Certification Practice Test Sample Questions For Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400)

QuickStart is now offering sample questions for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400). Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice test to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real test questions; from a recent version of the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) exam.


Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions (AZ-400T00)

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AZ 400 Sample Exam Questions


The DevOps team in an organization, that uses Azure DevOps as their development platform, needs to fasten the process of development. From the following, identify the steps the team should take to meet the goal?


Multiple open-source libraries are being used by an organization in their Azure pipeline. All the libraries come with their own terms and conditions. The company must use a software that approves the terms and conditions of those libraries. You choose White Source to meet these requirements. Identify two options from below that you would perform to achieve your goal. (opt any TWO)


An organization you are working for uses App center to release an IOS app. For testing purposes, you decide to release a beta version and provide access to a few internal users. Upon release of the beta version you want those users to be notified. Identify two options from below that you would take to configure this process. (opt any TWO)


An organization you are working for plans to build an Azure DevOps pipeline. Your team decides to use Azure Monitor since system monitoring is a critical point. What would you do to make sure that an alert is sent as soon as a system resource is compromised?


You are a part of a development team which uses containers managed in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You want to install and manage some Kubernetes applications and decide to use Helm. Identify the Helm command you would use if you are required to to deploy a basic Helm on the server (Tiller) inside an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster.

A. init
B. Install
C. Create
D. package

You work in a team that uses pods managed in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). YAML is used for Pod creation, you do not see your expectations being met regarding pods creation. Now you decide to troubleshoot to know why pods creation is not meeting your expected results. What step would you take?


Your organization now wants to switch from centralized version control system being used for years to a distributed control system that is cloud based. You want to use Git repositories for the new cloud based distributed control system. You are aware that unnecessary challenges will be faced when moving the existing codebase to GIT. To tackle that, you decide to maintain two repositories. You want to make sure there is simultaneous support to both distributed and centralized version control systems. Can you identify the most suitable Azure DevOps feature to use in this situation?

A. Azure Boards
B. Azure Files
C. Azure Pipelines
D. Azure Repos

A web application runs both n Azure App service and an Azure SQL Database. You are required to choose an Azure solution that will help you keep telemetry data captured and stored. Your chosen solution must be able to centralize application and database metrics. It should also aid in identifying baselines via queries and must also be able to push alerts when these baselines are exceeded. Which is the best solution to recommend in this situation?

A. Power Business Intelligence (BI)
B. Intelligent Insights
C. Azure Monitor
D. Event Grid

You are using Azure Pipeline to manage a release pipeline. You are required to use a private SSH key stored in a file during the release phase. The key must be securely stored and used without getting exposed. Choose from below two options as actions you must perform in this situation. (opt any TWO)


An organization decides to shift from on-premises servers to the cloud using AzureDevOps. They are in the phase of implementing containers. You are required to automate the process of building and testing container images. From the options below, choose one that you think is most suitable to achieve this goal.


Using an Entity Framework, an ASP.net core application in an Azure App service connects with an Azure SQL database. Few of the users report a 500 error being responded by the application. Upon digging deep you realize the errors are caused by a brief transient failure while connecting with the database. If you are required to identify a solution that mitigates these transient failures, what solution would you go with?


An application with a Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template starts reflecting more complexity and resource numbers. For this reason, it becomes difficult to maintain the ARM. To improve the maintainability of the ARM you decide to create modules in the ARM template with separate files. You also need to ensure the ARM template structure reflects as less changes as possible. From the options below, which is the best solution to use?

A. Linked template
B. Terraform module
C. Nested template
D. Chef cookbook

An application your organization owns reads frequently changing incoming metadata. You enable Allow schema drift in the pipeline. This would help resources use Mapping Data Flows to change the database schema when the need arises. Identify which of the following would you not be able to do if you enable this feature.


An application your organization owns reads frequently changing incoming metadata. You enable Allow schema drift that results in using pattern matching to generate new columns. However, transitions will need to access columns by names later in the workflow. What would you do if you later transitions to access the columns by name?


You work for an organization that has an Azure subscription. To secure your Azure subscription, the security team is using Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK). Your role is to manage an Azure DevOps project. In that project, you have to deploy an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template in your company subscription. An issue is identified and reported from AzSK. The security team identifies the issue to arise from a resource deployed from your ARM template. You have fixed the identified issue manually in your ARM template and want to make sure when future deployments are carried using release pipeline from this ARM template, new issue reports are not created by the security team. identify two actions you think you should perform in this situation. (opt any TWO)


Your organization decides Azure DevOps to be used as a development platform. Being a part of the DevOps team, you want ensure workload is efficiently handled by the pipeline. To properly handle resources and workloads you configure the scheduler in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Identify the best practice you must follow if resource requests and limits are not defined by a pod.


