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QuickStart is now offering sample questions for Microsoft Azure Artitech Technologies (AZ-300). Whether you are deciding which exam to sign up for, or simply want to practice the materials necessary to complete certification for this course, we have provided a practice test to better aid in certification. 100% of the questions are real test questions; from a recent version of the Microsoft Azure Artitech Technologies (AZ-300) exam.


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Microsoft Azure Artitech Technologies (AZ-300) Sample Exam Questions


You are required to carry an Azure configuration. You want to configure it in a way that notifies the owner of the dealership automatically when peak season seems to begin. Your solution must be able to minimize expense and ease the effort of implementation. What is the appropriate step to take?


There is a website hosted in Azure. You are required to make sure that users can reach the website with the already existing domain name. Identify the two most suitable actions you should perform on the virtual machine (VM). (opt any TWO)


You are required to deploy an application used for the purpose of analyzing financial transactions. You want to identify duplicate transactions while the data is being processes, for which you are required to recommend a messaging service. Can you identify from the options below which messaging service would you create?

A. Event Grid
B. Azure Queue
C. Service Bus
D. Event Hub

You have virtual machines (VMs) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), running windows Server 2012. You plan to migrate the VM from AWS to Azure. You plan on using You decide to use Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to perform migration. Can you identify the three steps you would perform first to prepare for the migration?


Following is an Azure CLI command: az container create --resource-group testgroup --name testcontainer --image microsoft/aci-helloworld An Azure container instance is created by you using this command. Which two parameters are appropriate to set if you are to make sure you are able to browse to the container's URL?

A. --dns-name-label
B. --os-type
C. --protocol
D. --ports

You are required to create an Azure Webjob. For that purpose you use the WebJobs SDK. Following is the code you write (The numbers represent line numbers for reference purposes): 01 static void Main(string[] args) 02 { 03 var config = new jobHostConfiguration(); 04 var host = new jobHost(config); 05 06 } You are required to complete code at line 05 in order for Webjob to be manually triggered. Identify the code you must add at line 05 as per the situation.


There are two different types of networks in your organization. There us an Azure virtual network (VNet) and an on-premises network. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are subscribed to offers Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). An ExpressRoute circuit is created by you. What would be your next step of action if you want to connect the Azure VNet to your on-premises network?


There is an Azure Cosmos database. The DB uses SQL data model. You want to know what the results of a query against an Azure Cosmos DB are. Here is the query you execute: SELECT * FROM Invoices i WHERE i.id =1 Identify what you think the query would produce?


There is a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service created by you. There are three shipping providers and the service allows internal applications to calculate shipping rates from all of them. The organization’s network is hosting the service, and it can be accessed over TCP port 4800. The organization’s firewall only allows inbound traffic over TCP port 8080. You are required to have applications outside organization’s network to be exposed to this service. Can you identify the two most appropriate actions to perform in this situation? (opt any TWO)


There is an Azure blob storage account with a blob associated with it. The associated blob consists data that is accessed multiple times a day. Now you decide to add a new blob to the Blob storage account. The new blob will contain data that is viewed infrequently but immediately availability will be ensured when it is accessed. What would you do to configure the storage tier for the new blob trying that the solution minimizes the storage costs?


You work for an organization that has on-premises Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Those servers are authoritative for its domain. A directory is created by you in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You are required to create a custom domain for this directory. That custom domain must match your company's domain. In order for Azure to verify the custom domain, you have to configure the environment. What would be your next step of action?


You are working for an organization for which you are now an IT administrator. There is an Azure subscription your organization has taken. It is desired to have a free of cost way to view and manage blobs in the subscription. The viewing and managing should also be simple and efficient. What is the most appropriate tool you would download to work in this situation?

A. Storage Explorer
B. Visual Studio Code
C. Visual Studio Ultimate
D. Storage Emulator

An Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect is implemented by you to synchronize accounts in your on-premises AD with accounts in Azure AD. Only a specific organizational unit is planned to be synchronized. During the initial synchronization, there is an error received. Here is the error: "Number of deletions exceeds the default threshold of 500 objects". Which cmdlet will you use to make sure accounts are synchronized successfully?


You are working for an organization where employees access the network frequently. You are asked to configure sign-on settings to allow users to have a single sign-on when they access resources from the organization’s network. There are around 12 third-party contractors that are remotely working from different locations and use virtual private network (VPN) to access the network. For these remote users, you want to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies by defining a conditional access policy. Identify the three actions you should perform in this situation. (opt any TWO)


Identify the Powershell cmdlet you would use to deploy a virtual machine (VM) to Azure from a third-party online template.


There is an on-premises Hyper-V host computer in your organization. VM1 is a virtual machine (VM) in the computer and it is used as a file server. You are required to replicate VM1 to Azure. What would be your step of action?


An organization is running an on-premises SQL Server database. There is an Azure Logic app used to access data from the SQL database. The database password used to connect to the database is recently changed by the administrator. Identify the Azure option you would modify if you want to update your Logic app to allow it to connect with the database having a new password.

A. Access keys
B. Properties
C. API connections
D. API connections

Your organization has an Azure Active Directory (AD) tenant for which you need to configure a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You want users logging in to Azure receive a verification message to their phones upon attempting to log in. What step would you take?


You are required to develop a web application aimed at serving as a search engine for a science department at a school. The app will be hosted in Azure. A console application acts as a web crawler. A local table of keywords and links is built as the console appIication browses the web servers on the school's network every 12 hours. The web application will be using the table. You plan to host the web application in Azure App Service. You want the web crawler to keep working while the web application is in Azure without increasing costs. What would be your next step of action?


You work in an organization using Azure Active Directory (AD). It is discovered that the service account defined on the Azure AD Connector fails to contact Azure AD. Reason for failure of contact is password expiration. Which cmdlet will you use if you have to provide Azure AD Global admin credentials?


You have decided to use Azure AD join in a federated environment. You are required to make sure the identity provider supports WS-* protocols. These protocols will ensure that Azure AD join works natively. Identify the two protocols that must be supported.

A. WS-Reliability
B. WS-Fed
C. WS-Trust
D. WS-Policy

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