Master PowerShell v5 for SQL Administrators in a Day (MS-55207)

The PowerShell for SQL administrators are learning features for tracking performance metrics.


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The PowerShell for SQL administrators are learning features for tracking performance metrics.

Course Information

About this course

This Microsoft training is designed for the SQL managers who holds very minimal knowledge of PowerShell. The course provides training on SQL managing basic features along with basic learning and skills needed for managing and enhancing the interoperations of PowerShell SQL.

The average salary for SQL Database Administrator is $77,428 per year.

Course Objective

This Microsoft training will provide the skills and learning for:  

  • Comprehend Aliases.

  • Knowing SQL SMO (Server Management Objects)

  • Comprehend scripting pitfalls.

  • Comprehend scheduling features.

  • Identify and learn about available cmdlets.

  • Perform backup and restore database functions.

  • Perform add files and filegroups functions.

  • Perform restricting and rearranging indexes functions.

  • Perform attach and detach database functions.

  • Perform the output with formatting handling.

  • Comprehend changing loop execution characteristic.

  • General script designing functions.

  • Identify and know filters and functions.

  • Explore and set up modules.

  • Recover SQL Server instance information.

  • Identify and know SQL Server Cmdlets.

  • Know current updates.

  • Develop and know logins.

  • Features available for the tracking performance metrics.

  • Identify and know the background functions.

  • Development of the PowerShell.

  • Comprehend and employ SSIS

  • Comprehend and employ the PowerShell surroundings.

  • Comprehend and employ For Each loop.

  • Comprehend and employ For loops.

  • Comprehend and employ Do While loops.

  • Comprehend and employ Do Until loops.

  • Comprehend and employ While loops.

  • Comprehend and employ loops.

  • Comprehend and employ SSAS.

  • Comprehend and employ SSRS.

  • Comprehend and employ PowerShell.

  • Comprehend and employ the pipeline

  • Comprehend and employ scripting.

  • Comprehend and employ cmdlets

  • Comprehend and employ parameters

  • Comprehend and employ arrays.

  • Comprehend and employ hash tables.

  • Comprehend and employ the all-essential Help system.

  • Comprehend and employ user-defined variables.

  • Comprehend and employ working with the file system.


This course is designed for:

  • SQL Inventors

  • SQL Managers


The general concept and understanding of PowerShell

Suggested prerequisites courses

  • Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking (MS-55039)

  • Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (MS-10961)


    More Information

    More Information
    Brand Microsoft
    Subjects IT Ops & Management
    Lab Access Yes
    Technology Microsoft
    Learning Style Virtual Classroom
    Difficulty Intermediate
    Course Duration 3 Days
    Language English
    SATV Value 3
    VPA Discount VPA Discount


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