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Networking with windows server 2016 (70-741) Sample Exam Questions


The company you work for hosts data workloads from various customers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware concentrator is used to connect with customer on-premises networks. Physical resource utilization limit has reached for this VPN hardware concentrator. The network team is looking into different options to the purchase a new hardware. Integration with Hyper-V virtualization is lacking in the VPN hardware concentrator. This integration is widely adopted in the datacenter. You being a network administrator are required to suggest a solution. Following are the features available with the suggested solution: -Supporting multiple tenants, load balancing and high availability, -Use single public IP address, -Learn VLANs dynamically -Must align with Software Defined Network (SDN) company initiative. What are the two solutions you would select to fulfil the requirements mentioned above?


Your company has numerous DirectAccess clients. These clients connect to your company’s Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). You are required to force those clients to authenticate using a one-time password when connecting to company’s AD DS environment. Identify the Windows PowerShell command most suitable to use here.

A. Set-BgpRoutingPolicy
B. Connect-VpnS2SInterface
C. Add-RemoteAccessRadius
D. Add-VpnSstpProxyRule

You work for a company whose network is configured as an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. There is an Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) infrastructure in your network infrastructure. A Network Policy Server (NPS) is deployed and configured as a RADIUS server in your domain. A RADIUS server and a RADIUS proxy deployed in a trusted domain have messages passed between them, and you have to configure secure communication between them. What would be your step of action?


You are an administrator for your company. There are servers in the company network running Windows Server 2016 and computers are running Windows 10. DirectAccess is deployed by your company. DirectAccess supports remote connectivity to the enterprise internal network. Administrators are able to manage remote computers via DirectAccess and also keep them updated with security patches and Group Policies. According to the security policy, internal network should be used to route the traffic between the DirectAccess client and the internet. There is reported to be an exclamation mark on the network icon on the computer of a remote network user’s client. It is also reported that there is a limited connectivity icon, but internet can be accessed from the machine normally. What would you do to restore connectivity for the user?


Your company has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. You are an administrator for the domain who deploys Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the domain. Microsoft Server 2016 is run by a domain member server and Hyper-V is enabled. There are four physical network adapters with the host server. You need to create a virtual switch that configures all four network adapters in a fault-tolerant configuration. Choose the Powershell cmdlet you would run first.

A. Add-NetLbfoTeamNic
B. New-VMGroup
C. New-VMSwitch
D. Add-VMSwitch

For your company's DHCP implementation, you are an administrator. Choose one of the following commands to successfully install a new jDHCP server and authorize it in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

A. Dism
B. Set-dhcpserverv4scope
C. Netsh
D. Add-DhcpServerv4OptionDefinition

You are managing a datacenter environment. Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition is run on its servers. You deploy System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Network Controller is planned to be deployed in the environment. For the deployment, you are required to configure the setting for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Which two of the options below do you think you should perform in this situation?


A company has a network with an Active Directory Domain in which you are required to deploy Domain Name System (DNS) policies. The DNS policies must be deployed on a Windows Server 2016 DNS server. The policies will help in traffic management for New York and London subnet, as it will be geo-location based. You successfully create the DNS client subnets, create the scopes for the DNS zones, and add DNS records to the zone scopes. You are required to craft the DNS policies that are needed to support geo-location traffic management. What do you think is the appropriate step to take?


You manage a high-performance network you are managing. The network has servers that run Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition and the Hyper-V role. What feature or role would you choose to install if you are required to configure Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)?

A. File Services
B. Nano Server
C. Data Center Bridging (DCB)
D. Network Controller

A user will be tasked to track usage of IP address in the domain. He is named User1. If you have to assign an IPAM role to User1, which one would it be?

A. IPAM MSM Administrators
B. IPAM IP Audit Administrators
C. IPAM ASM Administrators
D. IPAM Users

Your organization has a network that is configured with an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. A domain member in your company's AD DS domain is named as NetSupp. NetSupp has an IPAM feature installed and runs Microsoft Windows Server 2016. You had configured manual provisioning for the server when you originally set up IPAM. You realize the administrative overhead costs will be too much with this provisioning and choose to switch over to Group Policy-based provisioning. You create a Group Policy object (GPO) for IPAM. However, you notice none of the policies are applied. What would you do if you want the policies from GPO applied?


For your company's DHCP implementation, you are an administrator. There are two network cards with your DHCP server. A static IP address for a separate network segment is configured with each of the cards. What should you do if you are required to make sure when the server provides DHCP leases for each network, correct network interface is used?


Your organization has a network with an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. You are an administrator for that AD DS. A member server is included in the domain. The member server is running Windows Server 2016 Nano Server. This Nano Server is configured to support Hyper-V. Two physical NICs are configured for Switch Embedded Teaming (SET), and the host computer is configured with that the NICs. Four guest virtual machines (VMs) are supported by the current switch. A database is planned to be used for many different retail locations. An additional physical NIC is installed and a guest VM is deployed to run that database. The new NIC will be used to carry traffic relating to database activities only. The new NIC must be configured to deliver maximum throughput to the VM. Which of the following Powershell cmdlet do you think is appropriate to use?

