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Mastering Python Programming (with Next-Level Topics) (TTPS4820)

A practical, comprehensive course offers an in-depth analysis of working with the language of programming, not syntax and grammar academic summary.


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A practical, comprehensive course offers an in-depth analysis of working with the language of programming, not syntax and grammar academic summary.

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About this course:

Learning Python Programming is an easy, practical, hands-on Python training program designed for intermediate users, which takes students from the fundamentals of running and writing Python scripts to more powerful features like regular expressions, file operations, working with binary data, and utilizing the comprehensive features of Python modules. Extra focus is placed on Python-specific features, like output formatting, array slices, and tuples.

A practical, comprehensive course offers an in-depth analysis of working with the language of programming, not syntax and grammar academic summary. Participants should be able to use Python quickly to fulfill real-world tasks.

Course Objective:

Participants will be led during the course through a sequence of increasingly specialized topics, where each subject consists of group discussion, lecture, detailed hands-on laboratory experiments, and lab analysis. This training is "expertise-centric," designed to train participants in critical Python and web development aptitudes, combined with best practices from the most recent, successful techniques.

Participants will discover:

  • Explaining Functions
  • Getting Started
  • Use of Modules
  • Overview of Python Classes
  • Runs scripts in Python
  • Sets and Dictionaries
  • Exception and Errors Handling
  • Data Sequence
  • Control of Flow
  • Advanced data types
  • Work with Files
  • Times and dates
  • Standard Library Highlights
  • Network services
  • Real-life programming
  • Regular Expressions

Work in a dedicated, hands-on studying environment, directed by our Python professional specialist, participants can learn to:

  • Allow effective use of python data types
  • Inform yourself about the standard library and its work-saving modules
  • Work with calendars, times, and dates
  • Build Python scripts running according to best practices
  • Comprehend Pythonic functions, including understandings and iterators
  • Read and write text and binary data files
  • Build professional, "real-world" Python apps
  • Compose robust code for error handling
  • Check and replace normal expressions with the text
  • Using lesser-known but potent forms of Python data
  • Learn when to make use of collections like dictionaries, lists, and sets


This training is ideal for experienced users, website administrators, and system administrators who are using Python to assist their server installations, as well as anyone else who needs to use Python scripts to simplify or automate specific tasks.


Participants will also have an understanding of Linux/Unix, Windows, or Mac at work, user-level. Although not needed, fundamental skills would be useful in at least one certain programming language.

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Subjects App Development
Lab Access No
Technology Programming Language
Learning Style Virtual Classroom
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Advanced
Course Duration 5 Days
Language English

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Course Expert:


Brian Hernandez
Web development Instructor


Brian Hernandez has been in the development field for over a decade. Brian works extensively with Full Stack Web Development, MEAN Stack, MEMR (Mango, Express, MySQL, React) Stack and other Modern Web Frameworks.

Brian is a consultant, and his company is currently catering to clients to want to improve their online presence or build one from scratch. He has worked with high profile companies, helping them move them to digital, both for in-housework, and for having a digital presence for their external stakeholders.

Brian also works as a web-development instructor and teaches everything starting from HTML/CSS basics to layout techniques, programming concepts (objects, arrays, loops etc.), JavaScript, jQuery, and responsive concepts and techniques.

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