Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (MS-20532)

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A web based solution is being deployed in the West Europe region.

The repository of the existing works that the plagiarism detection service uses needs to be copied. This must be achieved in the least amount of time.

What should be done?


You are updating a portion of a website which contains biographical information of students.

Data needs to be provided for testing the updates to the website. Which approach is the best one?


A website is not receiving alerts quickly enough.

Which is the best way to resolve this issue?


A data storage needs to be implemented for patient information.

Which is the best way to go?


There have been reports by users that after periods of inactivity, the website slows down when rendering pages and processing sign-in attempts. You need to improve the response of the website. Which is the best way to go?


A data storage needs to be implemented for patient information.

Which is the best way to go?


The WebApp is experiencing a lengthy delay between the sending and receiving of an alert.

What should be done to resolve this issue?


To debug a website remotely, which three actions should you take?

Each correct answer presents a part of the solution to the problem.


What should be done to move the VM?


A web application deployment workflow needs to be implemented.

What should be done in the Azure management portal?


Which Azure storage service solution is the best to use?

A. Queue storage
B. Blob storage
C. File storage
D. Table storage

For completed mortgage applications and supporting documents which Azure storage service solution is the best?

A. table storage
B. blob storage
C. queue storage
D. File storage

Which two types of diagnostic data do you need to collect for configuration of diagnostics for the Azure solution?

Each correct answer is a part of the solution process.

A. Application logs
B. Event logs
C. Crash dumps
D. Infrastructure logs
E. IIS logs
F. Performance counters

What are the two possible ways configure a virtual network.

Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


Which size should be specified for the VM for configuration of role instances?


Which SQL Database configuration is the best for meeting performance and scalability requirements?


Which tool is the best for debugging of the Azure solution.

A. Compute emulator
B. Remote debugging
C. Emulator Express
D. IntelliTrace
E. Profiling

You are maintaining an application which is used by local food delivery companies. When a customer makes a delivery request, a message is sent to all of the delivery companies through the application. One company accepts order and fulfills it.

The application currently has the capacity to support orders of 100 or fewer products. Some delivery companies are now able to deliver large orders that containing up to 500 products. The app must be modified so that it is able to support both small and large orders. Messages of large orders should only be sent to delivery companies that can complete them. Messages of small orders should be sent to all application users.

Which service is the best to do this?


A company is planning to increase its virtual network capacity through addition of virtual network subscriptions. The number of subscriptions must be increased from 3 to 15. The virtual networks need to be configured.

Which is the best way to go?


To maintain an application you use the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) which serves terabytes of content stored in page blobs. The bill for the CDN services is higher than you expected. The application needs to be monitored so the issues that are causing the rise in cost are highlighted. Which two operations should be monitor?

Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


You have created a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. Websites, virtual machines, and cloud services (VMs) read common data values from the application’s database. The application is not scaling efficiently. All websites, Virtual machines, and cloud services should read from the same data source. A cache solution needs to be designed for the SaaS application. What should you do?


You are developing a messaging solution which integrates two applications named WeatherDetails and WeatherSummary. The WeatherDetails application displays weather details for a specific city. The WeatherSummary application displays a summary of the weather information from major cities. The integration needs to be such that the WeatherDetails application displays the weather details of the city that which user selects in the WeatherSummary application.

What should be done?


You use table storage in Azure to store data. The storage analytics logs have no data. The Azure storage account must be configured to retain logs for the maximum duration that Azure permits. What should be done in the Azure management portal?


An application is hosted on an Azure virtual machine (VM) that uses a data disk. The application is able to perform several input and output operations per second. The disk caching for the data disk needs to be disabled. Which two actions will complete this task?

Each answer presents a complete solution.


You are developing a REST API service which provides data about products. An Azure virtual machine (VM) will serve as a host for it. The product data needs to be stored in Azure tables and replicated to several geographic locations. The HTTP GET operation must continue to function in the API when the data tables at the primary Azure datacenter are inaccessible. The storage for the service needs to be configured.

Which type of replication is best for this?

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