Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access (MS-500T01)

In this program, you'll discover how to protect user access to the resources of your organization.


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In this program, you'll discover how to protect user access to the resources of your organization.

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About this course:

Help secure your access and identity control against credential compromises. In this program, you'll discover how to protect user access to the resources of your organization. This course primarily covers the protection of user passwords, multi-factor authentication, how to allow Azure Identity Security, how to set up ADFS, how to use and configure Azure Active Directory Connect, and teaches you to Conditional Access. You'll also hear about options for external access control to your Office 365 program.

A system administrator for Office 365 Skills has an annual salary of $65,187 per annum.

Course Objective:

· Microsoft 365 manages passwords.

· Prepare and deploy Azure Active Directory Connect

· Prepare and deploy federated identities

· In MS 365 manage user and group security

· Define the features of Azure Identity Protection

· Managing synchronized identities.

· Use and describe conditional access


This program is for the Security Administrator position for MS 365. This position works with the MS 365 Enterprise Administrator, business partners and other workload managers to prepare and execute security initiatives and make sure that the solutions are in line with the organization's regulations and policies.

The position efficiently and effectively secures enterprise environments for MS 365. Responsibilities include resolving threats to the MS 365 network, maintaining, implementing, and tracking security and enforcement solutions. They respond to events, inquiries, and data governance compliance.

The MS 365 Security Manager is experienced with MS 365 workloads and has good identity protection, privacy protection, threat detection, compliance management, and data management expertise and experience. This position focuses on the environment for MS 365, which incorporates hybrid environments.


· Office 365 experience

· Fundamental knowledge of computer networks

· Fundamental understanding of MS Azure

· Fundamental knowledge of authentication and authorization

· Windows 10 devices experience

· Working expertise of Mobile device Management


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Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
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Course Duration1 Day
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