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(300-080) Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (CTCOLLAB)

QuickStart is now offering assessment questions for Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (CTCOLLAB) (300-080). Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice assessment to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real questions; from a recent version of the test you will take for Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (CTCOLLAB) (300-080).



The IP phone is connected using a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch but it fails to register the subscriber as a backup server, When the phone’s settings button is pressed by the user, the publisher is showed as registered by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Why might this issue be caused?


A Cisco IP G2 is configured by you as a SIP gateway which doesn’t show the fact that it has a Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager registration. Why might this issue be occurring?


What is the issue which can result in the MGCP gateway to fail registration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


Both theH.323 and the SIP endpoints are being configured by using the same Cisco VCS and URI settings. However, the endpoints are only registering as the H.323 endpoints. Why is this issue occurring?


An H.323 Cisco TelePresence system is being registered by you to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Along with that, a Cisco DX7O system to the Cisco VCS Control is also being registered. Why are neither of the units being registered?


In order for the base integrity to be maintained, what maximum round-trip delay is recommended between a number of Cisco VCS appliances in a cluster?

A. 15 ms
B. 10 ms
C. 30 ms
D. 25 ms

When there is a suspicion of a database replication issue, what are the three tools by which the replication status of the database can be checked? Choose three of the best answers.


What are the two tools for troubleshooting which would primarily be the best to make use of when troubleshooting the PSTN gateway side of acall routing issue while using Cisco Unified Communications Manager? Pick two of the best answers.


A third-party H.323 system is being integrated with the pre-existing Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. It is seen that the calls made from the cluster to the third party H.323 system fails when you create, from the cluster, an H.323 trunk. It is confirmed by the third-party H.323 device vendor that the H.323 call setup time has to be reduced.

What are the two approaches which will be able to reduce the setup time from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to the third-party H.323 device? Pick two of the best answers


How can an intrasite call made within a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster fail?


While most users are able to join a Video and Voice call when a Cisco TelePresence Server bridge configured conference call is made, it is seen that a remote endpoint dialing the call receives only audio. Why is this issue occurring?


A call is made between the Cisco TelePresence System EX90-A and EX90-B. When EX90-A dials a call to EX90-C, EX90-B is placed on hold. When the EX90-C and EX90-A are connected, the merge button, usually on the touch panel, is not present. What may be causing this?


What is the statement that will best indicate that something causes an inbound PSTN call to an H.323 gateway, configured in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fail to ring an IP phone?


Some Cisco IP Phones users place a complaint that when calling PSTN users, they are unable to dial out of the headquarters while others are able to do it. What is the troubleshoot approach which is considered the most direct, in order to isolate the user’s failure source which are unable to dial out of the PSTN?


An end user has presented you with a trouble ticket. The user words at a location being served by a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. He is not being able to call internationally. Choose two troubleshooting techniques that would resolve this issue.


What is the Cisco Unified Communications Manager troubleshooting tool used to determine the digit manipulation path taken by a call within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system? Make sure that this is taken from a specific directory number’s perspective without using the actual device.


When making a business-to-business video call using the Cisco Expressway solution, it is seen that, while the internal endpoint is able to call out the remote endpoint on the Internet, the video or audio is not received. However, the video and audio is received by the remote endpoint. Why is this issue occurring?


Company 1 has a System A which places a call to System B available at Company 2. While the call may be complete, only video and audio is noticed to remain on System A from B. Choose three options which may be the cause of this.


What is the tool used to allow the administrator to analyze the Cisco Unified Communications Manager’s call routing without placing the call first?


What are the two types of Cisco Unified Communications Manager trace files, where the Call Processing information is present, and is helpful in troubleshooting both inbound and outbound call issues? Pick two of the best answers.

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