Your organization makes you in-charge of configuring and maintaining the replacement of its on-premises servers with cloud servers. You decide to use Azure Automation State Configuration for Desired State Configuration (DSC). Where would you store your data is you have to retain the node status data for more than 30 days?


A release pipeline needs to be developed for an application. You decide to use progressive exposure deployments to deploy the application. Can you identify the two techniques you should use in this situation? (opt any TWO)

A. Deployment rings
B. Blue/green deployment
C. Gradual deployment
D. Feature flags

Your organization owns an on-premises legacy web application that is developed in .NET. It uses ExpressRoute to connect with your Azure network and runs in an internal datacenter. The application runs in a Windows virtual machine and Hyper-V server hosts the VM. You have to come up with a solution that ensures application availability throughout the process of its lifting and shifting to Azure. Which solution would your recommendation point at?


You work in an environment that has an Azure subscription. The Azure DevOps team consists of a number of developers using a single pipeline. Changes are frequently pushed from their side and as a result frequent build runs are triggered. Your trigger setting was set to batch and You change it to true. Identify an option below that justified this setting improving build runs in this scenario?


A GitHub repository you have is connected to Azure Boards. You are informed by a product owner that traceability for some work items with GitHub commits is missing. Upon digging into the matter, you identify Azure Boards does not have links to the work items of a specific developer. You need find the most productive way to help the developer link his commits with the work items. What step would you guide this developer with?


A web application hosted in App Service is managed by your development team. The official tool used for communication between the team is Slack. You receive a weekly report identifying the top 10 unhandled exceptions that occur in the application. You recieve these reports via a channel created by you. If you want to automatically send these reports to Slack, which two services would you recommend? (opt any TWO)

A. App Center
B. Azure DevOps Server
C. Azure Pipelines
D. Azure Logic Apps

The organization you are working in maintains a Nlode.js SDK in an Azure DevOps Project. To register the work items for the SDK, your team utilizes Azure Boards. You use a Linux agent to build and publish a Linux node.js by automating the release pipeline. Upon the release of a new SDK version, it is required from you team to include a release notes document that presents a summary of work items included in this release. You want to spend least administrative effort and automate the process of release note generation. Which two actions should you perform? (opt any TWO)


An organization you work for releases a new iOS app and it uses App Center to release it. A small group of internal people will be allowed to access the beta version of this application as it will only be released and distributed to those selected few. Upon the release of beta version, you would want these people to get notified. You want to maintain the process of configure this release spending minimal effort from the administrative side. Identify two options as actions you would want to perform and configure this process. (opt any TWO)..


There are numerous IT development departments in a company. These department are continuously working on features. You are required to specifically identify the branches that get pushed upon the triggering of pipeline. Can you identify the right action to take if you want to meet this goal?


The App Center has an organization and four mobile apps configured in it. You want a limited number of people as the user group and want to provide them the pre-release build access for this app. Which means, only users of this group must be allowed to install the pre-release app. Can you identify which is the appropriate group to use if you want the solution to work at the organization level?


Every day there is a load testing performed by your organization, including testing several virtual machines (VMs). Those VMs are configured on their on-premises servers. You want to reduce the costs of load testing for which you decide to move you company's servers to the cloud. Which is the most appropriate action to perform?


The organization you work for has an Android application. The backend API for this application is in Azure App Service. The application logs are centralized with an Application Insights account that the backend API has. Events are reported to App Center Analytics because of the application being configured with the App Center Software Development Kit (SDK). If you want the standard analytics data from the Android app to be centralized in the Application Insights account, you will need to take two action steps. Can you identify which two action steps would they be?


There is a large retail store that has an ecommerce platform. For that ecommerce platform you are managing the release pipeline. Azure pipelines is used to build the pipelines. You are required to suggest an open-source penetration tool offering easy integration with Azure Pipelines, so that the security team can run penetration tests before deployment and check for security loopholes. You would recommend which tool?

B. Azure Policy
C. WhiteSource
D. Probely

Using Git as a repository is decided by your team. For that, you want your local computer to be configured to use GIT. You want to indicate the local folder the storage location of repository. Identify which command should you run from the Git command window.

AZ-400 Sample Question - Azure DevOps Solution

QuickStart is now offering you assessment questions to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real questions from a recent version of the test you will take.
QuickStart is now offering you assessment questions to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real questions from a recent version of the test you will take.

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QuickStart is now offering sample questions for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400). Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice test to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real test questions; from a recent version of the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) exam.



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