Moving to the XenApp and XenDesktop Service on Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure (CXD-252)

This online training course has been developed with an aim to guide students regarding the transition form an on-premises environment into Citrix Cloud.


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This online training course has been developed with an aim to guide students regarding the transition form an on-premises environment into Citrix Cloud.

Course Information

About this Course:

Technology has become pertinent for all businesses today and no industry can boast of success without incorporating modern technology.  Cloud computing is the latest technology which is quickly being adopted by most industries. This has led to a constant rise in the demand for IT experts especially those who are well versed in cloud computing,.  Companies are actively looking to hire such employees The aforementioned skill set is always a shining mark on an individual's resume and guarantees a well paid, secure and reputable job especially those that have a Microsoft Azure skill set. However, it is important that these IT experts keep up with the latest developments in their field and be exceptionally good at their jobs. As per an estimate , a Solutions Developer who has Microsoft Azure skills earns up to $153,150, annually.

This online training course has been developed with an aim to guide students regarding the transition form an on-premises environment into Citrix Cloud. It includes all the information which is required to guarantee a smooth transition.

This course has  a special emphasis on the procedure which is under taken for the implementation of resource location in Microsoft Azure. Moreover, this course also covers in great detail the points which should be kept in mind while making the migration from existing settings and infrastructure into Citrix Cloud. It will also especially focus on the management, architecture and communications of Xen Desktop, the Xen App Service and Citrix Cloud.

This Azure training course will also enable participants to design the virtual machine and machine catalog design based on the public cloud of Microsoft. It will also teach them to ensure the implementation of such machine via Machine Creation Services.

Moreover, this course will enable enrolled students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts behind the process of configuring Net Scaler Gateway and Citrix Store Front as a service within Citrix Cloud as well as managed machine in the datacenter and on the Microsoft Azure platform for gaining remote access.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, the students should be have learnt the following skills and be able to;

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various differences between the Xen App and Xen Desktop Service and the Xen App and Xen Desktop on-premises
  • Fully understand the process of installing, configuring and managing Citrix Cloud Connectors
  • Learn how to implement and manage Virtual Delivery Agent Machine via MCS  in Microsoft Azure and to on-premises resource locations.
  • Gain the skills needed to use Microsoft Azure Active Directory to merge it with Xen App/Xen Desktop and Citrix Cloud
  • Learn the functions of Net Scaler Gateway and Citrix Store Front for providing remote access to Microsoft Azure


This course is targeted towards the following audience;

  • Those IT professionals who have a prior basic knowledge of Xen App and Xen Desktop 7.x in an on-premises environment progressing to the Citrix Cloud as well as the implementation of Xen App and Xen Desktop workloads on Microsoft Azure.


These are the prerequisites which are an absolute requirement for attending this course.

  • A previous knowledge of and experience in implementing and managing Xen App and XenDesktop 7.x in on-premises environment.
  • A generalized know how for Azure Resource Manager portals
  • A basic understanding of Virtual machine management in MS Azure
  • A brief knowledge of Storage in MS Azure
  • A fundamental understanding Networking in MS Azure

Suggested prerequisite course:

The following courses are suggested to be taken prior to attending this course

  • Citrix Xen App and Xen Desktop 7.1x Administration (CXD-210)

Career Path:

This course is meant for those IT professionals who are working in the following field;

  • Cloud Computing…


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More Information
SubjectsCloud Computing
Lab AccessNo
TechnologyCitrix, Microsoft
Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
Learning TypeCourse
Course Duration5 Days


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