Technology Apprentice
Scholar Program (TASP)

With over 25+ years in IT education and training experience, QuickStart aims to redesign the tech talent pipeline for organizations. At about a 30% lower cost than traditional recruitment, we’ll help provide you with top quality, well-trained technology apprentices to fit your business’s needs.

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Tech Jobs Created

In 2020 alone. And will continue to grow.

Retension Rate

With our program. Compared to 32%.

Average Savings

We take care of it all, including onboarding.

Lower Cost

Than traditionally sourced talent.


Advocating the unrepresented.

Short Months

Of apprenticeship for team readiness.

Months Short

Quick and scalable apprentice timeline.


Apprentices eager and ready to work.

Lower Cost

Than traditionally sourced talent.


Offering populor technology paths.


Teaching the latest and greatest.

Hours Of Training

With an immersive experience to excite.


With top certifications and credentials.

Years experience

In teaching all facets of IT training.


The best experts to teach in the industry.

3 Reasons Why the TASP May Benefit You

1. Solution for Tech Talent Shortage

The IT job market has more tech positions available than college graduates available to fill them. In 2020 alone, 200k new tech jobs were created.

We will help you source and train top quality candidates and ensure that they have the most in-demand IT skills to fit your organization’s needs.

2. Combat Low Retention

Traditional recruiting can be more challenging and may result in about a 32% or lower retention rate for your tech talent.

QuickStart’s Technology Apprentice Scholar Program is hands-on, we’ll assist your business with onboarding and mentoring to help you achieve an apprentice retention rate close to 90%.

3. Lower Cost, Higher ROI

Traditional recruiting is high cost, averaging $5k to find and hire talent, and an estimated $4k in onboarding costs, all while the new employee takes about 3 months to be fully productive in their role.

Our complete program takes care of the sourcing, training, certification, mentoring, and onboarding at a lower cost per employee than a traditional process, and ensures they are the best talent for you.

How Our Process Works

1. We Source

  • Competencies are assessed with an AI-based job readiness tool
  • 30% lower cost than traditionally sourced talent
  • 85% of candidates from underrepresented groups

2. We Train

  • 14-week immersive training
  • Fully trained candidates, ready day one
  • Official certificates through our university partners

3. Team Readiness

  • 12-month work apprenticeship
  • QuickStart provides mentorship and onboarding support
  • Retention assistance included

4. You Retain

  • You’ll have multiple tech talent candidates to choose from
  • Extend a job offer to the best talent!

Our Customers

We partner with well-known companies to provide opportunities to connect our students with available internships, traditional jobs, and train-to-hire jobs in the IT field.

Overview of the Technology Apprentice Scholar Program Journey

Curious what the overall process will entail, for the apprentices and your business? QuickStart will ensure that both the apprentices and the employers or businesses have support in each step of the process.



Interview with the employer


Interview and select apprentices

14 weeks


Begin related technical instruction


QuickStart mentors & trains the apprentice to be productive for day one of employment

15 months


Joins the team as an apprentice

Meets with mentors to ensure successful transition


Apprentice starts working for you

QuickStart provides mentoring and training every 2 weeks with each apprentice



Retained as a new hire!


Extend an offer to the best apprentice candidates

Our Training Programs

Through the Technology Apprentice Scholar Program, we offer 5 training programs to prepare candidates for these IT field occupations:

Meet Our Instructors

QuickStart has over 35 years of training experience, working with industry experts, hiring managers, and IT professionals to curate the most up-to-date curriculum. Our instructors are some of the best experts in the IT industry, with expertise spanning various fields of Data Science, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and more.

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