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Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204T00)

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AZ 203 Sample Exam Questions


Consider a scenario where you import an API into an API Management gateway. What would be the policy statement you create in case you are to limit the number of requests to the API to 4000 calls made to the API every 10 minutes?


The following HTTP request is issued by a script: PUT https://com pa ny1.blob.core.windows.net/taxreturns/2019.pdf?comp=lease HTTP/1.1 x-ms-version: 2018-03-28 x-rns-lease-action: acquire x-ms-lease-duration: 60 x-ms-proposed-lease-id: 18f12371-b41f-43e6-a153-e4b542f851c5 x-ms-date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 10:23:27 GMT Authorization: SharedKey company1:esSLMOYaK4o+xGTuKyeOLBI+xrnqi6aBni E4X1499-Fo= What would you conclude if you are to determine what this request does?


Upon importing an API into the API Management (APIM) gateway, this is the response you get on testing the API from the Developer Portal: ("statusCode": 401, "message": "Access denied due to missing subscription key. Make sure to include subscription key when making requests to an API."). However, when you test the API outside of Developer portal, you do not receive any such error. In order to solve this problem, you will have to choose two of the below given steps. Which two will you choose? (opt for two options)


You are using ASP.NET Core to create a web API that is planned to host the API in Azure App Services. In the API Definition property in Azure, you want to set a URL that specifies the Swagger documentation for the API. Which package should you add if you need to add a NuGet package to the project that automatically generates the required documentation?


var config = new JobHostConfiguration(); var host = new JobHost(config); host.RunAndBlock(); Can you identify what does the shared code do?


An Azure web app hosted at quickstart.azurewebsites.net has an Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoint named qs. A file gets cached at the content delivery network. The file is named Training.mpg. You need to reference the file on a page in the web app since you want users to use the cached version if it exists. In case the cached version does not exist, web app’s server must be used to retrieve the file. Identify the URL you think you should use.


Following is a Log Analytics query: app("quickstart").requests I where timestamp > ago(30m) What do you conclude this query does?


What do you think happens when you run this code and a connectivity error occurs Code: var connectionString = GetAzureSqIDatabaseConnectionString(); var policy = new RetryPolicy(3); using (var connection = new ReliableSqIConnection(connectionString, policy)) { connection.Open(); SqICommand cmd = new Sq1Command("Update Customer Set Active=1", connection); cmd.ExecuteNonQueryWithRetry(): } Identify what you conclude would happen.


You obtain a container image from an online repository. If you want to push a container image, obtained from an online repository, to an Azure Container Registry that is named company1reg, which Azure CLI command do you think should be run first?

A. az acr create
B. docker tag
C. docker build
D. az container create

A CloudTable instance you created is named books. This instance represents the books table in an Azure storage account. A class named Book represents a book entity. Which code segment should you use if you need to retrieve all entities in the books table?


If you want to capture blob storage and Service Bus events using Event Grid, you will need to enable your Azure subscription to send events to Event Grid. Identify the Azure CLI command you should use.


A backend application is created to send push notifications to mobile devices in Italy. A production backend application and a test backend application, both are deployed and tested. For testing, Azure Notification Hubs is planned to be used to implement push notifications. What is the minimum number of namespaces and hubs that should be created?


Azure Cosmos DB is planned to be used to store invoices with the following details of each invoice: * A unique alphanumeric invoice number is dedicated for each invoice, with a length of maximum 10 characters. * Each invoice has an amount with a decimal value range from 1000 to 10,000 and no minimum or maximum number defined. * Each project gets assigned one invoice and there are seven projects to which an invoice can be assigned. * There is a date on each invoice and dates are usually reflecting the end of the month. Any number of invoices can have same dates, but usually there are no more than two with matching dates. Which of the following is the appropriate partition key you should use?

A. Date
B. Project
C. Number
D. Amount

A Windows virtual machine (VM) is deployed to Azure and the system-assigned identity is enabled. For VM to access the Azure Resource Manager API, it is desired to use Managed Service Identity (MSI). What step should be taken as the task necessary to perform this action?


A web API is created and deployed on a company's network. If Logic Apps are to be allowed to use the API as a connector and this API to be allowed to initiate a Logic App at regular intervals, the connector must be defined. What should be done?


