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QuickStart partners with several universities to offer online
cybersecurity bootcamp programs



Florida Atlantic University Continuing Education offers a flexible cybersecurity programs that enable students to achieve their full potential while enjoying a great level of flexibility.


James Madison University Professional and Continuing Education cybersecurity bootcamps are suitable for students and professionals alike.


Hofstra Continuing Education is home to nationally ranked programs in online education, offers online cybersecurity bootcamp programs.


Becker College, which is recognized as one of the top online colleges in Massachusetts (according to SR Education Group), is also proud to offer online cybersecurity bootcamp programs.


CSU Pueblo Extended Studies offers non-credit, certificate bearing cybersecurity bootcamp programs.


NEIU CAPE offers 6-9 months online bootcamps, covers a dynamic curriculum that is tailored to prepare you for real-world problems


Choosing the Right Bootcamp

Our partner universities include all the reputable names claiming thousands of alumni already working in the field, and successfully excelling in their respective fields. Some of the universities carry a legacy of over a hundred years, and hundreds of degree programs.

The biggest concern students can think of while choosing a bootcamp is landing a job. We offer complete job assistance upon graduation from bootcamps. From portfolio development to preparing them for interviews, we make it possible for every graduate to not just chase, but also achieve their dream jobs in as less time as possible.

Our Bootcamp graduates are working in some of the Fortune 500 companies, and our employer partners include names like HP, Bank of America, IBM, Amazon, Star Bucks and Visa. With us, you’re all set.

Is a Bootcamp worth it?

Bootcamps are a great way to set yourself for a rewarding career fast, when it comes to IT. With online learning on the high rise, bootcamps are a fast paced, short term, but full throttle way of learning and preparing for industry relevant certifications. Bachelor’s degree is always a plus, but with thorough bootcamps you can easily start a new career, get promoted in your relevant field or even switch your career to start an entirely new journey. Since now, certifications are a major criterion of judging a professional’s skills, Bootcamps can well prepare you for certification exams, and set you for a rewarding journey ahead.

How our Bootcamps are different?

The one major differentiator we take pride in is our AI based cognitive learning platform CLIPP. We have revolutionized online learning by offering various learning modalities and rich content in the form of informal learning, that is, content other than the official course material. We offer self-paced courses to suit students’ schedules, an expert community where thousands of field experts can help students and professionals solve their problems in real time, and live mentoring sessions with experiences professionals as coaches.

We have multiple payment options, as we believe fee should be the least of your worries while planning your education and career.

What is the average cost of a Bootcamp?

The average range of our bootcamp costs starts from $5000 to $8000. What is more interesting is our payment options that allow you to choose from installments, up-front payment with discounts and scholarship of as much as 30% of the tuition fee.


Our Programs

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Our Cybersecurity bootcamp will prepare you for CompTIA A+, Security+, CYSA+, Network+, Pentest+ and CIEH certification exams.

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Web Development Bootcamp

After completing the web development bootcamp, you will have programming concepts in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Node.Js, Python, MySQL and more.

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Data Science Bootcamp

Learn the concepts of data science with Azure HDInsight, Spark, R Programming and Python. You will also master the skills of Data Visualization, Machine learning, Predictive Analysis, Power BI, Transact SQL and Excel.

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Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Prepare for CompTIA A+, Network+ and Cloud+, Azure Fundamentals, Linux for Beginners and Fundamentals of AWS.

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