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Microsoft Office Excel 2016: Part 2

This course aims to deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence.


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This course aims to deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence.

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About this Course:

It doesn’t matter if you need to deal with numbers for the inventory or the sales, or if you work in the IT department, or if you just need to keep a record for organizational purposes, no matter what the scenario is having correct information at the right time can make a huge difference in your decision-making process.

After all, there is no denying the fact that organizations worldwide run on data nowadays. However, with so much data available in all sectors, it is getting increasingly challenging to organize or store any of that properly. You already possess skills to organize data with Excel but do you feel that simple calculations and modifications are enough? If you feel that you need to take your skills to an expert level, then you should take this course.

To gain a competitive advantage, you need to be able to use Excel to its maximum potential. You should be aware of how to extract the correct information at the right time to make snap decisions. And this course aims to do that.

This course will take forward the core that you built in the Microsoft Office Excel 2016: Part 1 and take you on the journey to learn about advanced worksheets and workbooks. This course aims to deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence.

The ability to analyze and operate on a massive amount of data will make you a better decision-maker and will set your organization apart from others.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to leverage the powers of Excel to its full potential by data analysis and present it in a much better and informed way.

  • Use advanced functions
  • Organize lists
  • Analyze and create lists
  • Visualization with excel
  • Work with pivot tables and charts


The target audience for this course are students who are already familiar with Excel and now they wish to gain advance level skills to leverage the full powers of excel and for the betterment of their organization.


Before this course, it is recommended to complete the Microsoft Office Excel 2016: Part 1 or have the same level of knowledge.


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SubjectsBusiness Productivity
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Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
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Course Duration1 Day


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