While creating an Azure Event Hub, you need to write code to create a console application so you can retrieve all events from a specific partition. What should you do to accomplish this goal?


An ASP.NET web application is deployed to a development server on a company's corporate network. Users across the globe can access the application. Before moving the application to a production server, performance metrics from multiple geographies are required to be captured. What must be done?


For the code given here (the included line number are for reference purposes): 01 using (Sq1Connection connection = new SqIConnection("name=Azure")) 02 { 03 connection.Open(); 04 SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(); 05 command.Connection = connection; 06 command.CommandText = "UPDATE Country SET Name = 'UK' WHERE Name='Britain"; 07 08 } You need to retrieve the committed number of updates by inserting code at line 07. Identify the code segment you should use.


You create a blob storage account in Azure. If you need to add metadata to a container in a blob storage account created in Azure, which HTTP method would you use?


With the following code: TelemetryClient client = new TelemetryClient(); client.TrackTrace("This is a test"); What would you do to view the trace message that is written?


Consider the following code to access queue storage: CloudStorageAccount account = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(connectionString); CloudQueueClient client = account.CreateQueueClient(); CloudQueue queue = client.GetQueueReference("orders"); var messages = queue.GetMessages(20, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)); What do you conclude would happen when this code is run?


Following is the URL for a blob you have created: https://company1.blob.core.windows.net/books/azure.pdf When you create that blob’s snapshot, following header is returned by the response: x-ms-snapshot: 2019-03-12111:26:09.9360000Z If you want to retrieve the snapshot that you created after other changes have been made to the blob, which URL should you use?


An ASP.NET Core MVC application is deployed to Azure App Services and Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication is enabled and required for the application. The following code exists: public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddMvc(); services.AddAuthorization(options => { options.AddPolicy("EmployeeOnly", policy => policy.RequireClaim("Employeeld")); } Employees have a claim named Employee in Azure AD and Contractors do not have this claim. Identify the attribute you should add to BenefitsController class, a controller class you need to ensure that only employees can access.


The URL of an App Services web app authenticating users with Google is https://qs.azurewebsites.net. If the App Service Authentication is enabled in the Azure Portal and it is needed to redirect URL when registering the app with Google, which URL should be specified?


A web API is created and deployed to Azure App Services. Here is the link where the API is available: http://qswebapi.azurewebsites.net. Here is the link of a website the API will be consumed by: http://www.qsweb.local. What command should you run if you are to prevent the following error from being displayed when a user browses the website: “No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource”?

A. az webapp update
B. az resource update
C. az webapp config
D. az resource tag

An Azure Search index that stores properties is created. The client is an instance of SearchlndexClient, and here is the code: SearchParameters parameters = new SearchParameters() { Filter="baths gt 3", Selectrnewrld", "Description"} }; var results = client. Documents.Search("motel", parameters): Can you identify which of the options is determines the purpose of this code?


Take a look at this code: var builder = new StringBuilder(); var connectionString = builder.Append(connectionString); var sharedAccessKeylnfo = "SharedAccessKeyNamerRootKey;SharedAccessKey=xxxxxx": builder.Append(sharedAccessKeyInfo): var client = EventHubClient.CreateFromConnectionString(builder.ToString()); If you are to send a message to an Event Hubs hub named services in a namespace named quickstart, and you have to set the connectionString variable, which of the following is the correct value.


Using Visual Studio, you create a web API and add a reference to the Nuget package Swashbuckle.AspNetCore. The developers must be able to access the API documentation at http://qswebapi.azurewebsites.net/swagger/docs/v1. Can you identify the code segment should you use to write the appropriate code in the ConfigureServices method?


Take a careful look at the following code: NotificationHubClient hub = new NotificationHubClient(connectionString, "updateHub"); Dictionary dictionary = new Dictionary({"message", "Update available")): hub.SendTemplateNotificationAsync(dictionary); What can you conclude the purpose of this code is?


While creating an Azure Function app, Application Insights are enabled for the app and you need to have the app send verbose telemetry data to Application Insights. Identify two tasks from below that you should perform to reach your goal.

AZ -203 Sample Question - Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure


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