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QuickStarts subscription includes several self-paced AWS certifications, coaching, AWS exam preparation courses, and virtual instructor-led sessions.

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Need AWS training for yourself or your team? You’ve come to the right place.

There is an ever-increasing IT skills gap in the U.S., and most of it is centered around the need for individuals and teams with cloud skills. AWS certified cloud practitioners and AWS certified developers are in high demand. Since AWS is the leader in cloud technology, their certifications are well-regarded across the world. QuickStart’s AWS training will help you attain skills in the most valued cloud technology. You can get AWS certification training to upskill yourself and achieve these certifications for career mobility and advancement.

With courseware built by AWS certified experts and classes taught by certified instructors, you will gain the latest cloud skills and get the most out of your career as a cloud practitioner, architect, developer, or system operations and development operations professional. With our AWS training, you will have the cloud skills sought after by businesses.

If you are an IT manager looking for AWS certification training for your entire team, we have special enterprise offers for you. Feel free to browse the courses in this category and reach out to us to discuss your AWS certification training needs.

Build Your Future in the AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud leads the market with a whopping 32% of market share, more than the combined market share of its two top competitors. This growing acceptance of AWS Cloud infrastructure in the market makes an AWS certification critical to your cloud career success in and beyond 2021. Gartner mentions a shortage in cloud talent is hindering progress in cloud projects across the globe. This is a huge opportunity for individuals who want to begin or upskill and advance their careers in IT, specifically in cloud computing. With more businesses moving to the cloud, it makes sense to gain skills within the most popular cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.

With the pandemic hitting the world hard, organizations who had already implemented cloud computing became clear winners, since they were able to navigate with work from home practices. The same organizations were also able to provide access to critical data and information for employees to run the day-to-day operations and adjust with the digital transformation of functions. Additionally, many businesses feel using cloud technology gives them a competitive advantage. As a result, AWS Cloud experts are in demand.

AWS professional certifications span across multiple fields. With QuickStart you can choose from AWS cloud practitioner certification, AWS security certification, AWS architect certification, AWS developer certification, AWS SysOps certification, AWS big data training and also fundamental level courses that introduce you to AWS and cloud computing. Start your AWS certification training with QuickStart today.

AWS Training That's Tailored to You

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  • 100 Hrs. of Self-Paced Courses
  • Study Schedule Flexibility
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  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access
  • Access to Discussion Community with Experts
  • Personalized Learning Paths

Benefits of AWS Training and Certification

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our self-paced courses offer in-depth training with a detailed set of video lectures that can be accessed at any time of the day. You can choose your own suitable time, allot a number of hours in a week you are comfortable with, and take your AWS training at your own pace.

Train with an AWS Expert

It can be difficult to navigate AWS alone. That’s why our AWS experts are there for you. Our instructors are accredited with AWS certifications and come from an experienced, highly technical background in the cloud computing field. We choose instructors with the necessary certifications and experience to prepare candidates for AWS certification exams. You can choose from our self-paced or on-demand virtual instructor-led courses.

Pick Your Learning Path

After getting the foundational courses and understanding the magnitude of AWS certification offerings, you will get an understanding of the career path you want to choose in cloud computing. AWS offers three levels of certifications including: Foundational, Associate and Professional level certifications. If you are just starting your AWS career journey, foundational level certifications are most suitable to you. With a couple years of experience or knowledge, you can take associate level certifications. If you are an experienced cloud professional who has been working in an AWS Cloud environment, you might also qualify for professional level certifications. AWS does not require any certification as a prerequisite, but recommends relevant knowledge, experience and skills you should know before applying for any AWS certification exam.

Get AWS Certified

With our AWS certification training, candidates are prepared to have their AWS cloud skills validated by passing the AWS certification exams and get AWS certified. Since AWS certifications are industry-recognized credentials, employers and recruiters prefer AWS certified candidates over their non-certified counterparts. The hiring chances, earning potential, exposure to established organizations, career growth opportunities are all benefits of getting certified. AWS also makes it easy for individuals to recertify and keep their skills up to date with the rapidly volatile dynamics of technology.

Amazon AWS Certification Training Overview

Getting certified in AWS can decorate your resume to attract potential employers looking for AWS specialized skills. An AWS certification can also help you stand out among your peers. With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, cloud computing is growing as the top technology implementation for businesses. More and more organizations are migrating to the cloud, and their preferred choice of cloud infrastructure remains AWS.

At QuickStart, we have a library of 900+ courses that include top AWS certification training programs. From beginner to professional, our library features exam prep training for AWS developer certification, AWS DevOps engineer certification, AWS solutions architect certification, AWS SysOps administrator certification, AWS cloud practitioner certification, and a number of other AWS related courses. There are multiple short courses that are designed to help build your understanding on interrelated AWS functionalities, concepts and specializations. A complete beginner will find one to two hours of courses developing their understanding on cloud and AWS. Our library also consists of practice exams that are a replica of original exams, allowing you to gauge your preparation before taking the final exam.

