Federal Grant Funding and QuickStart

In 2014, the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, or WIOA, was signed into law, aiming to make a stronger national workforce. WIOA helps people access training, education and support services so that they can fill important jobs in their communities. WIOA provides funding for employment-based training.

For 35 years, QuickStart has offered award-winning IT training courses with their unique learning methodology and their AI cognitive-learning platform, CLIPP. QS Learn and CLIPP gives you a unique bootcamp experience that best fits your learning needs and career goals.

Who Are Federally-Funded Workforce Programs For

Designed to help job seekers access training, education, support services, and employment opportunities, a WIOA training fund pays for employment-based training.

Grants may cover up to 100% of your training program cost, so you can best prepare for a competitive job market.


How to Apply for Funding and Enroll in Workforce Programs

Want to find out if you’re eligible? Talk with one of our admissions advisors today! We can help guide you through the process and get you on your way to low-cost education.

Technology Partners and Products

QuickStart delivers high-quality IT training through partnerships with top industry organizations. By collaborating with our technology partners, we can design IT training built around the leading-edge tools online learners need to succeed in the field.


Federal Grant-Funded Student FAQs

How is QuickStart able to offer low-cost training programs?

The federal government offers training programs through the Workplace Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), designed to help job seekers and displaced workers find employment.

Schedule a call on this page to speak with one of our workforce program advisors.

It varies depending on the program, but Federal WIOA programs may cover the entire cost. Schedule a call to learn more.

You learn necessary skills, technologies, and proficiencies that prepare you for a competitive job market. You can also get your training federally funded with the WIOA grant.

Contact us for a private conversation about your WIOA options.

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