instructor support and have a more flexible schedule.

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  • Virtual Hands-On Labs Virtual Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.
  • Virtual Office Hours Meet live with your mentor for guidance, discussion and deeper learning.
  • Capstone Projects Capstone projects will demonstrate to employers the skills and knowledge you acquired through the bootcamp.
  • Career Services QuickStart’s career services assist students in their efforts in finding a role in Web Development through resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities access.
  • Annual Course Access With any learning track, students have 12 months’ access to 100+ courses.

Web Development Bootcamp


Students attend one, 2-hour live session per week. This format is ideal for students who are comfortable with asynchronous work.

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Learn from Industry Experts

Our instructors have years of experience in information technology and web development. With the support of our instructors, you will develop the framework to solve problems web development professionals face daily.

Zsolt Nagy

Web Development Instructor

Zsolt is currently the Senior Engineering Manager for a company based out of Berlin, Germany. He has extensive experience in the web development area, working for about 7+ years in various web development, management, and technical development roles. Zsolt has made it his mission to help his peers level up in skills and strongly believes in the peer group effect – to help unlock a peer’s potential helps the long-term performance of the entire team.

Masood Fareed

Web Development Instructor

Masood is a Senior Software Developer and an IT Instructor and Trainer. He is a professional with extensive experience and received his Bachelor of Computer Science from the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology.

QuickStart's Bootcamp Outcomes

QuickStart's Web Development Bootcamp prepares students for successful IT careers. We pride ourselves on helping students achieve their career goals by empowering them with applied and in-demand skills and certifications.

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    Real World
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    Virtual Office
  • Learn Top Web Development Skills

    Study industry-aligned competencies and develop skills through virtual hands-on projects

  • Earn Employer-Aligned Certifications

    Master the skills to pass top developer certifications

  • Start Your New Career Path

    Complete the program prepared for an entry-level web developer and equipped with career resources from QuickStart

Web Development Bootcamp
Admissions Process

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    Our admissions team will review your form. If you have not scheduled a call with an advisor by the time your form is reviewed, one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule an interview.

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    You’ll interview with an admissions advisor to verify that the Web Development Bootcamp is the right fit for your career goals. Your advisor will also answer your questions, cover financing options, and discuss next steps.

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    Upon enrollment, you will receive access to recommended coursework to prepare for the start of classes and get a head start on your learning.

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    Begin learning new skills in QuickStart’s Web Development Bootcamp.

Career Services

This online bootcamp equips you with the necessary skills for an entry-level developer role. QuickStart’s career services include resume building, one-on-one mentoring, and mock job interview sessions to help you prepare for your next role.


Career Coaching

Focus on achieving your career goals through four, 30-minute sessions with a career coach.


Interview Prep

Learn how to ace your web development interviews through constructive mock interviews.


Resume Building

Build a web development focused resume and portfolio with the help of QuickStart's career coach.

Boost Your Earnings
and Advance Your Career

Our program prepares students for a range of web developer roles. While salaries and positions will vary, explore the career opportunities typically available to our program graduates.

*Source: Monster.com 2021

QuickStart Web Development Bootcamp FAQs

What kind of bootcamps do you offer?

We offer cybersecurity, software engineering, web development, data science & analytics and cloud engineering bootcamps for immersive and flex learning tracks.

No, our flexible training hours allow you to balance academic and professional priorities. Pacing options are available based on your needs.

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $3,500. We offer a pre pay discount, a variety of monthly installment options and a deferred monthly installment to cover bootcamp tuition costs. On-demand bootcamps cost $1,900 and are only able to be purchased prepaid.

*Deferred monthly installment eligibility depends on U.S. state of residence.

On average, flex and immersive bootcamps take about 26 weeks to complete.

Bootcamp scholarships are not offered for QuickStart bootcamp programs at this time.

Recommended prerequisites vary based on the bootcamp, but most programs require only basic IT experience and foundational programming knowledge.

Our bootcamps prepare students for entry-level roles. Our career services team is available to provide guidance to online learners in obtaining those roles.

Flex bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring sessions once per week, and immersive bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring sessions twice per week. On-demand bootcamps offer students up to five, 30-minute optional mentoring sessions if students need to ask questions or receive support on their capstone project.

Yes, our career coaches will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship/job opportunities.

Students are required to have a computer operating system with Windows to access training labs. The current lab environment does not support the Apple M1 chip.

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