AWS certifications hold value, and for good reasons. The skills you learn while preparing for the certifications are technical and require deep understanding of the topics. Certification training at QuickStart offers various learning modalities, practical exposure, updated curricula, experienced and knowledgeable instructors and other facilities crucial to completely prepare you for the certification exams.

Why Choose QuickStart AWS Online Courses?

Here are some convincing reasons why you should opt for QuickStart if you want to get AWS certified to begin or advance your cloud computing career.

Develop skills for career growth

QuickStart features updated curricula for AWS certification training, designed in alignment with industry practices and focused on developing job-ready skills.

Learn from AWS experts

Our instructors are certified leading practitioners and experienced coaches who bring to students and learners current AWS challenges via case studies and practical exercises to hone their skills around AWS.

Working on real-world problems

We offer capstone projects that challenge students to tackle real-world scenarios to strengthen practical skills with virtual labs and hands-on learning.

AWS Certification Training FAQs

What are AWS certifications?

AWS certifications are obtained by passing the relevant AWS certification exam. Candidates acquire these certifications to validate their cloud skills which can either be used to take on individual cloud initiatives or help organizations successfully complete cloud projects using AWS.

The AWS certifications are designed to provide certified candidates the ability to understand and run AWS related cloud and interrelated services and disciplines. AWS offers a total of 12 certifications that are divided in four categories: Foundational, Associate, Professional and Specialty levels. There are no prerequisites for any of the certifications, but recommended knowledge and relevant field experience is required in most of them. It is ideal for beginners to start from the foundational level and move up the ladder as they become acquainted with the technology and its functionalities.

Is an AWS certification worth it?

AWS is leading the public cloud market with market share of over 40%, while the second-best cloud platform claims a market share 10% less than AWS. This huge margin shows why becoming an AWS certified cloud expert is a great career initiative for those interested in cloud. According to’s recent study, the list of top 10 highest paying certifications has AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified Developer - Associate certifications included in it, with an estimated annual salary of $133k and $130k respectively.

How much does an AWS certification cost?

As mentioned above, AWS certifications are divided into four categories: Foundational level, Associate level, Professional level and Specialty level. The exam fee for all the certifications is categorized as per their levels. The Foundational level certification, which is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, costs $100. All the associate level certifications are $150. Professional and specialty level certifications are $300 each.

AWS offers a voucher of 50% discount when candidates apply for recertification and renewal of the previously achieved certifications.

Which AWS certification should I get?

AWS offers certifications for all career levels. If you are a beginner in cloud computing, you can take a few introductory courses at QuickStart to understand cloud computing and AWS, and then head towards the foundational level AWS certification: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. However, if you are into a solutions architect role, you can either take the associate level AWS solutions architect certification or the professional solution architect certification, depending on your experience and skill level. Systems and operations administrator can take the AWS SysOps Administrator certification. There is also an AWS Developer certification for programmers. Experienced DevOps professionals can opt for the professional level DevOps Engineer certification.

There are six specialty certifications for professionals in networking, security, machine learning, Alexa skills building, data analytics and database backgrounds.

How do I prepare for an AWS certification?

QuickStart offers self-paced courses that can be accessed at any time of the day, so you can design your own study schedule and prepare for the AWS certification exams. You can also enroll in one of QuickStart’s virtual instructor-led classes, based on a preset schedule, where an instructor will take you through the topics and you can interact with the instructor live.

You’ll get to learn the certification topics, get your hands-on virtual labs, discussion platform, informal learning material and much more with QuickStart.

Is an AWS certification enough to get a job?

AWS certifications start from foundational level for beginners, offering AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner as a beginner level certification. This builds relevant skills from scratch. However, it is recommended to have some experience around AWS before preparing for this certification. This means some experience and knowledge will be required with the certification for you to land a job.

Why is an AWS certification important?

AWS certifications are well-known for their rigor and detail in best practices and hands-on experience. They also validate your cloud skills to potential employers. An AWS certification is also important for a successful career in cloud computing. Since AWS is the market leader, there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in AWS. With Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the demand for cloud and the cloud skills gap still wide, getting an AWS certification will definitely improve your chances of enjoying a rewarding career

How long does AWS training take?

It highly depends on your certification path or the number of certifications you wish to achieve. An AWS certification generally takes a couple of months to get trained for. But if you do not have any experience, it will require more time for you to get prepared. It also highly depends on your interest level, since that will determine your learning pace.

How do I start AWS training?

You can begin your AWS certification training journey by starting your free trial at QuickStart. We are offering a variety of AWS certification exam prep courses online in self-paced as well as virtual instructor-led format. If you are a working professional or a student already enrolled in a program, self-paced courses will be great to get you flexibility in your schedule.

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