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QuickStart Technologies Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas is a leading provider of IT learning and performance optimization solutions. Since 1988, over 250,000 IT professionals and leading enterprise organizations globally turn to QuickStart as their source for IT technical and developer advancement. As one of the premiere Microsoft Gold Learning Partners in the United States, we have been recognized an unprecedented four times as Microsoft's Worldwide Partner of the Year for Learning Solutions.

QuickStart pursues strategic alliances with other training providers, consulting organizations, and technology innovators to enable greater value for our customers. Join forces with us in our mission to create learners for life and optimizing IT performance and career growth for people everywhere.

We offer our partners and their clients the same guarantees that we offer our direct clients:

  • Lifetime Retake Guarantee

    Free retakes for the life of the class (public enrollment classes).

  • Corporate Resource Guarantee

    If a student leaves the company within one-year of attending a QuickStart public course, the company may send another employee to the same QuickStart course, on a space available basis, for just the cost of courseware.

  • Version Upgrade Guarantee

    If any course your client attends is upgraded within 9 months, the revised course will be discounted, based on the amount of time elapsed since the first attend, as follows: 0-3 months - 90% discount, 4-6 months - 60% discount, 7-9 months - 30% discount.

  • Cancellation Free Policy

    All training courses at QuickStart will never be cancelled or you and your will receive a free training course of equivalent value for each student cancelled.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We guarantee your client will be satisfied with your QSLive experience. Contact your Account Representative on the first day of class if your student is not 100% satisfied and your student will receive a full refund. In addition to our award winning live IT training solution, our partners have the option to promote online self paced courses covering different areas of IT, Leadership and Management from our CLIPP platform via ExpertConnect.

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