Software engineering portfiolio
March 26, 2024

How to Build a Standout Portfolio for Software Engineering Job Applications

Prioritize project details, outcomes, documentation, and readability when building a software engineering portfolio to showcase your development skills.

How do I protect a computer network
March 22, 2024

How Do I Protect a Computer Network? 4 Cybersecurity Tips

Consistently protecting a computer network means implementing strong password policies, keeping software systems up to date, using network security tools, and pursuing continual education in cybersecurity best practices.

ITIL foundations certification
March 20, 2024

ITIL 4 Foundations Certification: Why It's Valuable For IT Professionals

An ITIL 4 certification provides globally recognized expertise in IT service management, enhancing your career prospects, increasing your earning potential, and improving your organization’s internal efficiency.

Information Technology vs computer science
March 15, 2024

Information Technology vs. Computer Science: What's the Difference?

Information technology (IT) focuses on the practical application and management of technology infrastructure, while computer science (CS) embraces theoretical study and the development of algorithms, software, and computing technologies.

Is an IT bootcamp worth it?
March 13, 2024

Is an IT Bootcamp Worth it? Benefits of IT Bootcamp Training for Career Switchers

IT bootcamps are made for aspiring professionals looking to develop skills in cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, data visualization, and other information technology basics.

tech industry hidden job boom
February 28, 2024

Tech Layoffs? The Hidden Job Boom in the Tech Industry

Despite trending layoffs from top-tier tech companies, hiring overall in the tech field is still consistent, particularly for top-earning cybersecurity, networking, and software positions.

Tech layoffs
February 26, 2024

Demystifying Tech Layoffs: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Tech layoffs typically indicate economic turns, internal restructuring, industry consolidation, or shifts toward new technologies that ultimately create new opportunities for tech professionals to upskill and thrive.

When and how to use Abstract Class and Interface?
February 21, 2024

Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces: Decoding the OOP Dilemma in Software Engineering

Abstract classes provide a blueprint for classes, allowing a mix of abstract and concrete methods, while interfaces define contracts for classes, supporting multiple inheritance and enforcing method implementation.

Object oriented programming applications (OOP)
February 19, 2024

10 Applications of Object Oriented Programming

Getting started with object oriented programming? Here are 10 applications of object oriented programming (OOP) that you should know about.

Mastering OOP Python
February 15, 2024

Mastering Object-Oriented Programming in Python: Applications and Key Concepts

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python is a programming paradigm that organizes code into objects, each of which encapsulates data and behaviors, promoting modularity, reusability, and a clear way to model and interact with real-world entities.

IT Technician Bootcamp
February 12, 2024

Fast-Track Your IT Career: Introducing QuickStart’s New 12-Week IT Technician Bootcamp

The benefits of an IT Technician bootcamp include gaining practical skills, industry-recognized certifications, and job readiness for a successful career in IT support roles.

IT careers
February 02, 2024

IT Careers: Roles, Trends, and Salaries in 2024

Getting a job in IT offers the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology, solving complex problems, and contributing to innovation in a rapidly evolving field.

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