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  1. How To Achieve Your Career Goals Through Lifelong Learning

    How To Achieve Your Career Goals Through Lifelong Learning

    With the current system of education being followed in most countries, it is a common misconception to think that our learning process ends with university level education. This is true when it comes to your principle education and it will help you secure a job, but do you have the correct skills to grow in the workplace?

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  2. How to Become A Web Developer from Scratch

    How to Become A Web Developer from Scratch

    Web development can be quite daunting for the uninitiated. After all, professional web developers are innately familiar with the way the web works, they understand various technologies and programming languages. And most importantly, they are also skilled at communications as well as marketing. Full-stack developers learn about various front-end and backend technologies. So, there is a lot to learn!

    If you are the kind of person who enjoys news and articles on software, website development or other tech related blogs, you might just have it in you to become a successful web developer. You are already here, and that’s a great start!

    However, as long as you are persistent and keep your sights at the prize, you can do a complete 180 and start a brand-new career as a web developer. Don’t forget to have fun with all that you do, and learn.

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  3. Use of PowerShell in SQL Server

    Use of PowerShell in SQL Server

    An admin’s task is notorious for being time consuming and repetitive. Since the mass acceptance of SQL as the go-to database query language, SQL administrators have spent long hours in performing their routine tasks. However, since the advent of PowerShell, administrators have breathed a sigh of relief and exploited it to the maximum for convenience of database operations. Devised by Microsoft in 2008, it is a task automation and configuration management framework. PowerShell comprises of a command-line shell and associated scripting language that works wonders in automating complex tasks performed by SQL administrators. Such is the demand for this language that even entry level PowerShell professionals are earning a high salary. The average salary of a Windows PowerShell system administrator is estimated at a whopping $62,074 per year in the US by PayScale.

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  4. What Is The Use Of IIS Server In ASP.Net?

    What Is The Use Of IIS Server In ASP.Net?

    Internet Information Services is a general-purpose web server from Microsoft. It runs on a Windows system and provides the user with the requested set of webpages or files. IIS protocols form the basics of internet information services. The computer systems administrators in the US earn an average annual salary in excess of US$ 79,000. High remunerations have propelled the popularity of system and network administration as a lucrative career for aspiring system administrators.

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  5. How to Develop the Mindset for Lifelong Learning

    How to Develop the Mindset for Lifelong Learning

    Education continues beyond the confines of a classroom. Successful IT professionals these days understand the importance of lifelong learning and the fact that they’ll need to make the most of emerging resources like ExpertConnect to hone their skills successfully. Technologies and business models are changing rapidly. This little fact can be disastrous for careers of people who believe that once they’ve earned their degrees, it’s time to hang up the learning hat. It is important for IT pros to participate in career building activities with others in their industry, and adopt habits that empower lifelong learning, if they are to build a truly successful professional life.

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  6. The Relationship between Data and Business Intelligence

    The Relationship between Data and Business Intelligence

    Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are commonly misunderstood to be the same thing. However, people who are serious about making a career in data sciences should know the subtle difference between the two terms. Though all Data Analytics operations are performed in conjugation with Business Intelligence operations, both the processes are quite different from each other. Since the evolution of Machine Learning, Data and Business Intelligence has gained popularity amongst masses. Unlike in the past, when complex tasks like gauging the impact of a price change on a given product required you to run a linear regression on your data, the availability of tools like Excel, R or Tableau have helped a great deal. This is the reason why tableau training has become a great option for IT industry aspirants. According to PayScale, on an average, a Tableau Developer earns $75,394 per year, which is quite a decent package.

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  7. Python Programming vs. Java - A Comparative Analysis

    Python Programming vs. Java - A Comparative Analysis

    Programming languages have evolved quite significantly over the due course of time. These languages have undoubtedly changed the way webpages and websites are coded and developed. These programming languages are being used to develop programs that implement a specific algorithm. With new and innovative programming languages coming into the fray, the future definitely has a lot in store for web developers and programmers. Today, web developers across the US are taking home close to US$ 73,000 every year.

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  8. Should You Opt for a Career as a Mobile UI and UX Designer?

    Should You Opt for a Career as a Mobile UI and UX Designer?

    In the era of digitalism, it has now become important to upgrade customer experience by saving their time and money. From several food-ordering and delivery apps to a plethora of ecommerce clothing websites, everything is now available on the Internet. The year 2008 saw a lot of startups that collectively formed an online marketplace niche. And, by 2010-11, the world saw a boom on the Internet as those startups flourished their businesses and opened an online window to the mankind where they can buy goods and services.

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  9. Importance of Real Project Portfolio

    Importance of Real Project Portfolio

    Each year, a large number of students graduate with a degree in programming. Then begins an intensive hunt to find a job. These students submit their CVs, prepare cover letters, and send emails. It is then thought that the job is done and the responses are awaited. But, there’s a missing piece in the riddle that needs to be filled-in. That missing element is a comprehensive web developer portfolio. Many web developers don’t get hobs because of the lack of a descriptive portfolio. A project portfolio is a web developer’s trump card to show a potential recruiter how good an applicant’s work can be. In this way, recruiters also get an answer to why they should hire you.

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