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Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure (DP-070T00)

This course covers the key concepts of Workloads Migration from On-Premises Open-Source Databases such as PostgreSQL & MySQL to Azure SQL cloud-based Database.


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This course covers the key concepts of Workloads Migration from On-Premises Open-Source Databases such as PostgreSQL & MySQL to Azure SQL cloud-based Database.

Course Information

About this Course:

This intermediate-level course is specifically designed for Database Developers and Azure Administrators who want to gain in-depth knowledge of Open-Source Data Workloads Migration Strategies & Techniques. Azure Database serves as the hub for storing data and information and businesses striving to relish maximum benefit from cloud computing must migrate their workloads to Azure SQL Database.

This course covers the key concepts of Workloads Migration from On-Premises Open-Source Databases such as PostgreSQL & MySQL to Azure SQL cloud-based Database. Professionals & students get to learn about the distinct Azure SQL Architecture and understand the benefits of making this essential switch & transition. Through this course, professionals will learn the art of Source OSS Database Creation & Workload Migration and will also get to know about Post-Migration Consideration & Application Migration Essentials.

Postgres/MySQL Administrators striving to develop a better knowledge and conceptual understanding of workload migration can greatly benefit from the teachings of this course. This course strives to raise awareness among the developers & administrators about the numerous remarkable Azure SQL Database Features & Services. 

Course Objectives:

The core objective of this course is to help professionals develop a better understanding and sound knowledge of the following key concepts:

  • MySQL Database Migration to Azure SQL from MySQL On-Premises Database
  • PostgreSQL Database Migration to Azure SQL from PostgreSQL On-Premises Database


This course is specifically tailored for the following group of professionals and interested candidates:

  • Professional Database Developers
  • Postgres Administrators & MySQL Administrators
  • Professionals migrating workloads to Azure SQL Database from MySQL/Postgres 


Professionals planning to enroll in the Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure (DP-070T00) course must comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of Open Source Relational DB Management System
  • Familiarity with SQL Administration, Postgres/MySQL, Backup & Recovery Techniques


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SubjectsCloud Computing
Lab AccessNo
Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
Learning TypeCourse
Course Duration1 Day
SATV Value1


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Course Expert:


Tom Robertson
(Data Science Enthusiast)

Tom is an innovator first, and then a Data Scientist & Software Architect. He has integrated expertise in business, product, technology and management. Tom has been involved in creating category defining new products in AI and big data for different industries, which generated more than hundred million revenue cumulatively, and served more than 10 million users.
As a Data Scientist and Software Architect Tom has extensive experience in data science, engineering, architecture and software development. To date Tom has accumulated over a decade of experience in R, Python & Linux Shell programming.

Tom has expertise on Python, SQL, and Spark. He has worked on several libraries including but not limited to Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, NLTK, Keras, and Tensorflow.

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