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(300-180) Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT)

QuickStart is now offering assessment questions for Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT) (300-180). Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice assessment to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real questions; from a recent version of the test you will take for Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT) (300-180).



While possessing a Cisco UCS cluster, you should also recover an admin password which is lost. What is the order of the power cycle the interconnecting fabric?


With the use of a Cisco UCS server to troubleshoot network connectivity, a customer decides to create an Ethernet traffic monitoring session. Vis the CLI, the customer enters these commands:

UCS-A# scope eth-traffic-mon
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon # scope fabric a
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric # create eth-mon-session EthMonitor33
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session* # create dest-interface 2 12
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session/dest-interface* # set speed 20gbps
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session/dest-interface* # commit-buffer
UCS-A /eth-traffic-mon/fabric/eth-mon-session/dest-interface #

What is the outcome produced by this command sequence?


What are the two things that need to be done in order for a KVM session to be successful? Pick two of the best options.


An external storage is used by you in order to SAN boot Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers which also possess internal disks. One of the servers is seen to fail when booting from the SAN. What are the two options that you will verify? Pick two of the best answers?


You find it difficult to view the LUN when attempting to boot a Cisco UCS server from SAN. Pick three of the best answers which could be the cause of the problem?

A. RAID policy
B. VHBA template
D. zoning

In order to boot from the FibreChannel successfully, what are the three requirements which should be configured? Pick three of the best answers.

A. boot from SAN policy
B. WWPN device alias
C. zoning
D. LUN masking

You have remote CLI access by using thSSH to the Cisco UCS equipment of a customer. What is the command that you have to check in case of system errors in the UCS domain?

A. show chassis
B. show fault
C. show failover
D. show cluster

Due to high packet drops in a Cisco UCS domain network, a customer tried troubleshooting Q05by configuring the vNIC. The customer also associates the QoS policy and changes the MTU from 1000 to 1200. Since the packet drops are still seen to exist, what might be the cause of this?


An Auto install upgrade process is started by a customer who, during the process, chooses the wrong firmware version. What is the action which must be taken to roll the previous version of firmware as soon as possible?


When the upgrade to the Cisco UCS Release 2.2 is performed, the traffic in several VLANs is no longer seen to be active. What might be the cause of this issue?


In order to change the Ethernet switching modes, what is the order that you will use?


How can you reset the BIOS password of a Cisco UCS C-SeriesRack-Mount Server?


The dynamic vNICs is used by you to create a new service profile; however, an error message indicating an exceeded number of dynamic vNICs is received. What are the two components which are able to affect the maximum number of dynamic vNICs in the Cisco UCS environment? Pick two of the best answers.


What information will be provided by the FSM?


What is the CLI command that will indicate whether a Cisco UCS C-Series rack-mount server has any failed DIMMs?


What statement is considered to be correct about the system event logs?


What sequence is considered correct when exporting the tech support data from the Cisco IMC GUI interface?


What is the field which is required for the configuration of a destination for the core files when configuring the settings for the core file exporter via UCS Manager?

A. Admin State
B. Hostname
C. Port
D. Description

What is the reaction of the FSM after a timeout or error at a certain stage?


The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in Fibre Channel end-host mode is in your possession and you have to check if all the Fibre Channel targets are available with the use of fabric interconnect at VSAN200. What is the command that you should use?


What are the two guidelines which should be used to complete a task when configuring a traffic-monitoring session? Pick two of the best answers?

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