You Will Learn

In this learning path, you will learn the following: Server Installation, Server Performance Management, and Server Maintenance, Install and configure Windows Server, Creating and configuring virtual networks and virtual machines.



While there are no pre-requisites to start on this learning path, a working knowledge of networking and IT infrastructure will go a long way in making your journey easier. A fundamental understanding of cloud computing concepts like virtual machines, virtual networks, and off-site data storage and processing will also come in handy at later stages of this learning path.


Audience Profile

This learning path is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in cloud technologies. It prepares you for jobs such as tech support specialist, cloud administrator, and cloud architect. If you are an InfoSec professional, it will help you acquire the skills to become a cyber security analyst.

Microsoft Cloud Certification

The cloud certification category focuses on technologies like Microsoft Azure and Windows Server Virtualization. Azure is Microsoft’s flagship IaaS and PaaS product, not to mention the fastest growing cloud service provider in the industry. This certification path is ideal for those who wish to capitalize on the growing trend of multi-cloud adoption.
What's Included
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