A. New-VMSwitch
B. Set-VMSwitch
C. Enable-NetAdapterRss
D. Enable-NetAdapterSriov

Your company has DNS domain. You are the administrator for that domain. You notice that your environment is facing issues since the DNS information is not replicated to secondary servers. It must be determined by you if a zone replication will be initiated by the secondary servers or any further action will be required to solve the issue. Which value on the authoritative server should you compare with your secondary servers?


Your organization has a network configured as an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. The AD DS domain is deployed with a single subnet. A member server is configured as a Network Address Translation (NAT) server which is configured with two network adapters. Client computers are provided with private IPv4 addresses as the configuration of NAT server is carried in this way. There are various public IP addresses for your company. The clients must have the addresses available when they access the internet. You also need to make sure physical configuration changes in network and server must remain to a minimum. What step would you take?


Your organization has a network configured with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). A software defined networking (SDN) infrastructure is deployed in your AD DS domain. To deploy the SDN, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is used. You decide to to add a Network Controller in your VMM fabric. For your Network Controller management and Network Controller clients, domain local security groups are created. Prerequisites are required before installing Network Controller, and you have to complete those. What would you create?


Your company has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) environment. You have to implement a large remote access solution for the AD DS. The company resources will have around 1,000 users connecting from home offices. There are two radius servers and 10 VPN servers available for remote connections. The login requests from users must spread across the servers, and you need to ensure this. Identify two options below that you think are the right steps to make this work.


You work for a company to manage its file services environment. BranchCache services are required to be configured for a file server using Server Message Block (SMB). Which of the following would you install?


Your organization is facing a threat of malicious attacks against the DNS servers in the domain. The main concern is using the default DNS communication port. You need to make sure default DNS communication port isn’t used anymore. What step would you take?


Your company has a Distributed File System (DFS) environment that you are managing. You are required to perform configuration of a specific port on which DFS replication will operate. Identify the most suitable Windows PowerShell cmdlet you should run.


Your organization has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. You are administrator for the domain. The domains and are included in the domain. The domain has a member server named NetSupp. It is configured with the IPAM feature. The current configuration of IPAM discovery allows to search for DHCP and DNS servers in Reconfiguration of IPAM discovery is required so it can search for DNS servers only in Which PowerShell cmdlet would you run?


You are managing a datacenter environment for an organization. There are three tenants for subsidiaries in the datacenter. You want to manage and assign public IP addresses to the tenants using Remote Access Service (RAS) Gateway. What would you do for environment configuration and ensuring high availability?


Your organization has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. You are an administrator for the domain. A member server that runs Windows Server 2016 is included in the domain. The member server is configured as an IPAM Administrator. You have access to the server as the IPAM Administrator role on the server. You want to give IPAM administration tasks to other users. You delegate two users a task of managing DHCP and DNS server settings, with scopes and options. You need to make sure these users get minimum permissions necessary. You assign the users to which group or role?


Your company runs a distributed network environment that has servers running Windows Server 2016. You are managing the network environment. There are IPv6 networks in the environment, segmented by IPv4 routers. You are required to make sure you can communicate between the IPv6 networks using DNS. What would you do?


A company runs an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain and Host3 is a member server in the domain. Running Windows Server 2016, Host3 is configured with four physical network adapters. There is a virtual machine (VM) named VSupp. Network performance for VSupp needs to be improved on Host3. Huge amount of incoming traffic is faced by VSupp. Which feature would you enable if you need to distribute the load for network traffic across multiple processor cores on the host and VM?

C. SR-10y

DHCP implementation is carried in your company and you are the administrator for it. There are two DHCP servers involved, with each having multiple scopes. Specific DHCP scopes are required to be backed up. Which of the following command would you choose to use?

A. Backup-DHCPServer
B. Netsh
C. Set-DhcpServerv4Scope
D. Set-DHCPServerDatabase

Your company is running an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) environment for which you have set up a VPN solution. Users are required to connect only in business hours, and you are responsible for configuring the VPN solution to make that happen. What steps would you take?


Your company has a new domain, and you are the administrator for it. There is a primary domain named under the new domain. There is a sub domain named DC1 is the domain controller for primary domain, SubDC1 is the domain controller for the subdomain. You need to configure a Name Server (NS) resource record for the subdomain. Identify a line you would add to the zone file?


You are using Network Policy Server (NPS) to manage the network policies. It is identified that an incorrect network policy is being used by a client connection. You have to pull out the reason why wrong policy is obtained by the client. How would you identify it?


You use IPAM to create a failover-enabled scope in DHCP. Failover setting are required to be modified and it has to be made sure that the changes are applied to primary and partner server. What will be your step of action?

70-741 Sample Question - Networking with windows server 2016


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