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QuickStart is now offering assessment questions for Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (70-486) Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice assessment to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real questions; from a recent version of the test you will take for Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 (70-417)



You need to determine the minimum number of controllers and actions for the application. How many controllers and actions do you need?


You need to save the last watched movie. The value of the movie ID to save is 100. Which code segment should you use?


You need to ensure that the List content is embedded in the Layout page when the List page is displayed to the user. Which code segment should you insert at line LY10?


You need to meet the technical requirement for unhandled exceptions. What should you use?


You work on a team that is developing an ASP.NET MVC web application. Another developer creates the code in the exhibit. Your team lead asks you to run the application locally and view all instances when Custom Exception is thrown. You need to view the exception details. Which window should you open in Visual Studio 2017?

A. Application Insights Search
B. Diagnostic Tools
C. Diagnostic Tool
D. Error List

You are part of a development team that is managing an ASP.NET Core web application. The application is hosted in Azure. A bug fix was recently implemented but was not published to Azure. It is after hours, and you only have Telnet access to the development server at your company. It is against company's guidelines for you to download the application to your local computer. You need to deploy the application with the bug fix to Azure as quickly as possible. Which deployment method should you use?

C. Git
D. Webdav

You are designing the user interface for a web application using a responsive design. While testing the application on a mobile phone browser, you find that you must manually zoom in to make the content legible. To provide the best experience to mobile users, the content should render without requiring adjustments by the user. The user should still be allowed to adjust the content size for accessibility purposes. Which viewport meta tag should you add to your design?


You are responsible for configuring an Azure worker role for your team's application. Before a new instance of the worker role becomes available, a license key value must be added to the registry. You have already created a batch file named SetLicense.cmd and a registry file called SetLicense.reg. Both files have been added to the appropriate project in Visual Studio. The batch file contains the necessary commands for importing the registry key. What two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution


You are using Razor syntax to build a view in your application. The Preview property on the view model is a string that contains an HTML fragment. From within the view, you need the HTML fragment to be rendered in the browser so that it is displayed unencoded. Which two options can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


You plan to deploy an ASP.NET Core web application to a Windows server that uses Internet Information Services (IIS). The application uses the default web host builder to host the application. You want to test the application from multiple client computers. You need to configure the Windows server environment so that IIS can successfully run your application. What should you do?


Your team just completed the first iteration of an ASP.NET Core web application that uses Windows authentication. You need to deploy the application to a Windows 10 computer so that it can be tested by four users. Your IT security policy prevents Internet Information Services (IIS) from being installed on the computer. Each user will be browsing to the application from a different computer. You need to configure the Windows 10 computer so that the users can successfully test the application. What is the best approach?


You have designed a controller that will display custom error messages to the user. Your application must execute the correct controller action depending on the condition. For example, if the user navigates to a route that does not exist, the controller should execute the NotFound action. You need to obtain the correct status code from the HttpException object. In Global.asax.cs you have added the following line of code to the Application_Error method. var exception = (HttpException)ServerGetLastError(); Which property or method result should you inspect to obtain the correct code?


You are creating an ASP.NET Core MVC web application that uses claims-based authentication. The following code exists (line numbers are included for reference only): 01 public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) 02 ( 03 services.AddMvc(); 04 05 services.AddAuthorization(options => 06 ( 07 options.AddPolicy("YoungAdult", policy 08 09 ); 10 D; 1 1 ) You want to create a policy that applies to a claim named Age. The policy should only be in effect if the value of Age is between 18 and 21. You need to add code at line 08. Which code segment should you use?


You need to troubleshoot a problem with an application that is hosted on an Azure Web role. You would like to connect directly to the services using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). What are two requirements for establishing an RDP connection to your service? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


You create a MVC Web Application and plan to deploy it to an Azure Web App. You implement a chat feature in the application. You need to be able to handle at least 500 Web Socket connections and keep configuration effort and costs to a minimum. Which Azure Web App configuration should you use?


The following code exists in an ASP.NET web api application: public lActionResult About() { return Content(" This is an example."); } You need to ensure that the About method returns data as JSON in the body of the HTTP response. What should you do?


You are creating an ASP.NET Core MVC web application that accesses a secure web API. The web API requires an app id and app secret. The web application will be hosted on an external web server. You need to store the app ID and app secret so that your application can access the web API without comprising them. Where should you store the app ID and app secret?

A. Web.config
B. Azure key vault
C. Constant values in code
D. Appsettings.json

You extend an ASP.NET MVC Core web application by creating a middleware class that implements IMiddleware. You need to ensure that this class is added to the HTTP request pipeline. What should you do?


Your web application connects to several databases at your company. IT security policies require that database connection strings are encrypted to help prevent unauthorized access. You must encrypt the connectionStrings section in the web.config file to ensure that the connection strings are protected from unauthorized access. Which tool should you use?

A. caspol.exe
B. Sn.exe
C. signtool.exe
D. aspnet_regiis.exe

As part of your accessibility work, you must ensure that your HTML forms support assistive technologies. You need to add an ARIA attribute to the fields so that assistive technologies can inform the user that a field is required. Which attribute should you use?


You create an ASP.NET MVC razor application that contains the following markup: @model List< MeasureUp.Models.ExamModel>

< tr> < th class="Number">Exam Number < th class="Title">Exam Title < th class="Description">Exam Description @foreach (MeasureUp.Models.ExamModel exam in Model) { < tr> < td class="Number">@Html.DisplayFor(model => exam.ExamNumber) < td class="Title">@Html.DisplayFor(model => exam.ExamTitle) }
@Html.DisplayFor(model => exam.ExamDescription)
You need to ensure that the third header and data cells are not visible and do not take up any space when the browser is resized to a width that is less than 400 pixels. Which CSS markup should you use?


An ASP.NET MVC 5 page contains the following markup: <%: Html.DropDownList("Location") %> <%: Html.TextBox("Name") %> <%: Html.TextBox("Comment") %> <%: Html.DropDownList("Group") %> You need to call a JavaScript function named Animate whenever a user changes the selected item in one of the DropDownList controls or changes the text in one of the TextBox controls. You need to use jQuery to accomplish your goal. Which code segment should you use?


You create an ASP.NET Core web application project for your company. You zip the files in your project directory and name the file Billing.zip. You want to deploy the application to an Azure app service named Billing in a resource group named WebApps. You need to use Azure CLI to deploy the application. Which command should you use?


While maintaining an existing ASP.N ET MVC web application, you come across the code shown in the exhibit. What will be printed in the console?


You are creating an ASP.NET MVC Core web application that will be accessed by multiple users. You want to use the Data Protection APIs to encrypt user-specific data. You need to pass an argument to the CreateProtector method of the IDataProtectionProvider interface. Which argument should you pass?


You need to open the Kudu console to manage an ASP.N ET Core web application named Finance. Which URL should you use?


You are building a MVC 5 website that allows users to create a personal blog. You want the URL structure defined in the following manner: https://domain.com/blogiusemamettitle In the URL, blog is static, username is the user's unique identifier, and title is the name of the article. All requests to this route should be received by the Index action method on the BlogController. The signature for the action method is defined below: public ActionResult Index(string username, string title) { } You need to define the route so that the requests are routed properly. What should you use?


You create an ASP.NET MVC Core application named WebAppDemo. The project has a text file named productlist.json that is used as a data source for the application. You need to make sure this file is available when you test your application locally with a debug build. What should you do?

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